Here's Why An Ottoman Would Be The Best Addition To Your Home!

The ottoman is a versatile piece of furniture that is multifunctional. An ottoman, also known as a pouffe or footstool is a low upholstered seat without a back or arms that can also serve as a box with a seat hinged to form a lid.

The ottoman originally used as a footrest has come a long way and is an important piece of décor today.

Here’s why an Ottoman can indeed be a great addition to your home!

#1. Versatile Shapes!

Today one can find ottomans in various shapes and sizes to meet your every requirement. Common shapes of ottomans are:


ottomans-best-addition-for-your-home-funiture-hipcouch (1).jpg

Round ottomans are comfortable and versatile in use. They can be used as a footstool, coffee table or as a seat where there is little space available. A round ottoman can be used effectively to break the monotony of a room; it can be used as a focal point for a small corner.

Square or Cube

ottomans-best-addition-for-your-home-funiture-hipcouch (3).jpg

Square or cube ottomans are used to supplement furniture surrounding it. Whether the ottoman matches the furniture or stands out on its own, square and cube ottomans add fun and color to the room. Rectangular ottomans can be bulky. Instead, use two square ottomans together or three cubes and arrange them in your own unique style.


ottomans-best-addition-for-your-home-funiture-hipcouch (2).jpg

The rectangular ottoman serves many purposes a coffee table or a long bench, and combined with storage space is ideal for your sitting room. These ottomans can be used as a centerpiece for an exclusive cozy corner for you to sit and relax. Alternatively, move your coffee table to another area and make the rectangular ottoman the spotlight of the living room.

#2. Variety Of Materials & Finishes

Ottomans or pouffes can be made in a variety of material to suit your specific needs. Ottomans are available in an array of material.


ottomans-best-addition-for-your-home-funiture-hipcouch (5).jpg

One of the best choices for fabric for ottoman is leather. Leather is stronger, long-lasting, and more resistant to tearing, staining and bunching than any other material.  It is soft and comfortable for furniture in general and ottomans being no exception. By using a dark-colored leather ottoman, you can make it the stand out piece of the room. Always consider the color of the rest of the furniture while selecting the color of the leather ottoman.


ottomans-best-addition-for-your-home-funiture-hipcouch (4).jpg

It is easy to match a leather ottoman with fabric furniture but the opposite is much more challenging. On the other using a fabric ottoman in bright colors can spice up a room and make it more inviting. You can get inexpensive slipcovers for your ottoman to color coordinate with your throw pillows. Change slipcovers of ottomans according to seasons to make your living room exciting.


ottomans-best-addition-for-your-home-funiture-hipcouch (7).jpg

It is the convention to use wicker or rattan furniture for indoor and outdoor patios. Add a rattan ottoman to enhance the setting.  Rattan ottomans are durable, easy to move and easily personalized. Rattan ottoman can be made exclusive by painting them in a color of your choice to match the rest of the furniture. Rattan ottoman need a little care, they need to be cleaned occasionally and kept away from heat and humidity, doing this will add years to its life.

Memory Foam

ottomans-best-addition-for-your-home-funiture-hipcouch (6).jpg

Memory foam ottomans are the most affordable ottomans. Memory Foam is a polyurethane material that is supportive and elastic. These footstools are recommended for those with severe foot pain. Memory foam ottomans are easy to handle and lightweight and hence can be moved around without any difficulty. They can be dressed up to easily fit in with any kind of furniture with the help of appropriate slipcovers.

#3. Great Design Options

Ottomans come in various designs to fit your various requirements. Here are a few ottoman designs.

Storage Ottoman

ottomans-best-addition-for-your-home-funiture-hipcouch (10).jpg

Ottomans serve an excellent storage space for your throw blankets, pillows, cashmere blankets etc. in your living room. You can even store a board game or two in the ottoman that will also serve as a footstool. The regular square ottoman can hold up to three blankets. If you want to store more things you can consider buying a rectangular ottoman.

Table and Tray Ottoman

ottomans-best-addition-for-your-home-funiture-hipcouch (8).jpg

Coffee table ottoman and tray ottoman are very popular. Coffee table ottoman creates a centerpiece for small cozy rooms. Tray ottomans are a versatile piece of furniture that can be used in any corner of the house. They are detachable and easy to move can be used as a table for a laptop or as a tray for breakfast in bed! Tufting should be avoided for a coffee table and tray ottomans.

