What Is The Best Indian Interior Design Style for Small Flats?

Do you find yourself fussing about the lack of space in your home at every given opportunity? Chances are that you own a small home in a congested Indian metro! Of course, that doesn’t mean you cannot have the home of your dreams. We have just the thing to help you get the space you deserve - A Guide To Indian Style Interior Designs For Small Flats.

Before you jump to the guide, consider a few necessary points to make sure you are prepared to take the plunge.

Things To Consider Before Choosing The Right Indian Style Interior Designs For Small Flats:

  1. Choose an interior designer - No other person is as well-versed in the relationship between space and design, as an interior designer.

  2. Be clear on the budget - Keep a budget in mind before approaching the interior designer. Although there are bound to be a few changes here and there, it is ideal to have a benchmark before going in for the overhaul.

  3. Evaluate what you need - Try to be as clear as possible regarding what you need - an overemphasis on stylish interiors can often lead to overwhelming results in a small space. Also, putting too much focus on functionality can rob your space of aesthetic appeal. Ideally, your home should embody the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.

  4. Plan long-term - Renovating small flats can also be heavy on the pockets, and take considerable time for completion, since the challenge to optimise space and design is greater. Choose a style of interior design that will remain fresh over a longer period of time.

We hope you’ve been taking notes. Being well-prepared is half the battle won. Okay then. Let’s have a look at what you can do for your home, shall we?

Indian Style Interior Designs For Small Flats:

As mentioned earlier, small flats demand equal emphasis on space and design. Too much could make it chaotic, while too little could make it look too bare. The idea is to find the right balance. Based on this requirements, the best Indian style interior designs for small flats would be minimalist and traditional or a combination thereof.

Minimalist Interior Design Style: Less is more. Nothing summarises this interior design style better. This interior design style focusses more on functionality, making use of modular furniture to optimise space. This is best suited for small flats.

  • From the Indian point of view, minimalist design works best when combined with another design style like traditional or modern.

  • Modular and customised furniture helps to create space for storage and can also be aesthetically pleasing.

  • Bright and airy colours like green, pink, yellow, blue could be used to make the design look less bare.

  • Experimenting with lights would also help add aesthetic value - although, natural light works best in small spaces.

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Traditional Interior Design Style: As the name suggests, this style draws inspiration from various native cultures and traditions.

  • From the Indian point of view, this style would be best represented by colourful accessories, drapes, wall decor, etc. without going overboard considering the lack of space to accommodate so much colour.

  • Heavy, stylised woodwork is also a part of this style, which could be customised to fit the compact dimensions of a small flat.

  • Use neutral colours on the walls to accommodate the vibrant accessories.

  • If you are looking for vibrancy and warmth, then this is the right interior design style for you.

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Something else to bear in mind….

It is necessary to make sure that there is cohesion between the various parts of your home. Either use the same colour-scheme, or use a style that unites all rooms.


  • Opt for a modular kitchen to save space.

  • Built-in appliances are not just smart, but also look good.

  • Trendy options like extendable surfaces, cabinetry with profile handles, door-mounted racks, and shelves along the walls, help to conserve space and also keeps the kitchen neat.

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Living Room:

  • To make the living room lively, opt for natural light as far as possible. Light and airy colours complement natural light.

  • Modular furniture, like sofas with built-in storage space, work best in small spaces. You can keep it a little traditional by opting for handcrafted wall-hangings, ethnic cushions and other small accessories.

  • False ceilings generally make a small space look crowded. Consult the designer to know what works best.

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  • Opt for a modular bed, which comes with immense in-built storage space. Similarly, look for vertical storage solutions to save space.

  • To add a dash of ethnicity, opt for for a colourful table lamp, and colourful bed covers.

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That’s that! Having a small space does not necessarily require compromising on style. All you need is an expert to make the best possible use of what is available and transform it into the home of your dreams. If you are keen to put this Guide To Indian Style Interior Designs For Small Flats to the test, call Hipcouch today!

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