Vastu For Mumbai Homes - Doing It The Right Way!

“It is not how big our house is but how happy our home is.”

It is not uncommon for people living in Mumbai to quote this line, now and again. Space is a major constraint in the overcrowded metro, with most homes being small and compact. It is a major challenge for Mumbai homeowners to ensure that their abodes look presentable, and not too cramped. And if a visitor or friend makes a snarky comment about ‘the windows not being in the right direction, as per Vastu’ or ‘the sink being too close to the cooking gas’, it’s almost like adding insult to injury.

While it may not be practical to incorporate everything as directed by Vastu, given the space crunch, it is difficult to contest its contribution to the ‘happiness’ in your home. It is, after all, a science meant specifically for making the most of available space, and is based on principles that are scientifically sound and create an atmosphere of positivity. And to be honest, there are few tips you could follow to ensure that your Mumbai home is Vastu-compliant! Here’s a simple list you could follow!

Vastu For Mumbai Homes - Keep It Simple!

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1. Identify the ‘colour zones’ in your home:

It is a proven fact that colours have a psychological impact on people. Specific colours stimulate specific emotions in people and can contribute significantly to the atmosphere at home. Map the colour zones in your home, by referring to a Vastu colour chart. By identifying and using colours that are suited to a particular zone, you can improve the flow of energy in your home. For example, your kitchen is a source for fire. It is ideal to use shades of orange, and avoid cool colours in this zone.

2. Sleep in the right direction:

You may, or may not be able to change the direction of the bed, but you can always change the direction in which you sleep. To quote a blog by Sadhguru, the renowned mystic:

“East is the best direction. North-east is okay. West is alright. South, if you must. North, no.”
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3. Add a water element to your abode:

Water, along with air, fire, earth and space, forms the crux of Vastu. It is known to be a significant source of energy if placed in the right direction and location. Adding a water element in the form of a fish tank is great for the house. It is ideal to place this in the north-east. If you have problems with maintaining one, opt for a shallow earthen vessel filled with water and topped with rose petals or a scented candle. If you have some space to spare, a small water fountain that runs on electricity is also an attractive option.

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4. Go ‘green’ using indoor plants:

Placing indoor plants like the bamboo in the bathroom is ideal, to absorb all the negative energy. Placing plants in the east invites growth and happiness.


5. Be mindful of the clock:

Avoid keeping a clock that has stopped. Don’t put the clock under a beam or lowered structure. The clock shouldn’t be visible the moment someone steps into your living room.

6. Adorn the walls with pictures and photographs:

Placing the right kind of pictures and photographs can create positive energy. Place a framed happy family photograph in the south-west. The south-west wall can also have photographs of the decision-makers in the house. The east wall can have photographs of the people other than those living in the house, whose blessings you seek. Avoid hanging pictures of ancestors in the living room - this can create negativity in the house.


7. Be wary of money matters:

Your financial position also contributes to the overall peace and happiness in your home. It is necessary to be cautious of where you keep your money and valuables. Keeping a money plant in the north zone ensures prosperity. Keep your safe in the north zone.

8. Place your furniture appropriately:

What’s a home without furniture? It contributes significantly to the aesthetic and practical value of a home. It goes without saying that in order to ensure harmony in the environment of the home, it is essential to place the furniture in the right direction and zone. The ideal directions for placing furniture are the west and the south. It is best to avoid irregularly shaped furniture - opt for square and rectangular elements. It is best to keep some distance between the furniture and the walls, to ensure that positive energy flows without obstruction.

There you go! Ain’t that really simple to follow? Size really doesn’t matter when it comes to implementing Vastu- all you need is to be in sync with your environment.

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