8 Ways To Go Green With Your Home!

Climate change is no longer just a myth, and there couldn’t be a better time to stress on making eco-friendly choices!

Choosing eco-friendly interior design has multiple benefits - low maintenance costs, better air quality, energy efficiency, better waste management, and reduced exposure to toxic materials!

Of course, being eco-friendly doesn’t mean you’ve got to compromise on aesthetics - in fact, it can be quite the opposite!

Take The First Steps Towards A ‘Green’ Home!

Green habits and eco-conscious design are slowly picking up pace. It is about celebrating nature’s creations by adopting them into our private dwellings. The plan is to make every residence environmentally mindful. After all, one does not destroy a thing of beauty wantonly. With eco-friendly interiors you get a gorgeous home, better finances, and a healthier environment! It’s a win-win for all. Here are some of the steps you can take towards turning that brown thumb green…

1. A Quick Change To Furniture:

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It’s the thought that counts. The adage is genuinely true. Instead of going big, think small and poignant. A simple thought to sustainability is using recycled materials for furniture.  Think beyond the square box and look for unusual solutions that offer remarkable décor.

  • Chairs, sofas and even coffee tables are reimagined, every few years, to inject new life to a house. Instead of dreading the investment in new furniture, get the old ones reupholstered. Better yet employ material or fabric that is already in your closets. Colourful bed sheets, striking sarees or even curtains - re-draping furniture is the quickest and most economical method to being green.

  • For hearts set on something brand-new, refurbish raw material that is lies in forgotten corners of every household. An ultimate trick is turning old wooden doors to trendy centre tables. You not only add an inimitable touch to the home but also reduce the usage of unsustainable raw materials.

2. A Better Surface On Walls:

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Walls make the most significant aspect of any home or building. Introducing an eco-option on them, therefore, makes the most impact. There is no dearth of ideas to being green with walls.

  • Weatherproof paint, we know. Now imagine organic paint. A coat of no-VOC paint can make any bungalow earth-friendly. Volatile Organic Compound are adverse substances that cause, most often, allergies and development issue. Choosing to make your domicile VOC free from neck downwards improves the air quality inside it. Really want to dive deep into being eco-wise? Then select paint that is also exempt from solvents, ethylene glycol, acetone or formaldehyde.

  • When the paint is not the Oolong that soothes your soul, look towards organic wallpapers.  The world is your oyster with the market inundated with wallpapers created out of waste material, recyclable elements, and natural dyes.

  • Chuck paint and wallpaper out that wooden, antique window and wield bamboos to cover the walls. You maintain the ideal temperature even during the most extreme of weathers and bring a natural appeal to the room.  What will leave you enamoured is the lightweightedness and varieties of bamboo. Expressing any interior design is possible with it.

If it’s a hard pass on bamboo for you, then any wood can be utilised for walls as long as it doesn’t condone deforestation.

3. The Dernier Cri of Décor:

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From chic windows frames to stunning side tables, from exotic decorative items to the welcoming floor rugs, every inch of home decoration can be an eco-friendly choice. An array of spectacular solutions can be whipped up with some brainstorming.

  • Add an element of plants to décor. Greens such as Dracaena are natural air purifiers. They absorb a measurable amount of carbon dioxide and release oxygen. These plants require almost nil maintenance and create a beautifully homey feel. For bathrooms and kitchens, keep small potted plants. Create a je ne sais quoi in living rooms with interesting shrubs in large urns.

  • Cover the floors with organic material rugs. Use natural fibre rugs anywhere, from the heart of a residence - the dining room - to cosy, personal bedrooms. Bright jute carpets bring a pop to any open space. They do wonders for home décor while being functional and proclaiming your commitment to sustainability.  

  • Utilise salvaged or renewable material for door panels, window frames or knick-knacks. Insulated glass, wood, aluminium, or even vinyl make great options for constructing parts of a dwelling.

Additionally, switch the light bulbs to CFL, to save money, and energy. Better still, focus on getting as much natural light into your home as possible!

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Alternatively, you can choose windows that are lined with special coatings to reflect heat and give insulation.

There is an endless amount of under-the-radar, eco-friendly decor picks out there. When the mind sees this, it becomes practically inexcusable not to go green. The heart knows being organic is not a difficult task. It is time we be cognizant of the undeniable impression humans leave on the planet. Don’t take the first steps to being gentler to the world for nature’s sake. Undertake them for you.

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