Interior Decorators Are Not Interior Designers... Here's The Lowdown!

Getting your home done up is an exciting activity! Even a mere sprucing up gets those creative juices flowing. One hint, and friends, families, and colleagues begin to pitch in with ideas of their own.

Some suggest hiring an interior designer for a complete overhaul. Others advise that it is better to get onboard an interior decorator, and a few even recommend going the DIY way! One question that might bother you is whether to hire an interior designer or an interior decorator. The terms are often used interchangeably.

Let’s take a look at these two professions, and understand the differences between them. The key points of contrast can help anyone decide which one will suit their needs the best.

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The Gist: Interior Design Is Not The Same As Interior Decoration!

Designing interiors is about understanding the personalities of people, and then creating a space that reflects them. It is an art and a science combined into one. It requires both, artistic and technical skills to develop a functional space that suits the lifestyle and the requirements of a person.

Decorating, on the other hand, is about embellishing those functional spaces with beautiful and creative items. A designer can also be a decorator and, in most cases, this is what happens. But, a decorator can never design a house. An interior decorator is not qualified to understand the technicalities of space planning!

Now, that the primary difference between the two careers is clear, let’s move on to a more detailed comprehension.

Understanding Interior Decorators!

It is not vital for decorators to have a professional degree.

Not all interior decorators have an education in the field - some of them make a break in the sector because they have a sense of aesthetics.

Think of an excellent cook you know. It is not necessary that the cook has had formal education, the talent could be inborn or cultivated through experience. The same logic applies to decorators. Without a degree or training, they can transform four walls and a ceiling into heaven for the senses.

When do you hire interior decorators?

The best time to call an interior decorator is when you are stuck and have no inspiration. They can act as a second pair of eyes which can help you pick the precise furniture for the room or décor that suits your taste. They can even come handy when you have a vision for the house but are unable to turn it into reality. A third reason one can put decorators on the payroll is when you don’t have the time to handle a re-decoration project.

It is to be noted that most decorators do not have the technical expertise it takes to execute decoration of walk-in wardrobes, bathroom, and kitchen. These are speciality rooms of a dwelling that demand practical know-how. Though, a decorator can help you create the entire appearance of your home by sourcing the right materials.

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Recognising Interior Designers!

An interior designer will always have some formal education. They will either have attended a course on designing or have a degree in the field. As a result, a designer is always meticulously trained and has a grasp of all the technicalities needed when planning a space.

When do you hire an interior designer?

Any homeowner who is thinking of remodelling or renovating a house will demand an interior designer. The only project that doesn’t require one is when you are just improving the aesthetics. It is the designer who can plan and sketch your new place from scratch. Without the interior designer, you will end up with a property that does not have functional efficiency.

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Let’s say you want to break down your kitchen and build a brand new one from ground up. It is the interior designer who can create the blueprint of the kitchen to match the dimensions of your abode. Beyond planning the interiors, they also navigate the daily logistics connected with contractors, vendors and workers. They act as the supervisor on your behalf.

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