Don’t Be Afraid To Break These Interior Design Rules!

Rules are meant to be broken!

When it comes to designing your home, you may prefer playing by the rules. However, if you are one who loves a bit of adventure here and there, breaking a few rules could get you a droolworthy home!

Let’s take a look at some of the interior design rules that you should definitely break!

Don’t Be Afraid To Break These Rules!

Here are some rules you should break while doing up your home!

Rule #1. Don’t Mix Non-Matching Patterns!

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Home owners are generally cautious about patterns, not wanting to use too many of them.

However, mixing different patterns reflects a great sense of taste and style. It is a bold way of decorating your home and making your own style statement. Polka dots and chevron, paisley and stripes, they all look amazing together.

If you decide to break this rule, make sure you limit your colour palette to 3 shades, and experiment with scale and geometry. Funky patterns can also be mixed and matched in the form of throws, pillows and small accessories

Rule #2. Don’t Mix Wood Finishes!

Matching your wood finishes definitely ensures a sense of uniformity in the room. However, It can also make your room look one-dimensional!

Mixing wood finishes would create more of a layered look, and add some character to your room!

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Rule #3. Take The Minimalist Approach!

The minimalistic approach, or ‘less is more’ is the new order of the day. However, for your own beautiful home, this rule can be left behind.

Showcasing your souvenirs or the little knick knacks that you have accumulated over a period of time is a great way to make your living room look chic. There are various designs and ways in which you can place or arrange them.

Rule #4. Strive For Symmetry!

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Perfect symmetry is the golden rule of interior designing. And believe us, it looks absolutely stunning! However, ditching it for some asymmetry is not a bad idea.

One way to break the rule is to opt for two different elements, in the same plane and at the same visual height - like a lamp on one side of the sofa, and an indoor plant at the other. Asymmetry is unexpected, unusual and abstract and breaks the monotony of the perfect look.

You can also group items in odd numbers adopting different styles and placing curios of various sizes together.

Rule #5. Ceilings Should Always Be White!

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Ceilings, traditionally, have always been white! However, there’s no reason why this rule shouldn’t be broken!

You can make a statement by adding beautiful colours to your ceilings. It will draw people’s attention, and add more height to your room. For a false ceiling, having different colours can make the space look classy and stunning.

Rule #6. Use Lighter Colours In Small Spaces!

Light or neutral colours make small spaces look more airy. But that does not mean one cannot use dark colours for small spaces!

In fact, dark colours add depth to the room, since one cannot easily make out where the room begins or ends.

You can enhance the impact of dark colours with metallics and mirrors.

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Rule #7. Don’t Mix Old And New!

Home owners are usually hesitant to mix interior design styles, especially in adding contemporary elements to a more traditional home.

However, uniformity could make a room look mundane and boring. To add more spunk and vibrance, one can always combine looks, as long as there is some harmony. This can be ensured by choosing a common colour or pattern to tie the looks together.            

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Rule #8. Have A Pop Of Colour In Every Room!

Sure, adding pops of colour can add new life in a dull-looking room. However, it does not guarantee a great looking space - In fact, overdoing it can make your room look like an eyesore!

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Using neutrals and cooler pastels in some rooms, without adding any vibrant shades, can be an elegant choice too!

Interior design rules are benchmarks to create beautiful homes. However, you needn’t stick to them all the time. You are always free to add a twist to these rules, and create your own unique style. Just get a professional opinion before finalising on an idea!

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