10 Must-Have Colour Combinations For A Gorgeous Kitchen!

The kitchen is the most vibrant and busy space in your home. With the advent of the open kitchen layout in India, it’s no longer just a space for cooking! You can now be the perfect host, by keeping your guests and family entertained, while handling your kitchen duties.

But, this also means that your kitchen is no longer cloistered from the public eye! You need to make sure that it looks pleasing to the eye… Here are some amazing colour combinations to give your kitchen a touch of elegance and style!

10 Pleasing Colour Combination For A Gorgeous Kitchen

These colour combinations can transform your kitchen into an attractive space!

1. Classic Black And White!

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Instead of going for a plain old white mono-toned kitchen, why not contrast it with black. This classic combination is an all-time favorite of all and sure to be a trend forever.

For smaller kitchens go for black countertops and white cabinets and appliances to add more depth to the space. With bigger kitchens you can always experiment with black cabinets and white countertops. However, underplay the black so that it does not block the natural light of the kitchen.

2. Pretty In Pastels!

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For people who like pleasant and subtle shades, pastels can be most appropriate. Often overlooked for kitchen colors, pastel shades have many advantages. They can add more vibrancy to the kitchen and can be contrasted or co-ordinated with pretty much any other tone to make your kitchens look prettier. They combine well with colors like grey, wood finishes and other neutrals. Choose from soothing blue, green, yellow or pink pastels to create an attractive look.

3. Go Bold With Exotic Combinations!

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Bored with the same old dull colors, then go for bold shades. As it is kitchen appliances come in standard colors, so why not add splashes of colors on other surfaces for a cool effect. However, be careful to allow the tone to overpower the space. Your kitchen walls can be the best area to experiment and add bold colors that brighten up the space.

Some winning bold combinations can be created with yellow, orange, Indigo blue, red. For example, orange and yellow, red and white, yellow and grey, indigo blue and grey. Another plus of using bold colors – they can stimulate your appetite!

4. Grey Is The New White!

Gorgeous Kitchen (4).jpg

Gone are those days when white was the only color used for the kitchen. Grey is the latest and greatest neutral shade that matches well with other colors. Opt for warm grey shades if you don’t want to go all white and combine it with beige for an elegant effect. You can pair it with any sleek metallic finishes on the appliances and stark white walls for a classic style.

5. Emerald And Brass!

Gorgeous Kitchen (5).jpg

Over the last few years we have noticed a shift from stainless steel towards luxurious metals like copper and brass for fixtures and fittings in the kitchen. Especially brass is a very appealing and dramatic shade that can transform your kitchen. Pair it up with emerald green and you have the prettiest color combination that is not frequently used. If you are looking for a dramatic impact, select this combination. Emerald cabinets with brass equipments and walls is a win-win!

6. White And Wood!

Gorgeous Kitchen (6).jpg

What about a classic kitchen covered with dove white walls and wooden countertops and cabinets. If you are not too keen to color your walls, this is the most marvellous combination that is sure to create a serene and peaceful look in the kitchen. Instead of confusing about what colors to use for the cabinet, stick with the contemporary wooden look.

7. Saffron And Brown!

Gorgeous Kitchen (7).jpg

Traditionally called haldi color in India, saffron shade is subtle and neat. A saffron colored walls with wooden or brown colored countertops and cabinets will help you achieve the most graceful look in your kitchen. Ready to cook up a steaming hot biryani?

8. Earthy Shades!

Gorgeous Kitchen (8).png

Earthy tones and colors inspired by nature bring in rustic warmth to the spaces and makes the kitchen look more inviting. If you are not a fan of standard neutral or lighter shades, then go for something different. Combinations such as silver-blue, yellow-brown, olive green-grey, sea-blue and beige can work well for the kitchen.

9. Tangerine And Gold!

Gorgeous Kitchen (8).jpg

Who doesn’t like a pop of tangerine? Shades of tangerine is often forgotten when it comes to the color of kitchen. Combine the cheerfulness of yellow with the glamour of red by choosing this shade of orange for your walls. Pair it with Golden Brown countertops or cabinets or fixtures to make a ravishing combination. It would certainly be invigorating than other shades.

10. Turquoise And White!

Gorgeous Kitchen (9).jpg

Turquoise blue is one of the most pleasant shades. It lends a positive vibe and can transform your kitchen to make it a relaxing and calming space of your home. Combine it with white for a stylish and fresh interior like never before!

Did you like these tempting color combinations for your kitchen? If so, let us at Hipcouch help you design your kitchen with pleasant colors and make your kitchen look the way you like.

Color is the main factor that decides the ambience of the space. So design your kitchen the right way with professional guidance and create a dynamic kitchen that is best suited for your family.

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