Understanding The Role Of Upholstery In Your Decor

If you are bored of the usual and otherwise monotonous home decor ideas, and don't know how to re-decorate the house again, here’s what you can do. You can always choose to opt for upholstery which will add a unique touch to your furniture. Yes, when it comes to redecorating the house, upholstery is truly capable of giving your home a complete makeover.

Essentially, ‘upholstery’ refers to the softer components of the furniture such as cushion, padding, seats, covers for the mattresses, etc. and can also include the webbing, springs, etc needed to make a particular piece complete.

The fabrics for upholstery come in different materials, designs and colours. Depending upon the colour of your walls and furniture, you can opt for a quirky upholstery fabric or go for plain but bold, dark colours.

When it comes to home decor + makeover, upholstery is also an affordable option in comparison to other items. upholstery fabric or furniture is available at a much lesser price which makes it accessible to anyone and everyone.


How can upholstery transform your space?

If you are looking at redoing the house, without it being a hassle, you can always add upholstery furniture to the space. Since it is affordable and is available in many designs, you have umpteen options to choose from depending on your taste and style. For instance...

In your bedroom

upholstered vintage chair.jpg

By adding a single, vintage upholstered chair in your bedroom, you can change the look of an ordinary looking bedroom to a luxurious one. The colour can be in contrast with the colour of the walls.

You can also make use of some quirky cushions and sheets for the bed to personalise the space.

The dining area

upholstered chair for your dining area.jpg

Having quirky looking upholstery chairs in the dining area will not only lift up the mood and vibe of the space but will also make it look a tad bit dramatic. The legs of the chairs can be painted royal  white. When having guests coming over, these upholstery chairs can work wonders in pictures.

In the living area


The living room is the area where you'd spend most of your time and not to forget, that's the first space your guests see when they enter. From contemporary to retro - you have a variety of options to choose from depending upon the other furniture in the living space. It can also be something as simple as just changing the carpet on the floor or adding an upholstered centre table!

upholstered centre table.jpg

Now, the thing with changing the upholstery of your sofas and chairs is, very likely of lot of the fabric is stitched / woven in to the wooden frame. This means that changing it would be a bit costly as compared to the other changes. However, it is still an expense worth making. Here are some cool looking living room sofas and seating options.


Designing a modern, sophisticated house takes a lot of effort and thinking. You cannot just wake up and decide to go and buy upholstery furniture. It is important to closely curate the furniture and decor that's already there in your house and then choose upholstery that is perfectly defines your personality and at the same time, blends well worth the interiors of the house.

Speaking to an expert in such cases definitely helps you make a better decision.

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