How to Best Utilize the Illusive Balcony Area of Your Home in Mumbai?

To be able to find a house in an overcrowded city like Mumbai WITH a spacious balcony that has a scenic view is truly a huge blessing. For all those who live in the 'City of Dreams' would definitely agree! And just in case you are among the fortunate ones to have an illusive balcony area in your house, but don't quite know how to make the best use of it, worry not! We got your back. Here are six easy, crafty and creative ideas to decorate your balcony space and make it your most favourite corner in the house.

#1. Create A Cozy Study Space

If you are an avid reader then there is nothing better than coming home to a private corner to yourself with a book and a hot cup of tea in hand! You can utilize the space in your balcony by making it a study space.

Steps to turn your balcony into a study space

  • All you have to do is get chic design inspired book shelves according to the space available in your balcony and fix a few book holders on the wall.

  • You can also paint the walls or put a floral wall paper to make the reading space more comfy and cozy.

  • Decorate the rest of the space with a chic vase in one corner and two small vintage- looking chairs in the other and voila! Your very own personal study space is ready!

study in the balcony area.jpg

#2. Create A Tranquil Mini Garden

Another way to use up your balcony space could be by turning it into a mini garden. Especially for all those who love organic stuff, you can grow your own herbs, vegetables and fruits in this mini garden.

utlising the blacony areas of your flats in mumbai (9).jpg

How to turn your balcony space into a mini garden?

  • To turn your balcony space into a garden, you have to first ensure that you have enough space to keep several pots in line. Apart from keeping plant pots you can also hang flower baskets or planters.

  • Not to forget, gardening works as a great stress buster and a flora- filled balcony will add a refreshing touch to your house making it look more beautiful.

utlising the blacony areas of your flats in mumbai (5).jpg

#3. The Obvious, Yet Awesome Sit-Up Space

The most common and easiest way to make use of the extra space in your balcony is to decorate it. You can add your own personal touch to the balcony without worrying about the interiors being in sync with the rest of the house. Having a separate sit- up space gives out a very warm and welcoming vibe.

sitout options in your balcony.jpg

Steps to set it up

  • Get an old used wooden table and paint it. Pick a design and paint abstract art over the table. Keep a few beanbags around it and you're good to go! If you wish to give it a more welcoming vibe, you can always incorporate upholstery chairs that are available in the market and set it up in one corner of the balcony.

  • Block the sun by fixing a fabric canopy over the top.

  • Also, don't forget to put on some ferry lights over the wall.

utlising the blacony areas of your flats in mumbai (6).jpg

#4. For The Creative At Heart… Have An Art Corner

Doesn't matter if you are a master painter or a novice, if you have a huge balcony that has enough space you can always turn it into an art corner.

utlising the blacony areas of your flats in mumbai (3).jpg

How to do it?

  • Since it is going to be an art corner, you need to make the space all vibrant and colourful just so that you feel like an artist even if you aren't one!

  • So, to begin with, get quirky and paint the walls of your balcony with bright shades of greens, pinks and blues. You can also add graffiti on the walls, if you are a fan of it.

  • Once you're done with painting the walls, get a canvas and fix it on an easel there. Set up the easel at a place in the balcony from where you will have a scenic, unobstructed view.

utlising the blacony areas of your flats in mumbai (13).jpg

#5. Like To Throw A Party? Have Your Own Mini Bar

Having a home bar is a dream of many. If you don't tend to have enough space for a mini bar in the house, you can always make use of the balcony. After all, there is nothing better than unwinding yourself with a glass of wine, overlooking the cityscape.


Quick Steps

  • You do not necessarily have to convert the entire balcony into one! Instead of using up the entire space, fix a railing bar cabinet in one corner of your balcony. All you gotta do it stock it up with some chilled beer and your favourite wine. The pull- out door will automatically make space for more drinks once opened.

  • To get a pub- like atmosphere, tuck in some long bar stools and fix soft lights. So, the next time you have friends come over, all you gotta do is, play good music and make the most of the mini bar!


Balcony offers a space that is totally different from the otherwise monotonous indoors. You can experiment with the interiors of a balcony without having the fear of going overboard with it. We hope these fun, creative ideas come in handy when you create a wonderful space for yourself.

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