Jazz Up A Small Space With These Smart, Sleek And Stylish Seating Ideas!

‘’You're everything I want, you're beautiful and I can’t live without you, but I really think we need more space in this relationship!"

If you find yourself saying this, not to your partner, but to your home on many an occasion, it’s time you gave yourself some space-therapy.

And guess what, we have just the small-space-therapy tips that’ll treat your tricky household issues in many a healthy way. Read on folks…

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No Space At My Place!

Apart from the fundamental issue of navigational difficulty, decorating a cramped apartment can come with a host of unique issues that can be challenging to manage, especially if children or pets are involved. Not only is there a shortage of legroom but the lack of space can also lead to excessive cluttering – a sticky problem best avoided.

Efficient space management can become a complicated affair and synchronous home décor, a nightmare.

Interior designers and home décor pundits suggest getting the seating arrangement out of the way first, for that allows to efficiently work out the rest of the décor.

Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up a host of snazzy seating-specific hacks and tips that will not only help jazz up a small space but also allow for an organised arrangement where everything is exactly in the place it’s supposed to be!

A Snazzy Small Space Seating Plan That Works!

Here are a few seating ideas to ensure that the size of your space does not quash your design dreams!

1. Less Is More!

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Less is more and in the case of a small apartment, this mantra can hold especially true.

Opt for two cosy, slightly large sized sofas that will be good enough to accommodate the existing house members and a few additional guests (for when the need arises).

Don’t go overboard in trying to purchase too many small chairs or side chairs and fitting them all together in the living room area as this will definitely overcrowd the space. Investing in two sofas, placed on opposite sides,  makes the seating layout appear spaced out and proves to be functional too.

Throw in a rug in the centre and you’ve tied together the sofas and rug as the key centrepiece attractions of the living room.

2. Have A Window, Will Use!

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It’s easy to see why most people skip out this key seating hack - its unconventional, perhaps that’s why. But a window sill has always proven to be a wonderful added seating option when it comes to small spaces.

If you have a window with a sill or better still, a bay window, you’ve got yourself a seating option that will capture your heart on a rainy day or become the reading corner you always dreamt of.

A cushioned sill, with or without an attached cup holder and a small but high bench that is positioned just aside the sill will create two simple, yet extra seating spaces for you.

3. Ctrl + S = Saying Yes To Storage!

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You will need storage. Period. That’s just the way it is, so it makes sense to construct sufficient room for it.

But then there’s the factor of having limited space, you say?! Well, that should not deter you from putting on your thinking cap and getting down to business.

If you want discreet looking furniture, look out for sofas that come with inbuilt repositories. If you’re lucky enough and have a home that comes with a nice, solid window area, think of building a storage area right below. With a cushioned windowsill, you can store your favourite books and reading material for whenever the moment beckons.

Storage benches and ottomans in sleek, sharp lines also add a nice glamorous quotient to a small space.

What’s more, if you place it near the doorway, you get an additional space for storing footwear and related paraphernalia.

4. Informal Floor Seating Layout

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It’s not for everyone but if you can swing it, you’ll love the down-to-earth comfort that it offers. A low-levelled floor seating arrangement that is!

Ideal for a small floor spaced room, floor seating can be set-up in such a way that it makes the room look larger, appear more inviting and gives the visual impression of comfort and cosiness.

Advocated by Japanese and Indian cultures since time immemorial, floor seating also offers a multitude of health benefits that come from sitting on floor pillows.

Ensure that the area is as clutter-free as feasible and as easily navigable as possible. Make it aligned to the wall and you’ve created a compact seating alcove.

Decorate with low-levelled objets d'art and a small centre table that can be moved easily and voila, you’ve created an ideal, out-of-the-box, small spaced floor seating arrangement.

Amazing ideas, aren’t they? You don’t have to complain about ‘not having enough space’ ever again!

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