Un-Awkward The Living Space: Smart Ways To Decorate A Long And Narrow Living Room

It’s considered the bane of an urban flat-owner’s existence, but interior designers whoop out in joy when they see one. Where claustrophobics feel like the walls are closing in on them, interior designers and home décor enthusiasts don’t ‘go home,’ they ‘go big’ on creativity.

It is, ladies and gentlemen, the long and narrow living room!

Now Now, Shun The Tunnel Vision…

Tunnel, subway, train coach and more recently, the bowling alley is a portion of the pseudonyms for the recurrent nightmare otherwise called the long and narrow living room. Unquestionably, the restraints and restrictions of living in a long and narrow living room can best be described by somebody living day in day out in one, as aside from the apparent ‘feeling’ of claustrophobia, the lesser-realized not-so-obvious downsides are the dearth of creative décor options /visual illusion-led tricks that can turn the place around.

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But the times, they have changed!

Modern-day décor ingenuity has replaced ‘claustrophobia’ with ‘chutzpah’ and ‘limited’ with ‘limitless’ interior decoration tricks. So if you’re living in a long living room and thoroughly bored with the same old same old, take heart buddy, we’ve got some ridiculously easy décor hacks for you to use.

Making The Most Of A Long And Narrow Living Room!

There are specific parameters that you will need to consider when re-designing a longish living room – Number of house occupants & their furniture-related essentials, the entry/exit way and the style theme in the rest of the house for instance. Additionally, you’ll also benefit by giving a long, hard thought to the ‘must-haves’ & the essential ‘purpose’ that you’d like to fulfill in the refurbished place, as that will guide you on the design-path to take.

Now, without further ado, shall we delve into our super smart ways to decorate a long and narrow living room!

1. Divide And Conquer:

Given that the living room is unusually long, it makes sense to partition it up into isolated territories. This way, you make the best of what you’ve got merely by dividing and conquering. Besides, what you wish to isolate and segregate into separate regions can be entirely up to you.

For starters, you can think of two different seating areas – one for more personal conversation/ entertaining and one for casual short-visit guests, or even a workstation and a neatly partitioned library cove.

Or how about combining and dividing a long living room into a TV den and a mini-bar section that have been duly partitioned and discreetly compartmentalized?

Peppering the segregated sections with contrasting shaggy rugs, and lights or even mixing it up by adding splashes of complementary color schemes will not only VISUALLY DIVIDE the spaces but also clearly demarcate the areas you would like to have partitioned.

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2. Make Way For A Walking Pathway:

Wherever there are long passages and limited room for movement, it's vital to make clear, defined pathways for individuals to stroll through. Conceded, room for movement is imperative in any place, yet in a long and narrow living room, it very well may be especially dubious. For, in a long and narrow living room the challenge is in finding the space you’d like to leave aside for a walkway.

Besides, allocating the wrong space for a walkway might also mean house-occupants and pets stumbling over furnishings or criss crossing all over the room just to find their way out - something you definitely don't want!

The rule of thumb for dedicated walkways is to dedicate one side of the room to them, and leave the center area for furniture and related paraphernalia.

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3. Visual Illusions Galore:

Focal points in the room need not always be artistic and crafty; they can be used as a medium of visual trickery too. Think of a curiously large piece of craftsmanship that is placed at the most distant end of the living room space to make it seem nearer than it is. Or even a simple trick like making use of vertical stripes on the walls to distract the eye from the narrowness and deflect it aloft towards the walls.

Smart interior decoration tricks call on recessed roofs, screens, and cabinets that work in combination with warm, dull hues on the furnishings and walls.

4. L-ong Room? Think of an L-Shaped Sofa:

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Why place an L-Shaped sofa when tradition says straight lines are a safer bet in a long room? Simply put, an L-shaped sofa set in the corner, paired more so with a chaise, can genuinely utilize the space in a long room well.

Usability and suitability with an L-shaped sofa emulate yet flip the excess length of the room.

5. Spherical And Elliptical Shaped Objects:

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A standout amongst other approaches to avoid the train coach effect is to utilize furniture, and curios with delicate, spherical or elliptical edges. A round footstool or footrest in the focal point of the seating zone can do wonders for a narrow room. Circular artifacts, curios, and lightings can likewise help.

This is pretty much the long and short of it… It all really boils down to making smart use of space!

Thinking of redoing your long and narrow room? We’ve got just the right solutions! Get in touch with one of our experts!

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