Your Guide To Perfectly Using Glass For Breathtaking Interiors!

There are a lot of things people who live in houses of glass need to know… And it’s not just about not throwing stones!

Using glass in your home interiors adds a touch of glamour to your home! And there are many different types of glass that can be used for different purposes and different effects.

The fact that glass can be quite fragile is no longer a problem as it can be toughened for use in any part of the house, from walls to floors and furniture, too.

Glass is transparent which lets through light, giving us the feeling that space is empty and makes it look more spacious. It is the optimal solution for a room that receives too little light.

Let’s dive into the world of glass and how it can be used as a part of stunning interiors!

Guide To Using Glass For Breathtaking Interiors!

Here are some amazing ways you can incorporate glass into your home interiors!

1. Glass-Top Dining Table:

Glass Top Table.jpg

To emphasize and showcase a dining table with an interesting base, choose a transparent glass top. Not only will it make the base stand out but it will also make a dining or breakfast corner look a lot more airy.

2. Glass Furniture:

Mirrored Furniture.jpg

Tables and mirrors are some of the glass furnishings that we use every day. Other than dining tables, glass table tops in home offices give a sophisticated and executive styling to your interiors.

Pair glass with wood, leather and metals for an urban look and bring the materials together beautifully in your furniture.

You can also use mirrored furniture to add to the illusion of space in your home!

3. Glass For Your Walls:

Glass Walls.jpg

Installing glass walls in areas in your home has no restrictions. You can have glass walls in any room of your house.

A bathroom can have a layered glass wall; your living room can have a glass wall partition, a bedroom partition and so on.

4. Glass Windows:

Glass Windows.jpg

The very purpose of having windows in different parts of the house is to serve proper air ventilation and have ample natural light.

Glass windows do just that by making the space feel airy and light. It lends a very elegant feel to the room and looks chic.

You can also use stained glass windows to lend a classy touch to your home!

5. Glass Ceilings:

Glass ceilings.jpg

Glass ceilings are in trend and are seen in many homes. Enclosed entertainment areas and bars on terraces and balconies look extremely inviting with glass ceilings.

The effect that a glass ceiling can have in a space is truly beautiful and alluring.

6. Glass Flooring:

Glass Flooring.jpg

This is seen in many modern designs. Sometimes, a portion of the flooring is done using glass with a border all around it in another material.

You can use matte glass for flooring, so you do not slip and fall.

7. Glass Lamps:

Glass Lamps.jpg

You can choose from hundreds of different glass lamps in different shapes, sizes and colours for your living area, bedroom, bathroom etc.

You can use lampshades as well as beautiful crystal and glass chandeliers to enhance your interiors.

8. Glass In Bathrooms:

Glass In Bathrooms.jpg

Glass is used to create cabinets, shelves and many modern sinks in trendy designs.

You can use glass partitions for shower areas, as well as all-glass shower cubicles, to evoke an openness and spaciousness in bathroom design.

9. Glass Railings:

If your home is blessed with a spacious balcony or a terrific terrace, use this to the maximum by installing glass railings for an unobstructed view of the surroundings.

Whether you are on the first floor or the 15th floor, the design of a glass railing fits perfectly giving your home a pleasant look and amazing feel.

Remember This When You Use Glass For Your Home Interiors!

  • Use toughened glass, wherever possible, as safety is a key factor when it comes to home décor.

  • Do not keep very heavy things on glass furniture.

  • Keep glass lamps and artefacts out of reach of children and pets.

  • While buying a glass item, ensure it does not have scratches.

  • Use glass in areas where it is accessible to clean it and use the right cleaning materials.

  • Use table mats, when you place hot food on a glass dining table.

Glass is a very versatile material that can be given different shapes and forms to suit your needs. Use it carefully and wisely to plan breathtaking interiors for your home!

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