Everything You Need To Know About 3D Epoxy Flooring!

For those who love sun-kissed sand under their toes and salty sea-water crashing at their feet, the idea of living around a beachside 24/7 does not seem at all outlandish. For some others, the mere thought of walking on water with technicolor fish going about their business can be, for all practical purposes, their cup of tea.

It’s also entirely possible that tropical sunsets and calming nature scenes are your thing!

Well, one thing is for sure… Once you’ve seen our tell-all guide on the spectacular effects of a 3D Epoxy floor, you’ll be summoning your home décor expert pronto!

All Ears To The Ground, Please!

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Here’s our two cents on the remarkable 3D Epoxy flooring…

They allow for complete freedom with regard to the impression you want to create in the house! In other words, they are customizable to the room’s measurement, and most importantly, to the image that you want to have as your flooring design.

Let’s say, you love a three-dimensional image of playful dolphins frolicking in the sea and would like to see the same image first thing in the morning when you hit the bathroom, it can be easily implemented with a 3D Epoxy floor.

Or maybe you fancy a vignette of moored boats on calm waterfronts and would love to gaze at that impression in intricate detail each time you sip your cuppa in the dining room, consider it done with a 3D Epoxy floor.

Radically different from a static picture hung on a wall, 3-D floors are magical, in a sense, they are so realistic in their effect, they can trick you into thinking the said images are alive and kicking.

Once you get over this clever yet perceptive visual fallacy, know that this flooring type doesn’t put functionality in the backseat! Let’s understand the details…

Here’s The Drilldown On Epoxy Flooring!

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To start with, let’s understand what this base flooring material comprises of!

It all begins with the theme and configuration of the room. Next up, based on the desired image, the home décor expert will order to print the picture, fit to the exact dimensions of the room. The photo printer, in this case, is no ordinary one but a dedicated floor printer that does the job.

Next up, the specialized contractor will go about ensuring the flooring surface is smooth and without any irregular planes – This is important to creating a spectacular three-dimensional effect.

The floor contractor will then proceed to paste the two/three-dimensional image on the floor surface.

Last but not least, the installer will top it off with multi-applications of the transparent resin coating – Epoxy. Usually, several applications (generally up to two millimeters deep) are required for durability purposes and for enabling to create a clear, glassy impression that is vital to certain scenes/ pictures.

The resinous flooring material, in this case, Epoxy, helps to entrench the picture securely, and when applied in several coatings in combination with other materials, helps to not only cover the floor smoothly but also double up as high traction, long-lasting surface.

In that sense, 3-D epoxy floors begin where traditional flooring stops!

2D or not to 2D?

The question that has perplexed home décor enthusiasts since err, eternity is whether 3D floors are 3D or merely give a three-dimensional ‘impression.’

We elucidate, folks - 3D epoxy floors are not 3D but 2D images that are installed cleverly to ‘create a 3D visual impact’.

In essence, the image of a school of thousands of fish swimming meters below the blue sea or a trick visual phenomena such as illusory motions, are installed in such a way that they can catch you by surprise or cause you to gawk in open admiration at the visual ‘reality’ of the scene.

What You Should Know Before Getting A 3D Epoxy Floor…

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Everything, starting from the kind of scene to the actual visual position, the angles and colors to the application method, and finally the overall illumination in the room matter when it comes to an epoxy floor!

The process of installing an epoxy floor comprises several vital steps, and it’s vital that you appoint an interior decorator who has had the experience of being commissioned with a similar job.

Do remember that like all things in interior design, a 3D Epoxy floor too has its share of nuances that need to be considered - something we’ll look into detail below:

1. Cost

3D Epoxy floors are a bit on the expensive side. It can be a significant aspect, especially if you’re doing up the rest of the house in conjunction. Costs can be anything between ₹350 - ₹500 psf.

2. Hygiene

A big plus with these floors is that sanitation is almost always guaranteed, as the resinous floor is quite hassle-free to clean and maintain.

3. Resilience

You’ll love the long-lasting, robust nature of these floors. They are sturdy enough to make you want to reconsider the expense factor altogether.

4. Time

Give or take a few days, epoxy floors will call on 5-day timeline (atmost) for the floor evening, pasting, re-application, drying and curing process.

5. Expertise

The floor contractor/ installers for this kind of job are usually not the common kinds. You’ll need to look for one who is knowledgeable and practically experienced in this type of installation.

So, What Floats Your Boat?

The possibilities are beyond imagination when it comes to a creating a ‘3-Dimensional WOW’ element on your floors. Truth be told, with an epoxy floor you can bring to life the picture you’ve always envisioned in your mind’s eye.

So whether you choose a famous water scene or an offbeat/quirky one, you will make it a floor to remember!

If you are planning to get your home done up, get in touch with Hipcouch’s experts!

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