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Neutral colours are exciting because they create the perfect canvas for any room! The great thing about them is they lend themselves to many different décor styles – rustic, modern, bohemian, etc. It’s all about the ways you choose to accessorize the room with texture, furniture style, shape and accents.

And before you go, ‘but, neutrals are so dull and boring’, let’s bust this myth for you… Neutrals don’t just mean grey, white or brown.

A neutral colour actually means a light to medium colour that works nicely with other colours. Most neutrals have different coloured undertones like grey, blue, yellow, brown and green, so you have to take these into account when making your choices.

When we are looking at these really light shades on the paint swatch, it can get daunting to tell what the undertones of the colour are.

Usually, we don’t see it until it is all over our walls and we have already spent hours or paid someone else to paint, and have to either start all over again or live with it!

To avoid all the drama and regrets, let’s delve into some quick tips that will help you pick out the right neutral colours for your home without batting an eyelid!

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Here’s How You Can Use Neutral Colours In Your Abode… Effectively!

Neutrals are definitely fun and dynamic to use. But picking out the right neutral shades that match our taste can be difficult!

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1. Crisp White:

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Crisp white is exactly that, crisp. If you want a room that feels refreshing and sleek, then this is the shade to choose. Of course, chic whites are also a great way to compliment and accentuate a darker space as well.

2. Beige:

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Beige has a traditional appeal and lightness that makes it a great choice for family homes. It’s a solid foundation to build on and easy to mix and match with.

3. Greige:

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Greige is simply grey plus beige. The addition of grey to beige creates a richer colour, that can work in a cool or warm colour scheme.

4. Hazy Grey:

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This neutral colour knows how to blend. It’s a versatile shade that can create a modern theme, help with a bit of a romantic vibe or conjure up a relaxing essence with just a touch of paint on the wall.

5. Chocolate:

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Chocolate tones can be smooth and creamy, just like your favourite candy bar! If you are looking to create a room that envelopes all who enter in a warm and cosy way, try out this richer neutral.

6. Black:

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Black works the same way as a crisp white, creates a chic and clean look – but in a much more mysterious and deeper way! Compliment brighter rooms and offset the lightness or be bold within larger spaces.

What Are The Benefits Of Incorporating Neutrals Inside Your Home?

Here are some of the ways in which having neutrals in the colour scheme of your home can be awesome!

1. Less Fuss:

You don’t have to pay attention to intricate details and matching up colour shades - that can cause a lot of stress! Neutrals are great at blending seamlessly with almost all colours!

2. Always In Style:

Neutrals are always going to be in style because they are necessary in both fashion and interior design. These colours are timeless and always flow with the current trends.

3. Creativity In Accents:

You have the option of choosing different coloured accents and accessorizing your home. And it makes it easier to switch those pieces, without changing everything in a specific space.

4. Highlights Artwork And Furniture Pieces:

When colours are omitted, your artwork can stand on its own and your furniture’s design and textures gain more focus!

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How To Incorporate Neutrals In Different Rooms?

Here’s how you can make the most of neutrals in different rooms of your home!

1. Living Room:

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Add pops of colour with the help of printed curtains and throw pillows against the backdrop of a neutral living room.

This not only brings life into the room but also lends breathing space between the neutral palette!

2. Dining Area:

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As mentioned earlier, neutral doesn’t just mean whites and greys. Even yellow can be a neutral colour when paired with a similar yellow wood!

3. Home Office:

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A lot of people prefer working from home these days, and the neutral colour palette should transition into your home office as well!

Select a fun office chair that looks quirky. This will breathe personality into an otherwise standard and neutral home office space.

4. Bedroom:

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Make up for the lack of space in city apartments with the help of a single wall-to-wall photo shelf above the bed, which serves as a unique headboard and makes a solid statement in any neutral bedroom. Add colour with throw pillows or blankets for a soothing effect.

Here Are Some Quick Tips!

  • Any shade, especially whites and neutrals, will look different from one room to the next due to lighting.

  • Always paint a 4 by 4 swatch on the wall to test your chosen paint colour and see if it will work.

  • Always paint at least two coats for a realistic swatch on the wall.

  • Accent the wall with accessories in the same shade as your paint, to add visual interest and give your wall some depth.

Neutrals are always a classy choice, one which you can hardly go wrong with if you don’t forget the basics!

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