9 Impressive Indian Startup Offices

Startups offices have become popular over the years for various reasons - an informal, creative work culture, ping pong tables… and amazing offices!

Here are a few impressive Indian startup offices that will definitely make you go, “Wow!”

9 Indian Startups With Gorgeous Offices!

Feast your eyes on these startup offices that perfectly blend aesthetics and functionality! And, don't forget to check out the SlideShare which has additional images for these interiors!

1. Boch & Fernsh

Boch & Fernsh (1).jpg

A design firm, Boch & Fernsh has a tastefully done up space with walls filled up with art, a green wall area, a garden in the backside, and a swing and recharge beds for some much-needed relaxation!

Boch & Fernsh (2).jpg

2. Truly Madly

Truly Madly (1).jpg

The Truly Madly office is a true reflection of its belief to make people mad, fall in love and mingle.

With an outdoorsy ambience, it speaks out loud the concept of falling in love. Its open floor seating area has been divided into three sections: ‘UnRavel’ at the working space, ‘UnWind’ at the basement cum cafeteria, and ‘UnSingle’ at the conference area.

When you walk through its bright yellow staircase, snack bar, and a scrabble inspired wall, there is nothing that would make you feel like walking into a corporate office.

Truly Madly (2).jpg

3. Razorpay

Razorpay (1).jpg

With its vibrant colour scheme, bright yet warm lighting, a chic pantry, an in-house gym, interesting seating space, and a nap room, this payment startup has just got the coolest office space for its employees.

Razorpay, unlike other dull and boring finance offices, knows how to add a cool factor to its account.

Razorpay (2).jpg

4. Goibibo

Goibibo (1).jpg

A relaxing chitchat space, a colourful conference room, and a scenic view during a deep discussion, Goibibo knows how to make working hours worthwhile.

Apart from that, its new office is all about encouraging employees to get things done through some wisdom messages on its walls.

Goibibo (2).jpg

5. Grabhouse

Grabhouse (1).jpg

Grabhouse knows how to make its employees feel at home.

This startup that helps people find the desired living pad in cities has a quite chic and comfy office space which is adorned with personalised collages and curated art and murals, and brightly hued walls.

While glass walls are painted with emoticons, and a dash of colours in the seating area with comfortable bean bags and sofas just develops the mood to work.

Grabhouse was taken over by Quickr, in an all-stock deal, in 2016.

Grabhouse (2).jpg

6. Headout

Headout (1).jpeg

As the name suggests, Headout deals into tour activities and travelling experiences. And, the way its startup office looks like, you can instantly relate it to its work.

Its cool and open workspace has been designed to let their employees work hard and play even harder! Apart from a normal sitting area, it also has a recreational area with gaming consoles.

7. Chumbak

Chumbak (1).jpg

If kitsch has an address, then it must be Chumbak’s office. Just like the brand adds colour and quirk to its consumers’ surroundings, its office is full of vibrant colours, quirky lights, cool things, and creativity.

Chumbak (2).jpg

8. Hike

Hike (1).jpg

The Hike office has been designed on the concept of ‘Temple of Excellence’.

With no cubicles and designated workspace, everyone sits in open space segregated into sections where a team of 8-10 people can sit together.

There are comfortable hammocks, grass-like flooring, and garden like area with picket or fence bordering it along with a meditation room. With such a working environment, your mind will certainly be blown away.

Hike (2).jpg

9. Lookup

Lookup (1).jpg

Workstations with standing desks, cosy cubby holes, indigenous plant species served to differentiate spaces, while also improving air quality, a cluster of bright red, old-school telephone booths used as ideal spots for Skype calls - Lookup’s offices are minimalistic and efficient.

There’s also a semi-circular amphitheatre (fondly nicknamed “The Pitch”) which transforms from brainstorming arena by day, to a recreational hub by night.

Lookup was taken over by NowFloats, a software product startup, in 2016.

Lookup (2).jpg

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