Types Of Glass You Can Use For Your Kitchen Cabinetry!

Glass has been an indispensable part of home interiors for a while now! One of the places where glass has been used extensively is the kitchen, especially in the cabinetry.

What Makes Glass A Great Choice For Kitchen Cabinets?

Glass kitchen cabinets offer a tasteful balance between efficacy and aesthetic timelessness. Not only do they give the impression of making the kitchen seem spacious, but also present the ideal opportunity for displaying beautiful dishware, glamorous figurines and what have you!

And if you’re still not convinced, we suggest you check out any of the ultra-modern or retro-look homes - You’ll find that glass inserts will have been utilized to recreate either an effective nostalgic ‘feel’ or chic ‘glassy yet so classy’ modern look that is all the rage nowadays.

What's more, there are more options in glass inserts specific to kitchen cabinets now, and you will undoubtedly find one that fits your budget, custom made to your particular cabinet size.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones!

Types Of Glass You Can Use For Your Kitchen Cabinets!

Here are the different types of glass that can be used for your kitchen cabinets!

1. Seeded Glass

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Demonstrative of hand blown glass from long, long ago, seeded glass is essentially glass that has been engraved with small air pockets and specks, thereby giving it its name ‘seeded’ glass.

Notably, beyond all the pristine pictures you’ve probably seen in magazines and on the internet, there’s a good chance you’ve noticed seeded glass inserts in cupboards and cabinets from the days of yore. But lately, they’ve made a comeback in modern interior designing and how!

For the most part, this type of glass has a wavy quality that lends it an ethereal appeal, but we love it because it gives the cabinet a romantic, nostalgic bid that, if combined with matching décor and accented lighting, can become the most loved spot in the house.

And if you’re thinking of utilizing seeded glass, do remember that there are a lot of options when it comes to the sizes of bubbles and specks, so one can expect the range to start with a few bubbles and specks here and there, to large extensively spread out ones.

A lesser-known trick is to opt for the smaller sized seeding if you want to show off precious crockery sets or chinaware / porcelain while opting for bigger bubbles and specks that will more readily cover up the less pretty ones.

2. Leaded Glass

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Leaded glass, or crystal – if you’re a fine glassware fan, can pretty much look and feel like regular glass, understandably leaving you a tad bit confused in the difference. There is a subtle distinction, though. Leaded glass is comprised of the same essential elements that are required for regular manufactured glass, with the one critical difference: lead oxide.

Utilized by glass makers as a means of quality improvement, leaded glass is increasingly used for kitchen cabinets (as against standard glass) because of its physical properties, i.e., cut and lucidity.

Leaded glass makes for a luxurious, conventional feel, and it does have an engaging, distinctive quality that can transport you to another realm altogether. The beauty of leaded glass is that you can use it to turn on the ‘décor look’ in any number of bearings, and if you'd like a trace of shading, you can even likewise pick special artistry glass inserts or stained ones.

If you’re gung-ho about vintage pieces, scour your local antique retail shop or check out the web – you’ll find something that’s just for you.

3. Textured Glass

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Perfect for kitchen cabinets and a host of different applications where clouded visibility or privacy is wanted, the textured glass will fit like a glove.

More importantly, shaped or emblazoned with visual and material intrigue, textured glass works to help pop an otherwise basic décor or serve as the foundation to a stained glass kitchen cabinet insert.

Textured glass is offered in a wide assortment of surfaces and enhancing designs that can be pleated, geometric, reeded, organic, ribbed, pebbled, inclined or smattered with generic patterns. Either way, textured glass is the prevalent trend in kitchen cabinet glass, not just because of the layer of intrigue it includes, but also because it effectively blurs any messy junk inside.

Psst pack rats, this one's for you!

4. Clear, Transparent Glass

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Clear, transparent glass is the most widely recognized and possibly, the most adaptable of all. It's a 'one size fits all' type of glass, for its clear, transparent quality ensures that every decor, every kitchen type, seamlessly melts in with its no-nonsense look easily.

As it were, transparent glass makes for a safe decision and will dependably look pleasant. But of course you must bear in mind that it's plain Jane regularity pays little mind to the most recent styles. So if you're willing to ignore the simplicity, do remember that there are a couple of interesting points for this situation.

Despite the fact that transparent glass is the most generally available variant, the drawbacks of it have a way of turning people off from using it wholeheartedly.

Firstly, this type of glass will put the spotlight on smears and fingerprints, so you need to keep the kitchen bureau spic and span from time to time. Additionally, since the glass is transparent, it doesn't generally conceal anything, meaning that the contents inside the cabinet will be in plain view for everybody's viewing pleasure.

But if you can look past these transparent transgressions, do note that this glass has the capacity to lend itself to any look and every decor type out there, and using it in your kitchen cabinet may prove to be the most simple DIY trick that you’ve been on the lookout for.

We suggest opting for tempered glass to prepare for breakage. Moreover, from a design perspective, one can go in for a single level glass cabinet or run with strips that enrich the look while upgrading the kitchen's structure.

Don’t have the stomach for transparent glass, opt for frosted instead – It’ll conceal the mess and lend an uber classy look that you can customize as per your specific tastes.

And if you’re still in a flux about which glass to go in for, call us at Hipcouch!

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