Button Tufted and Pillowtop Ottoman

ottomans-best-addition-for-your-home-funiture-hipcouch (14).jpg

Tufted ottomans make the most attractive chair and footstool ottomans. The tufting keeps the ottoman’s cotton or foam from bunching and shifting which is likely to happen with repeated use. Button tufted ottomans make elegant and classic footstools and chairs that add the grandeur to the living room.

Glider Ottoman

ottomans-best-addition-for-your-home-funiture-hipcouch (11).jpg

Glider ottomans are best suited for rocking chairs and recliners without foot support. Glider ottomans are especially good as nursery furniture and can be used by children even when they grow up.

Sleeper Ottoman

ottomans-best-addition-for-your-home-funiture-hipcouch (13).jpg

Need comfortable bedding option for the occasional house guest, you could buy the sleeper ottoman that will provide you with the additional bed you require. These are comfortable and come with storage space that you can use for your extra linen. Sleeper ottomans are both elegant and functional.

#4. There are multiple uses of ottoman in your home

By now you would have realised that Ottomans are just awesomely versatile! So, here are some instance when ottomans just shine through…

1. Shared seating space:

ottomans-best-addition-for-your-home-funiture-hipcouch (15).jpg

Ottomans work well in spaces that have an open floor plan, where the seating area is shared by two rooms. In some homes the living and family area may have space for only one seating area, using ottomans can add to the seating area available.

2. Visual attraction

ottomans-best-addition-for-your-home-funiture-hipcouch (16).jpg

Ottomans are available in a variety of shapes and geometrical configurations making them visually attractive. Ottomans can be put together to make an interesting corner that can be later pulled apart to make individual seating. All you need is your imagination to arrange ottomans in creative patterns.

3. Space-saving seating

ottomans-best-addition-for-your-home-funiture-hipcouch (17).jpg

If you are short of space or are trying to save space, ottomans can be the perfect answer. Most ottomans come with rollers beneath them which make them easy to move. So when required they can be pulled out for seating and otherwise can be neatly tucked away under tables.

4. Children’s play area

ottomans-best-addition-for-your-home-funiture-hipcouch (18).jpg

Ottomans made from children-friendly fabric like denim or tweed can be used as a play area by the children while they sit on the floor. If the ottoman is large enough it can be used to play board games as well.

5. Use an ottoman as a showpiece

ottomans-best-addition-for-your-home-funiture-hipcouch (19).jpg

Exclusive ottomans can be used as the center of attraction in a room. It can be the focal point of any given room. You can use brightly colored fabric, embroidered fabric, rich or tufted fabric according to your preference. An ottoman can look casual, extravagant and lush according to the way you decide to dress it up, thus adding a “wow” factor to the room.

6. Shoe Shelves

ottomans-best-addition-for-your-home-funiture-hipcouch (20).jpg

Ottomans can be used as a beautiful shoe shelf. Though the shoes may be in a jumble inside, it will look elegant on the outside. If you don’t mind the jumble that is out of sight the ottoman will serve as a stool to sit on and put on your shoes as well.

7. Seating in small spaces

ottomans-best-addition-for-your-home-funiture-hipcouch (21).jpg

If you require seating in a small space like a bathroom, a storage pouffe with comfortable upholstery can be used as a laundry basket and an elegant seat.

8. Use for castoff clothes

ottomans-best-addition-for-your-home-funiture-hipcouch (22).jpg

Instead of throwing clothes on a chair, use a long ottoman placed against the wall to pile up your cast-off clothes. Buy one with storage space, you can just lift the lid and stuff your clothes in if the pile becomes too huge.

9. Extend the sofa

ottomans-best-addition-for-your-home-funiture-hipcouch (9).jpg

L-shaped sofas are great, but the person who manages to sit at the long end can stretch out. For the others use a long footstool so that they too can stretch out. This can be used as additional seating when there are numerous guests.

10. Comfortable kitchen stool

ottomans-best-addition-for-your-home-funiture-hipcouch (12).jpg

If you live in a small home and do everything from working on your laptop to eating to entertaining around the dining table, instead of using a hard dining chair you could use a comfortable cube shaped ottoman. It occupies less space and is comfortable for you to work on all day.

Use ottomans of different shapes, designs and of various materials as fun and functional pieces of furniture in your home.

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