Services Offered By Hipcouch

Hipcouch has redesigned the design + execution process. We source the best upcoming design talent and connect you with the right interior designers. Then, we handle the entire experience, with a dedicated project manager who helps supervise the complicated aspects like labor management, timelines, billing & design execution so you and your designer can focus on creating your dream space

We offer complete interior design and furniture services


Interior Design

Custom Furniture

Project Management

Civil Work (PoP, Wall breaking, etc)

Decor & Accessories


Modular Kitchens

Modular Wardrobes


False Ceiling

Furniture Sourcing

3D Renders

Turnkey or Design + Execution

Different clients have separate needs, choices & preferences. Thus, we offer both turnkey or design + execution solutions for your interiors


What is a Turnkey solution?

No separate designer's fee, profit comes from execution process.

Typically a single large agency which handles all or most parts of the project (design, civil, HVAC, MEP, etc).

More used for commercial spaces than residential spaces.

All detailed drawings are done by the Turnkey agency.

Material specifications are finalized before execution, complete quotes are shared & rates are pre-fixed; this could lead to lesser flexibility at times.

All interior designers belong to the agency, thus there could be an issue on whether the agency's designers can match your taste.

All the details are finalized at the very beginning with the client, so there is no need of awaiting approvals at every stage.

Typically a single point of contact which you can go to for all design & execution related issues.

What is a Design + Execution Solution?

Select an Interior Designer of your choice & taste. The designer will charge a design & supervision fee for the project.

Designer will typically appoint separate contractors & carpenters for the execution.

Like turnkey this is also an end-to-end solution.

Designers will provide overall supervision for the project & ensure their designs are correctly executed.

Close interaction with the designer at all times which allows for more flexibility & fluidity during the process.

Designer could also appoint separate project management consultants for the project. Typically done for larger projects.

Design & execution is more common for residential projects but is also done for commercial spaces. Overall it offers a higher-level of personalization.

From a cost perspective to an end customer both turnkey & design + execution will end up costing about the same.

Brands We Use & Work With

The backbone of all projects apart from great design is high quality raw materials

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