Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Show Me The Secret For An Awesome Home!

Head to ‘The Hall of Mirrors’ at Versailles. Or closer home, to Amer Fort’s Sheesh Mahal. Mirrors have accentuated the interiors for eons. Yet, somehow, despite how regal they can make a space look, they aren’t used as much in modern homes. Mirrors are no longer looked upon for their aesthetic value; they are visualised as mere practical tools.

Well… it’s time to bring them back from the dead and utilise the incredible decorative value they offer!

How To Use Mirrors Effectively In Different Parts Of Your Home…

Everything you know about mirrors, pack it in a box (albeit, an eco-friendly one) and throw it out. With a clean slate, we walk through the looking-glass, to a world that is topsy-turvy. A place where mirrors are radical interior design paraphernalia put to work, to up the style quotient of your abode.

Cladding on furniture? Finishing material on walls? Windows that don’t open? Mirrors have the versatility to take on any role and transform a room in an instant. Using our vast inventory of oeuvre, we’ve listed out ideas you can incorporate in all parts of your abode!

Mirrors Home Interiors (1).jpg

1. The Hallway

Dead space. That’s the gist of hallways. But we recognize them as opportunities of hanging mirror vignettes. A group or multiple pieces of mirrors placed in a hall distracts the eye. What was, essentially, a tunnel of darkness suddenly opens up to be breathable simplicity. The area expands, visually.

Lamentably, every hearth has one more dead space besides hallways – the staircase. Mirrors are an incredible technique to fill this void and make the stretch appear expansive.

2. The Living Area

A bargain way to creating illusionary space, everybody knows this about mirrors. What few ponder is that they are also uncluttered complements to decor. So, for the living room, adorn an antique mirror bang opposite the balcony or window and let it reflect the stunning view times ten.

The den is also a common space which makes it a trying piece of real estate to decorate. Most of us just incorporate a dark, accent wall to it and call it a day. While the wall certainly highlights the area, it can leave the room feeling cold and claustrophobic. Nailing a hodgepodge of mirrors on the wall will echo the light sections and fashion soothing brightness.

Mirrors Home Interiors (2).jpg

3. The Kitchen

If optical enlargement and beautification are two sides of multifaceted mirrors, then the third is being a practical helper. Ditch tiles as backsplash materials and use mirrors for a bucolic effect. They will not only expand the vision in a cosy kitchen, but make cooking up a storm an enjoyable experience!

Visual clutter (think doors, cupboards, cabinets, drawers), is an appalling quality all kitchens tend to have. Mirrors are the wands that can “disapparate” it. Knock in a repurposed old door covered with a mirror. Paint it a shade that balances the kitchen décor and to make it functional, add in one or two vintage hooks for aprons and pots. Et Voila, you have a vision enhancer!

Mirrors Home Interiors (3).jpg

4. The Bedroom

So, how do you decorate the most private room of a dwelling with them? Individuality and originality are the two caveats to using mirrors in a bedroom. Either hang atypical outlined mirrors or add full-length glasses that sit on the floor. Both are beautifully astonishing ideas that put emphasis to an otherwise blank part of the room.

Mirrors Home Interiors (4).jpg

5. The Foyer

Searching for a sophisticated guise for the foyer? Place a console near the door and lean a stately mirror against the wall on it.  To give a hovering impression, use a picture wire and nail to fasten the mirror. That’s it! The masterstroke of the trick is - it is a welcome sight for guests who can check themselves one-last-time before entering the home proper.

6. The Dining Room

Mirrored panels hiding cabinets that store daily tableware are the perfect bold statements to enhance a dining room. Augment the decor with a blush pink hue to the walls and the nest will sparkle with a rosy glow.

Mirrors Home Interiors (5).jpg

7. The Dressing Room

Windows are a luxury that only minuscule sections of a home can afford. Creating a mirrored ceiling in a dressing room builds the deception of a skylight and brightens the place by a magnitude.

8. The Bathroom

For the master bath, flank the bathtub, on either or one side (the choice is yours), with Moroccan or ornate mirrors. For the guest bath, keep it minimalistic with French mirrors to enliven the interiors or go the vintage way with mirrors retrofitted with antique scones.

9. The Patio

Mirrors will bounce light, harmlessly, ad nauseam but one can appropriate silvered glass for more dramatic conclusions. Woeing and agonising of having a patio where you can barely shuffle? Consider hanging a larger mirror with lattice inlay to the yard to achieve two worthy objectives – curious pictorial appeal and increased dimensions.

Aren’t these ideas incredibly refreshing? Use mirrors to break the monontony of run-of-the-mill interior design solutions, and watch your abode transform into a classy, bright space!

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