4 Unconventional Ways To Decorate Your Home Using Tiles!

Tiles are very popular in Indian homes! Thanks to their practicality in terms of maintenance and the sheer variety of patterns, tiles have been considered perfect for the kitchen, the bathroom and general flooring.

But these uber versatile materials can be used for more than just the backsplash. With textures, sizes, patterns, and shapes that seemingly have no end, there’s a lot one could do with them.

The seemingly innocuous ceramic building material has the potential to refurbish a room completely. Incredibly sophisticated materials for changing the décor, tiles are slightly more permanent than wallpaper and paint. When used in the right shade or accent that ties in with the other furnishings of the space, they knit a spirit of cohesion. Let’s take a look at some unconventional ways of decorating a home in the trendiest styles using tiles.

Unconventional Ways To Use Tiles In Your Home!

Here are some amazing ways you can use tiles in your home…

1. Tile It Up

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The inside of a shelf, the sides of a bar or the top of a table, any of these spaces can be lined with tiles to take the décor game a level up. Choose decorative tiles to transform an old table top.

Go bold with bright Moroccan tiles or mix and match complementary tiles to create a subtle effect. The right design can integrate faultlessly with any interior style. If a tiled table look is too overwhelming, the next idea will be right up your alley.

2. Mix It Up

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The invariable consequence of a home renovation is left over tiles. Instead of letting these clay beauties go to waste, fuse them in unexpected places of your abode like adding stylish tiles to pave the riser side of stairs. To create a striking impression that surprises guest at every turn, tile narrow, ignored spaces around the residence like patchwork.

Leftover tiles can also be repurposed to create coasters and trivets. For trivets, repeat the tiles used in the kitchen for a harmonized impression. For coasters, cut down the tiles to the correct size and then waterproof them. These small touches of creativity bring a personal effect to interior décor that is impossible to replicate.

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3. Fashioning Art

The beauty of tiles lies in their visual intrigue. Big pieces that come in textural designs can be hung anywhere to fashion a statement-making piece of art. When mounted on walls their colour and intricate patterns can bring out an abstract or sculptural effect to a room. Utilise any blank wall section that is wide or tall to form stunningly abstract tile art and spruce up the area.

If employing a tile as a painting is too out there a concept, then use smaller pieces of them to fabricate frames. Build mirrors and photo frames with Mexican or mosaic tiles that can be hung on a wall. Coloured tiles spice up the most neutral of rooms while still being elegant and extremely durable.

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4. Unfinished Ambience

A simple, yet never thought of idea, is to use tiles in a strategic manner, instead of lining a wall entirely. The concept fetches an edgy feel by leaving patches of exposed wall. An incomplete look can be appropriated in the kitchen, bathroom wall or a living room. The raw appearance of an unfinished wall conveys a tantalising mood that augments décor inexpressibly.

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Finding the Right Tile

Ideas, concepts, and visions have their place, but without the right type of tile, they cannot be brought to reality. Browsing through a comprehensive stock can aid in visualising how a bar top might look with tiles. Seeing, touching and feeling a sizeable decorative tile will tell you if it can be appropriated as an art piece. Samples of glass mosaics can be useful in deciding if they are perfect for mirror frames or not.

If you need expert advice on using tiles to accentuate the interiors of your home, get in touch with Hipcouch today!

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