7 Space Saving Design Secrets For Small Kitchens In Metros!

When you live in an overcrowded metro, there is nothing more important than making the most of what you have, which isn’t always that much! This applies to the kitchen too.

Now, we can imagine the pain of cooking in a stuffy, cramped up space… So, we decided to compile a few design ideas to ensure that your kitchen is the right combination of beautiful and practical, despite the limited space.

Innovative Design Ideas For A Compact Yet Swanky Kitchen!

A well-designed kitchen is essential to the smooth functioning of daily household activities in a home. However, it can be tricky to accommodate all your kitchen needs into a small space. Not to worry! Getting creative with designs can help you be proud of a wonderful kitchen. Here are some really cool ideas…  

1. Straighten It Out

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A straight kitchen is one that has one single comprehensive counter against a wall. It encompasses a sink as well as a countertop, beneath which there is adequate storage space for various cooking utensils as well as bulky groceries. The wall space above the countertop can be fitted with suitable fixtures for storing plates and smaller grocery items such as beverage containers.

This type of kitchen is best suited for a small family or for an apartment which is shared by friends.

The maximum number of people can benefit from this style since it reduces the scope for stocking up on unnecessary items. The straight kitchen is an ultimate space-saving design for small kitchens since it offers the most facilities in the lowest amount of space possible.

2. Corner Kitchens

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A corner kitchen is one with an L-shaped counter at a place where two major walls of the living space meet. It is usually set up in one corner of the living room or its extension. The fact that this type of kitchen is neatly tucked away in a corner of your home, without occupying too much space makes it more viable.

This type of kitchen comes with more storage space and is, therefore, more accommodative than a straight kitchen.

It is also one of the most efficient designs for small kitchens since it can host a range of kitchen gadgets from mixer-grinders to a convection oven while taking up less space than a traditional kitchen.

This, in turn, will make your cooking time easier and faster, without taking up a chunk of the growingly precious space in your modern, metro home.

3. Colour It Right

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When it comes to the kitchen, colour dominates the design aspect since having ornate structures or artwork in the kitchen is usually impractical. The aesthetics of a space can have a significant impact on the way it is perceived. Having a small kitchen makes it more important to leverage the potential of colours to bring the best out of your cooking space, regardless of the size.

Bright and light colours are the most appropriate for a small kitchen since they boost the illusion of space.

Shades of red and orange are known for their association with a good appetite, making them viable options naturally.

Other bright colours can make your kitchen stand out, especially if you have white or light coloured walls or flooring. Pastel shades can also make your kitchen look bigger while maintaining a soft and comforting feel of the cooking lab at your home.

4. Choose The Right Appliances

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Appliances are an imperative part of any kitchen these days and more so for one in a metro city where time is almost always a scarce resource. However, it can be difficult to comfortably store and operate various appliances, especially when your kitchen is on the smaller side.

A smart solution to this is to opt for a design in which the appliances you need are built-in to a fixed structure, usually above or beneath the countertop. You can also install the minimal number of multi-purpose appliances rather than going for separate ones which take up more space.

5. Storage Matters!

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The storage space under the countertop is usually not fully utilised. By modifying the design, it is possible to harness the full capacity of this by increasing the storage space.

For starters, big hooks can be fitted onto the insides of the doors. This makes a great spot for keeping small jars and bottles.

The shelves can be tailored based on the specific needs of your home so that a lot more can be accommodated in a small space. A creative design idea is to have an extendable cutting board that retracts into your cabinet after it has been used. This makes cleaning much easier. Based on the space and necessity, it is even possible to design and construct a compact pantry that can slide in and out of the wall.

6. Use The Walls

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More often than not, the wall space near the kitchen area is blank. Instead of trying to search and identify appropriate paintings or wall decor which are not so delicate, it may be a good idea to fit some sturdy hooks on the wall and hang up your pots and pans. You can also hang smaller items such as knives, cutlery, ladles, tea strainers etc. This frees up a considerable amount of space in the cabinets.

You can also have shelves fixed on the walls to store jars, containers and such other items.

However, don’t overdo it - too much of anything ruins the look!

7. Lighting

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Lighting is an important aspect in all parts of the house, but more so in the kitchen, because it is a space that involves precise activities that can go majorly wrong if there is a mistake.

Bright lights that are placed as high as possible should be preferred.

You can also consider setting up your kitchen next to full-length glass doors or large windows so that your kitchen can get sufficient natural light and ventilation. Bright lights not only have a utilitarian value but also make your kitchen look bigger. This is very desirable in a small kitchen.

Having a well-lit cabinetry and using indirect lighting also lend an elegant look to the kitchen!

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A kitchen is an important element that distinguishes a home from a house. However, space constraints in fast-paced metros can limit your options. Contact Hipcouch today for expert opinions on how to have a kitchen that’s smart and gorgeous!