The ‘Mixology’ Of Designs – How To Mix Different Interior Design Styles For Stunning Interiors

Your home is your happy place. And happiness does not have to be restricted in any way! If you are a person who likes variety and would love to experiment with different styles of interior design around your entire house - let us tell you, IT IS POSSIBLE!

Mixing different styles can give a dynamic and interesting look to your abode. But, it is important not to go overboard and end up with a confusing mess!

Instead, find a common ground where everything comes together peacefully and looks just right. Here are some ways to mix various styles yet make it look aesthetic!

How To Mix Different Interior Design Styles For Stunning Interiors!

Here are some rules you need to follow to successfully mix varying interior design styles!

And as always... Feel free to download the visual guide on mixing different interior design styles like a pro!

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1. Use An 80/20 Ratio:

When combining styles, aim for an 80/20 balance.

80% of the room should match one style and 20% should be pulled from the contrasting style.

Aiming for a higher ratio like 60/40 or 50/50 will confuse the eye of the onlooker. Therefore, the magic ratio of 80/20 should be your target.

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2. Pay Attention To Colour:

Colour is the biggest unifier that can make nearly any shape or style go together. If you have a bright, fun couch or chair, make it a focal point by adding accessories like a piece of art or a vase of the hues of same colour.

Keep the rest of the colours neutral to allow the standout item to really make an impact. Add bright colours to make traditional pieces feel funky and modern. A coat of bright paint can instantly modernize almost any piece.

You can mix different colours together and arrive at a pleasing combination. Some fun colour combos to try out are bright pink or turquoise with soft mint, ruby red with soft blue, grey or khaki, a bold poppy orange with cool, dusty greens, blues and corals, or bright yellow with navy, grey, black or maroon.

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3. Use Art To Combine Styles:

Art can be used to combine a variety of interior design styles. Add an abstract or modern art piece to a room of traditional furniture or pair a landscape with modern furniture.

The idea of matching everything together and making it look all ‘themey’ are outdated.

Give your place an artistic feel by blending different patterns. Look for bold, graphic black and white prints, strong florals that are geometric and repetitive. Animal print is another great pattern that can add interest and fun to almost any décor. Simply look for unifying colours and combine one bold print with smaller, similar patterns or designs.

4. Watch Size And Scale:

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Watch size and scale too as you go about creating cohesion with colour and texture. For instance, a giant overstuffed chair will look out of place in a room with soft, feminine tones.

Keep items similarly sized and on the same scale. You can also create an interesting display by grouping small items together. This looks intentional and adds interest to any area of the room.

5. When In Doubt, Go Bohemian:

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When in doubt, keep your decorating style eclectic and funky, which allows much more flexibility than classic traditional or strictly modern.

Experiment with textures —hard with soft, blocky with sleek—and use fabrics and textiles to make pieces stand out.

Once again, keep your colours cohesive but don’t be afraid to add pops of colour throughout. Incorporate interesting items from your travels, meaningful photographs or collections to showcase your personality.

6. Break The Rules:

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Remember that decorating and design rules are never written in stone. What usually works in most spaces, often becomes a rule to be followed. But that rule may not work in your space.

Feel free to bend or break the rules when creating or decorating your room in order to embrace what you love. Don’t be afraid to mix interesting items together, even if they belong to different eras. Find balance and combine everything skilfully, so as to make it look ‘together’.

Combining different interior design styles can be great fun! Make small adjustments here and there, play around with different textures, colours, and watch your space come alive like never before!

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Visual guide on the right ways to mix different interior design styles