6 Amazing Design Ideas For A Bathroom That's Great For All Ages!

Ever been lost for words wondering as to why Archimedes had his Eureka moment in the bathroom? Ever thought why would, of all the places in the world, a great scientist, engineer, astronomer, and inventor such as Archimedes, discover the principle of buoyancy while he was smack in the middle of a bath?

Well, let’s leave historians to agree/disagree on the facts relating to the Eureka moment, for now though, the above example makes one thing for certain, bathrooms have ALWAYS been a great place for precious ‘me time’.

Bathrooms In A Brand New Avatar!

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Far from the days of luxurious hamams to larger-than-life Roman baths, man has perfected the art of creating a dedicated ‘room’ where functionality (read cleansing, washing, and bathing) meets fashion.

In fact, bathroom designs today are at the intersection of utility and posterity, in that they ably meet the requirement of people of all ages. 

So be it the safety concerns of an older generation or snazzy features appealing to a younger populace, bathrooms in recent time have undergone a world of transformation. 

What’s more, if you’ve wanted to come up with a bathroom design that appeals to grandma and grandson alike, worry not, we’ve got hold of some timeless décor tips for the restroom.

Putting Together A Fab Bathroom For All Ages!

Safety comes first, and in the case of a bathroom, it assumes even more importance as bathrooms are the most slippery, accident-prone spots in the house. For seniors, the bathroom is an especially high-risk zone, but by implementing the following, one can ensure safety even for all!

1. Install automatic nightlights!

As the name suggests, sensor-based automatic night lights can go a long way in lighting up the way to the restroom at night. Needless to say, nocturnal visits to the loo by the young and the old will become accident-free.

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2. Round off the edges to the basin, cupboards, and counters!

Wherever possible, its always better to opt for rounded edges for fixed structures such as the basin countertops, bathtubs, and cupboards as these hard surfaces are most likely to cause a sharp bruise in case of a fall.

3. Grab hold of this tip!

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Vertical/horizontal grab bars placed at strategic locations such as the shower enclosure/cubicle, near the toilet and bathtub will go a long way in assisting the elderly in balance-control, in addition to being a safety provision in case of a slippery bathroom floor.

Additionally, constructing a seat/stone bench in the enclosed shower area can be a smooth way of introducing a dedicated space for ‘me time’, doubling up as a bonus sauna area as well as providing a supportive seating area for the elderly/young ones during bath time.

4. Bathroom shower enclosures/cubicles!

Enclosures/ cubicles that have no elevated shower areas are a big yes as are non-slip strips, mats or tiles. In the case of a shower area, it's always a better idea to have a level floor versus a raised shower area as one can then eliminate the risk of a fall altogether.

5. ‘Lever’age this!

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Lever handle faucets are a great option for anyone and everyone, irrespective of age or seniority. With a plethora of modern nozzles such as swing or gooseneck, lever handle faucets help to do away with the traditional rotation style that usually posed a problem for the infirm or those with restricted mobility.

6. Think long and hard about the hardware!

There are fully-electronic locks and ones that can be operated using a card or a fob, then there are traditional single/ double cylinder deadbolts and handle sets that are operated using thumb-turn knobs. When modernizing a bathroom, it’s best to do away with the traditional locking system and opt for one that operates on a locking/ unlocking system from both sides of the door.

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7. Easy-flow, multi-way shower head!

In making a bathroom that versatile for all ages, this is probably one of the most significant elements that you’ll need to think of. The reason for this is actually quite simple – The bathroom being primarily a bathing area, needs to be adaptable enough for the three G’s – namely, Grandma, Grandson/ Granddaughter, and House Guests. 

Think versatile, portable, pressure adjustable, hot/cold water spray shower heads that can be mounted on slide bars and alternately held in the hand when needed. Adjustable on the go and at different tallness levels, these cutting-edge easy flow, multi-way shower head units additionally accompany a varying scope of controls that are convenient, adaptable, simple to work and great enough to make an ordinary assignment like washing up a fun undertaking.

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Snazzy sanitation with a safety tag attached…

It's easy to get swayed by thinking that only functionality in a bathroom matter, but the reality is that modernizing and beautifying it with the right kind of elements can go a long way in making it a ‘functionally fashionable’ one.

Needless to say, with the key parameters (as mentioned in detail above) in mind, you too can make your bathroom utilitarian and versatile enough for all future generations of people.


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