Got A Lot Of Awkward Corners In Your Home? Here's How To Utilise Them!

Homes tend to have these nooks and corners which sometimes are left largely unused! At best, they’re filled with pots and plants. They’re considered wasted real estate in a house, especially in a metro like Mumbai where space is premium!

However, there’s a lot you can do with these awkward corners!

Here we give you some suggestions on utilising these ignored spaces. Turns out, these neglected corners can sure be transformed into something useful, and attractive!

Ways To Make The Most Of Awkward Corners In Your Home!

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Make the best possible use of the unutilised corners in your abode!

1. Make a home office!

An L-shaped corner can be used to fit in a desk with storage space. Accompany it with a straight-backed or a swivel chair and you have your office space right there! Your laptop, a flower vase and some knick-knacks that you require for working, fill up space, and you are ready to go.

An alternative to a desk is an elegant wooden plank which can double up as your office desk and a serving space when guests come calling.
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2. Create a space to house your books!

Make an L-shaped bookshelf. A hanging shelf or one which extends from top to the floor. The choice is yours. It’s a book lover’s dream come true to have as much space to store books, without cluttering the house!

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As per the space available, if you have a hanging bookshelf, you can place a comfortable couch or a small bed with loads of cushions to give you your own cosy corner for reading!

3. Care for a hammock anyone?

Hang a hammock. Cosy up on it with a cup of coffee or a book or watch your favourite movie.

A hammock will also add to the style quotient of your house. Add colour with cushions.
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4. Use the corner for storage!

Use the corners for storage but not with boring, run-of-the-mill almirahs! Add stylish shelves on the wall. Use them to place things like books, CDs, picture albums, decoration items etc.

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If you have ample space still left below the shelves, place a table, a nice chair or a settee.

5. There‘s no bar for a bar!

Have your own mini bar in a corner. The cabinet you build can accommodate all your favourite drinks. Who knows, it will become a cherished corner of you and your friends!

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6. Make room with additional seating space!

Place sofas (with storage), chairs, settees with coffee tables. Add colour with colourful draperies and cushions. A corner to chat with friends over coffee and tea-cakes. This corner can turn into a delightful hangout space in your home.

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7. Use it for pictures and art!

Hang those pictures on the wall. Colour the wall to suit the frames. Make it your ‘Family Gallery of Fame’. Add your pictures with your besties.

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Alternatively, you could also express your ‘artsy’ side by hanging pieces of art at the corners!

8. Space for fashion!

Use the space to create a mini-wardrobe. Fashion knows no limits and one is always short of a place for clothes and accessories, especially women!!

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You can also utilize the space to make a dressing table.

9. Make it your multi-purpose corner!

Whatever shape the corner, install a stylish wooden plank. You can use it as a work table.

When you have guests, use the plank to serve drinks and snacks. It can become the most happening corner in a party if you pull bar stools or chairs alongside.

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Some other corners you shouldn’t ignore…

Don’t forget about those pesky kitchen corners! They occupy space but do not get used for storage. Make shelves there. Store your essentials. A kitchen is a place which needs ample and more storage space. Always.

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If you own a duplex, there’s always some unused space under the staircase!

Place a cosy bed or a couch, a small table, a small bookshelf or a nice beanbag. Possibilities are endless if you put your mind to it. Make it into your personal corner. And if you have kids, you can make it a playpen for them. Provided the space can be seen from all sides!

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These corners are very much a part of your house. All it needs is a little imagination and creativity to put these forgotten spaces to good use!

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