Chic & Shiny: 10 'Smooth' Ways To Use Velvet In Your Home!

Want to add a touch of opulence to your home?

Nothing can beat the smooth classiness of velvet. And boy, is it versatile! If you are wondering how to incorporate this gorgeous material into your home, read on…

Awesome Ways To Use Velvet In Your Home!

Here are some ways you can give a ‘smooth’ finish to your home with velvet!

1. Get Comfy With A Snug Velvet Couch!

Many don’t want their couch to be entirely velvet thinking that it would be too difficult to maintain. However, contrary to this common presumption, maintaining velvet is not as tough; a few upkeep measures will do the trick. Regular vacuuming can help keep it fuzz (and fuss) free!

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Think of it as a one-time investment that will never go out of style. Also, when you use a lush dark velvet coloured couch to a pale or minimalist space, it would create a dramatic effect.

2. Ramp Up The Elegance With Velvet Armchairs!

If you don’t want to commit to a large piece of velvet furniture in your home, you can opt for adding smaller elements. Velvet side chairs are the perfect addition to your living room. Create a cozy nook to relax without the feeling of being overbearing.

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Velvet armchairs will add just the right amount of glamour to your home. Use contrasting shades or textures to stand out and add more elegance to the space.

3. Weave Warmth Into Your Bedroom With Velvet!

Velvet makes an ideal fabric for your bedroom. Its soft tactile texture makes it perfect for snuggling up in your bed. Add a warm and cozy feeling to your bed with this plush fabric.

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If you want to keep it simple, just a velvet headboard with a normal bed will also do. Choose from tufted, smooth and colourful textured velvet headboards to add the right amount of drama to your bedroom.

4. Bring Opulence to your Windows With Velvet Curtains!

Without going over the top, you can add a touch of luxury to your space with velvet curtains. That too, when you contrast it with your furniture and wall colour, it lends a superlative appeal that is sure to grab all the attention. A gold or a brass curtain rod on top will add the finishing touch to it!

Opt for bold shades against subtle walls for a vintage look. The traditional red curtain can add a period feel to the room, yet makes for a contemporary look with its simple and classic drapes.

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Another reason to use velvet drapes – it can facilitate sound proofing to a certain extent when accompanied with rugs or carpets.

5. Flirt With Velvet Cushions And Pillows!

Soft velvet cushions or pillows perfectly accentuate your couch and bed, whilst adding a lovely texture to the space.

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What’s more? It is real easy to use it with your existing decor as well. Lend a sumptuous look with couches of regular material by throwing in velvet cushions. Mix and match with colours and get creative.

6. Add Soft Depth With Bench Cushions!

A velvet bench cushion in the entryway or at the foot of your bed provides a soft counterpoint. It’s a subtle way to add a luminous feel to your home decor. You can really play with colours and textures here!

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7. Up The Elegance In Your Dining Room!

How elegant do these bright velvet dining chairs look against the earthy wood dining table? Velvet chairs add more effect to the lacklustre table. They command the attention and also beautifully reflect natural light.

Use Velvet In Your Home (7).jpg

If a velvet dining chair would work for your household and is practical for you, go for it! This luxurious fabric is sure to add a layer of character to the dining space.

8. Quick Comfort – Velvet Ottomans!

Looking for an instant upgrade to any room and a quick comfy seat? Let a classy velvet Ottoman take care of both at the same time. Ottomans are versatile piecees of furniture and when combined with velvet fabric, they will add a chic and cozy appeal.

Use Velvet In Your Home (8).jpg

Velvet Ottomans are the most glamorous and attractive options out there. You can use it in any room in your house.

9. Fleece It Up With Velvet Throw Blankets!

Yes, even blankets come in velvet. It is perfect for the colder months as this rich fabric is said to trap heat, making it ideal for fall and winter months when temperatures drop. It not only feels good but also looks good in your bedroom!

Use Velvet In Your Home (9).jpg

You can also experiment with vivacious prints, tuft textures and more with velvet throw blankets. It is also a good idea to opt for contrasting shades from your bed colour to make it stand out.

10. Impactful Velvet Wall Covering!

Why stick to plain old paint, wall paper, tiles for your walls? You can go bold with velvet wall coverings that will make your home stand out! The only downside to this could be the maintenance bit - you might need to use the vacuum cleaner a tad more often. But hey, the look of your walls will be unlike any other.

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Velvet has a Place in Every Home...

So, what are you waiting for? Make your home look and feel royal with classy velvet!

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