Heard Of These Awesome Trends In Lighting?

Once considered purely functional, lighting has now become an important part of home decor!

Of course, lights still need to be functional! However, modern lights come with innovative features such as the ability to reduce the intensity of colour. They alter the ambience to suit the mood, occasion and the time of the day.

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Here’s How Modern Lighting Is Defined!

  • General lighting - the main source of light for a room or space, and purely functional.

  • Task lighting - meant for specific spaces, like table lamps for desks, lights over dressers, kitchen counters etc.

  • Feature lighting - used to highlight specific areas or features like artwork, decorative elements or indoor gardens.

  • Decorative lighting - purely ornamental and not necessarily for illumination.

What’s Trending In Lighting?

No longer do you need to have the same, standard lighting for all rooms!

You can use a combination of bright, dim and subtle lighting all around the house to make you feel relaxed, energetic or warm and cosy!

Extremely popular are modern shapes with a traditional flavour, lighting fixtures that are jewellery inspired or vintage style lampshades.

Also popular is LED lighting that can be controlled with smartphones and can change colour, reflecting your mood. These are environment-friendly and save energy - so they appeal to the modern, conscientious user!

Just like everything else, lights are becoming multifunctional! Some lamps come with a small shelf which you can use to keep books etc, some with a USB Port for charging your smartphone or tab.

Here are some new, trendy ideas to light up every corner of your home!

1. The Living Room

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Concealed Lighting Sources:

This is the room that creates the first impression! Enhance your room’s ambience with a variety of lighting fixtures to accentuate your displays, artworks and lounging space. For general areas, use concealed lighting sources. Use wall lamps for limited floor space.


Chandeliers have always been popular as they change the ambience of an ordinary looking room and make it royal! A chandelier adds to your room decor, spreading light evenly through your hall! A vintage design or a crystal one can make your space look so much more elegant! They come with dimmer switches too, to change the intensity and brightness!

Cluster Bulbs:

A new trend is hanging cluster bulbs, suspended from the ceiling. Install them in a corner of your living room, and it creates a focal point for your room’s decor. Used mostly in bars and cafes, these bulbs can give your home a rustic feel.

Floor Lamps:

For concentrated light in any part of the room, floor lamps are the best! You can choose from various shapes and sizes to suit your room space - the tripod floor lamp which looks like a classic camera, the Z tripod, the classic conical or the more contemporary shapes.

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Recessed Lighting:

Recessed lighting uses halogen or fluorescent bulbs for illumination. You can choose to light up only that part of the room as is necessary at any point in time. A great idea to save on power bills as well!  You could also use dimmers to change the brightness of the lights, as per your mood or time of the day.


Create an air of sophistication in your living room by using wall-mounted sconces, which come with shades or glass diffusers! Bathe your living room in a soft light with white or yellow LED lights covered with designer sconces for that edgy look!

2. The Bedroom

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Choose dim and warm lighting for the bedroom - extremely bright lighting can ruin a romantic evening or simply leave you sleepless!

String Bulbs:

Edison-style string bulbs provide soft lighting that is relaxing and romantic!

Movable Wall Sconces:

Get a bedside table lamp for reading. You could also choose a wall mounted bedside lamp or a floor lamp. Try movable wall sconces as your bedside lamp - they focus light on what you are reading while leaving free space on your table!

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Pendant Lights:

Pendant lights or chandeliers with dim lights are an excellent option for the bedroom. Consider accent lighting for a wall that might showcase artwork or family pictures!

Task Lights:

Task lighting around your vanity mirror will ease grooming and make-up application!

The newest is the moon-shaped table lamp…the LED changes from soft white to yellow, creating a perfect relaxed ambience!

3. Dining Room

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You can create a focal point in your dining space with a central lighting fixture. You could also use a chandelier or pendant with integral downlight for additional light on the table.

Adjustable Halogen Recessed Fixtures:

You could also add adjustable halogen recessed fixtures over the table and a chandelier for additional light.

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Track Lights:

Use track lighting for highlighting specific areas around the dining table or pendant lights to focus on your ornate table!

Try wall sconces to enhance the dining room design or table lamps placed on a sideboard for ambient lighting!

4. Kitchen

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This is usually the busiest part of the house! Make your kitchen more inviting and relaxing for the person spending time there!

Pendant Lights:

Add pendant or hanging light fittings for busy areas, like the hob or chopping area.  Use higher watt bulbs for these areas!

Pendants are available in all shapes and sizes. Go for vintage style pendants, the utilitarian industrial shape or the modern minimalist style pendants that go easy on ornamentation but maximise lighting!

LED Strips/LED Puck Lights:

Add LED lights below kitchen cabinets to illuminate the countertop and space below to help you focus on your task while adding a warm glow to the kitchen.

Trending now is the adhesive LED strip that can be stuck onto the underside of your cabinets, requiring no drilling or wires at all! You could go for LED puck lights if you need brighter lights for the work area under your cabinets.

Choose fluorescent bulbs or CFL lights for ambient lighting, to give the kitchen a brighter look. These are energy efficient and long lasting too!

5. Bathroom

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If your bathroom faces open spaces, you could install French windows with floor-to-ceiling glass to let in natural light and create that resort-like look!

Bathroom spaces are usually smaller, so a ceiling-mount fixture works well for a bathroom. You could place one right in the centre of the bathroom, or over a particular area that needs task lighting, such as the sink.

Halogen Bulbs:

Halogen bulbs are generally the standard for bathroom lighting, but CFL bulbs are also a great option.


Mount bathroom sconces over the mirror to give shadow-free light for easy grooming.

Recessed Lights:

For the area above the commode, a recessed light would be suitable. Use extra lighting in unexpected areas for both decoration and function. Maybe a small recessed light directed at a beautiful basin or a decorative corner of the bathroom!

Gone are the days when a single bulb or tube light in the centre was used to illuminate your room!  Now you can choose from a variety of designs and energy-saving lighting options. Tweak them according to your personal tastes and preferences, without being too hard on your pocket!

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