10 Questions You Need Answers To Before Knocking Down A Wall!

Space is an issue in city homes. Apartments are getting smaller and costlier. Everyone wishes to live in a spacious home. Home-owners who desire to have a spacious house now have a solution - break down unwanted walls! 

Knocking down a wall can lend a spacious and airy look to homes and can be a great solution for the lack of space. Your apartment can look roomier, and with some design elements, your place can also be aesthetically pleasing.  

The decision to demolish a wall (or walls) is a pretty crucial one. Before you take up the hammer, you need to be very sure of many factors. There are legal, structural and designing elements to be figured out before you go ahead! 

Ask yourself some basic but vital questions before erasing that wall down. 

Planning To Knock Down A Wall Or Two? Make Sure You Know The Answers To These Questions!

Here are 10 questions you must have constructive answers to, before going ahead and breaking a wall! 

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1. Why am I doing this?

This is your primary question. Focus on the ‘why’? Why you want the walls to go? You need to have a good idea as to what you are going to be doing with the available space. Go ahead only if you have a clear vision about what will happen after the walls come down.

2. Do I have the necessary permissions?

Before you even think about altering the structure inside your home, you have to take all the permissions. You will have to notify your housing society authorities if you are living in an apartment building or the municipal or the other authorities if you own an independent villa house.

3. Is it structurally safe?

Once you get the permission, it means it is safe to go ahead. Still, you should double check if it is indeed safe. The walls hold your home together and in case of apartments, tampering with walls even in any one room without taking into account safety guidelines can prove dangerous for the entire building.

Get an expert to do an inspection and guide you about which walls should remain and which can go.

4. Which are the load-bearing walls?

There are mainly two types of walls, load-bearing, and non-load bearing. The former are the walls that support the entire structure of your building. These walls cannot be demolished.

Non-load bearing walls are there only to separate spaces and can be done away with if need be.

There is one more factor. Some of your walls may have concealed electrical connections or plumbing. So, you may be able to knock down only certain portions of such walls.

5. Will it be okay to get rid of the wall space?

When you bring the walls down, you do get a large and uninhibited space which can be refreshing. Then, also consider the wall space that is going away, the space that had your shelves or storages.

A designer can help you come with alternatives so that even if you lose the wall space, you get many other options.

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6. Does my house have to be on one level?

If you are living in a duplex home, you have to sit with a designer to chalk out how you can create an open space inside. It may take some thinking but with clever design ideas, you can.

Also, if your house sits on different levels, then you may have several restrictions. It is not to say that it will not be possible to open up the rooms but you will have to tread carefully. In some cases, the you can solve the problem with the addition of a couple of wide steps.

7. How can I ensure flexibility?

Once you have all the floor space you need, you may still want to have a closed space at times. Can it be done? Of course. Include sliding doors that can work as a partition as and when you need. It will give you the necessary space flexibility and even lend a striking look to the interiors.  Jaalis can also be of help that can act as a space separator and at the same time, make the place aesthetically appealing as well.

8. What if I don’t want the entire wall to go?

You can opt for partial walls in such a case. Either you can demolish just half the wall, or you can build a wood wall or a get a small shelf that can work as a half wall.

9. Can this space serve multiple functions?

It is your space. You can have it the way you wish. If you want the space to serve as an entertaining area, you can get some seating spaces so that there is enough place for your guests. You can have low seating areas if need be.

If you want it to serve as your relaxing corner, then think of adding a comfortable sofa and a coffee table. There can be hundreds of ideas depending on how you want the space to be.

10. Are there any other factors I should consider?

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Depending upon the areas you are opening up, you may have to face certain issue about which you need to know. For example, if you are tearing down the wall between the kitchen and the living room, the smell of cooking can be all over your living space. Your kitchen will also be exposed.  

Then there is also the problem of sound. The happy news is that all such issues also have solutions. You can get the space sound-proofed, or you can have good exhaust fans in the kitchen or just having the cooking area near a window. You can conceal the kitchen with some curtains. 

Now that you have answers to all your questions, gear yourself to create a roomy space inside your home and make it relaxing, inviting and energizing!

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