Find Your White Walls Boring? Here's How To Make The Most Of Them!

Well, first…. white is not ‘technically’ always boring! But then, there is a good argument that it is not the most interesting shade either.

Let’s begin at the beginningwhite is definitely not the new black! For across continents, countries and several episodes of history, there have been indications that this clean minimalistic colour has been celebrated, revered even!

Need proof? Look at the Greek Moroccan and Scandinavian interiors that have caught on with modern adaptations of white walls. Coupled with hand-made artwork and textiles which ‘warm-up’ the other-wise ‘stark’ look, these interiors have gone on to scale down and play up an otherwise imposing white wall.

Ok, so what?!

Psst! Here’s a secret – it’s pairing up with the right accessories that will do the trick for you. What’s more – if you intend to use a little bit of colour elsewhere, it will tend to make it shine!

Fine, I’m interested in white walls, but…

We know and understand the ifs and buts that come along with having white walls!

Which is why, we’ve rounded up a myriad, exhaustive range of options that will make your white wall the hero of the house. And getting around to implementing them is easier than you might think!

How Having White Walls Could Be The Best Thing For Your Home!

Here are a few tips that will make your budget-friendly decision work for you!

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1. White lets you be creative!

White walls provide you with a perfect backdrop to layer colour into your design. Love eclectic textiles, colourful throws and vibrant rugs? White walls give you the flexibility to throw in your choice of design/pattern of colour and change things without going in for repaint job.

This could be a huge advantage if you are always in the mood to experiment with your interiors (without emptying your coffers)!

Shop for your favourite artefacts (rugs, pillows, vases, and bowls for instance) in different tones of the same colour such as sea-foam green and teal, and continue this same theme through connecting rooms.

Make sure you add texture along with an accent mix. Throw in a mix of fur rugs, real silk or linen to distract the eye off the minimalistic surface contrast/ colour.

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2. Don’t forget to decorate!

Decoration is the key element to bring out the full potential of a white-coloured apartment. While you’re most likely to reach out for those vases and statuettes – try something different for a change.

Introduce an element of surprise such as an abstract piece of art complemented by a matching throw or a pillow. A white coffee table with a brilliant flower vase will provide that special vivacity too!

Here is the glamorous part – put up your prizes or arts on a white background – and it will take centre-stage instantly. Go for a gallery like setup.

You can also play with different frame styles and sizes for an interesting play of shape and textures. White walls glow by candle-light and look splendid with wooden art and antiques too.

Make The Most Of Your White Walls (3).jpg

3. Go green!

Adding greenery will give a bright and a refreshing look to your home. Plants can fit into every nook and corner of the room. Against white walls, your ferns and indoor plants will contrast way better.

Make The Most Of Your White Walls (4).jpg

4. Opt for metallic finishes!

Metallic objects exude modern and timeless appeal which is best pronounced on the backdrop of white walls!

You can, for instance, choose to have the legs of a glass-topped dining table chrome plated complemented with metallic chairs to provide the right focal points in the room.

Make The Most Of Your White Walls (5).jpg

5. Tune up your floor…or your ceilings!

White emphasizes styled floor designs marvellously. If you’re tight on budget, a multi-coloured rug will lend a similar effect just fine.

Ceilings too stand to gain a similar benefit. Design a small patch of colour or a patterned wooden/glass design to provide the right ‘overhead’ feeling.

Make The Most Of Your White Walls (6).jpg

6. Go for an all-white look!

It takes courage to go for an all-white design - white couches, white floors, and white décor to go with white walls.

However, it is also a perfect way to cut down on all the ‘visual’ noise we gather throughout the day. 

Go for simple, natural furniture in your additional bedroom to give the soothing and unwinding effect.

Make The Most Of Your White Walls (7).jpg

7. Simply give it a rub-a-dub-dub!

With your décor now complete, the biggest challenge will be to keep your room free of dirt and smudges – that will otherwise be naturally amplified in a stark surrounding such as this.

Keep your maintenance and cleanup kit handy and plan periodic cleanup routines. Make ample use of removable pillow covers and cover up a ‘beacon’ dirt spot with a colored pillow or throw – if you wish.

There’s a lot you can do with your white walls - all it needs is a little imagination and some creativity!

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