How To Accommodate A Growing Family In A 2BHK In Mumbai?

It seemed great when you moved into your new 2BHK home as a couple and started high on life together, but that feeling soon turned into curiosity to find ways to fit in your growing family of one kid plus another little one on its way!

You start to feel that the space in your home keeps shrinking as the needs of your family continue to grow. In such a case, finding additional space can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be!

Here are some tips and tricks to fully utilise your entire 2BHk home for all your needs!

Ways To Accommodate A Growing Family In A 2BHK In Mumbai!

Let’s look at the how you can optimise each room to make space for your growing family! In a rush? Jump to our quick slideshare which you can download to catch-up later!

Living Room

Living Room.jpg

1. Multifunctional Pieces:

Invest in furniture pieces that offer more than one functions, so that it’s easier to have more space to move around. Pick out a centre table or an ottoman with a cavity and built-in drawers that can be used for storage.  

2. Built-in Shelves:

Install floor-to-ceiling storage shelves in your living room as it uses space efficiently. It makes the room feel uncluttered and lends a clean, fresh look.

3. Keep It Light:

Choose light-weight material around your living room, such as light linen curtains to help the room feel airy. White rooms tend to look largest, but if this doesn’t feel like your cup of tea, choose light greens and blues to brighten up your living room. Your room will instantly feel more spacious.

Dining Area

Dining Room.jpg

1. Living-cum Dining Room:

Not all 2BHK apartments will have a separate dining area and it is mostly a part of the living room.

However, there are ways if you are looking to separate them using partitions such as curtains, wooden screens and plants.

These create a subtle division so that space doesn’t suddenly look cramped and small.

2. Space Saving Seating:

Round dining tables are probably the easiest shape to work with in a small space. It also allows for more walking space around it from all sides, thus saving precious space.

Also, some people really find it unnecessary to invest in a big dining table and instead opt for a fold-out table. This saves a lot of space and can be used only at the time of meals.

Dining Table.jpg

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom.jpg

1. Glass Cabinets:

While a double bed is customary in a master bedroom, you can save space by using wall mounted glass cupboards. This creates an illusion of more space and uses it effectively by allowing for storing smaller things and accessories.

2. Colour Scheme:

The right colour combination can make smallest spaces seem large.

By colour coordinating different parts of the room such as linens or cushion colours with the wall colours or colour of the carpet with matching hues of the furniture, the room tends to look more spacious.

3. Wall Mounted Shelves:

Even a small bedroom can be decorated it in a way that looks elegant and not cramped.

Use wall-mounted shelves to save on space and use them to store your books, picture frames or decorative vases.

Children’s Room

Children Room.jpg

1. Beds:

A bunk bed is a lifesaver when it comes to having that extra space in your little ones’ room. You can get them customised according to the colour palette of the rest of the room and something the kids would love to sleep in.

You can also opt for a sofa cum bed to save space, in case bunk bed is not your choice. Or a daybed with built-in drawers underneath it to store books, toys, clothes and other things.

2. Shelves:

Figure out cute and practical storage solutions for your kid’s room. If you are short on closet space, you can always hang kids clothes on wall-mounted rods. We bet it looks cute seeing those tiny colourful pieces of clothing and not clumsy at all!

Invest In Hidden Storage!

We understand that no matter how hard you try to limit the stuff you bring into the house, there is always a pile of random accessories and other things that need to be put away, safely and securely, away from sight, so it does not look cluttered.

Adding another storage cabinet to your 2BHk would just mean that you are left with lesser floor space to walk around. That’s where hidden storage comes handy.


Hidden Storage Bedroom.jpg

Purchase beds with built-in storage compartments and headboards that can open as storage shelves. Side tables with drawers, small ottomans with storage inside them are some more examples of using space efficiently in your bedroom.



Opt for a smart kitchen - with retractable cutting boards, shelves along the wall, racks on cabinet doors on the inside, smart appliances built into the kitchen, etc.

Ceiling Space Between Passages

The ceiling space between passages and walkways can also be used as overhead concealed storage spaces.

Other Essentials

Washing Machine:

Washing machines take up a lot of space but something you cannot do without. The bathrooms might not be spacious enough to accommodate them and so keep them in a balcony attached to one of the rooms or inside the kitchen.


Having a separate TV room is next to impossible in a 2BHK home so the television has to be kept in one of the rooms.

Try and keep them in your living area so that everybody has an easy access to it, without invading into someone’s private space, in case it is kept in one of the rooms.

Guest Accommodation:

Invest in a sofa-cum-bed in your living area. It can get inconvenient when a guest visits and you do not have a spare room. But a multipurpose sofa-cum-bed should serve the purpose.

With the help of the above ideas and a little bit of thought into what will help you and your family settle comfortably in your 2BHK home, you are off to a very content stay at home!

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