Building that perfect piece of furniture is a journey

Through a highly curated network of manufacturers we constantly strive to help our designers build thoughtfully, introduce consumers to new and unique product, and give small, independent businesses a platform to thrive.

carefully curated manufacturers for the best quality furniture

Carefully Curated

To ensure consistently excellent product quality & on-time delivery among other things, all our vendors are evaluated across a wide range of parameters (such as skill, finishing quality, craftsmanship, years of experience, etc). Only the ones to pass these rigorous quality checks make it through to our manufacturer network.

Quality & Craftsmanship 

At Hipcouch we have always believed that part of what makes exceptional interior design is access to incredible product. Each manufacturer on our platform is vetted for quality and craftsmanship, ensuring that the products we create are not only unique but also crafted carefully and designed to last. 

get the best quality of custom-made furniture

any kind of furniture - we can have it custom-made

Vast Catalog

Our curated network of manufacturers can help you build any kind of furniture, whether it is for - residential, commercial, retail or hospitality projects. Select any furniture from our constantly curated catalog of products, picked by our talented and well informed curators or just share a reference image of the product you want built and we will make it happen! 

Finest Raw Materials

We marry impeccable craftsmanship and solid design with the best raw materials available. Our manufacturers use only the best and most genuine grade of materials and are regularly audited to ensure consistent quality. It is this confidence in our manufacturers and materials that enables us at Hipcouch to back all our products with warranties!

we use only the best raw material for the custom furniture