12 Ways To Incorporate Minimalist Scandinavian Designs Into Your Home!

The Europeans are known for their fine taste in wine, and their unique choice of decor and interior decoration styles. Scandinavian design specially gained importance in the 1950s, for being simplistic, functional, and good to look at too!

Taking cue from several factors such as famously dark and snow-covered long months of the year, with brief intense light-filled summers, which are the characteristics of the Nordic countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, Scandinavian designs have been inspired in some sense by organic forms, materials or natural patterns.

Using limited resources which deliver workable solutions with optimum economy, Scandinavian design provides a strong refuge to survive extreme weather conditions. Aesthetically minimalist, yet functional in every sense, it is a great design style to choose if you are a secret lover of understated charm!

Lets look at some ideas of how you can successfully incorporate Scandinavian design into your homes!

12 Ways To Incorporate Minimalist Scandinavian Design Into Your Home!

Here are some ways to bring home the raw beauty of Scandinavian design…

1. All Things White:

Nothing shouts minimalism better than a house painted entirely white, which is a staple in Scandinavian design. It is beautiful in a way that lets the space feel roomy and airy, a blessing in Mumbai apartments which usually have less area. Having an all white-painted home can make one feel a little dull, but all you have to do is bring in the right accessories and accent colours and see the place come alive. White is simple, yet bold!

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2. Don’t Say No To Colours:

Like mentioned above, Scandinavian design style has a special place for an all-white ambience. But that does not mean that there is a lack of colour in this brilliance of a design! In fact, it is supposed to feel warm and cozy and there is no shying away from adding touches of bright colours. Add pops of colour in your wall décor, furniture or accessories in a way that balances the ratio of base colour which is white and an accent colour, making the whole setup look striking.

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3. Use Natural Lighting:

Since the Nordic countries have dark winters for most months, they fully utilize every amount of natural lighting available. They have large windows which brighten up the space. So if you have large windows, don’t cover them up with thick curtains that block daylight. Instead, opt for sheer curtains or blinds that allows maximum daylight to enter and also provides you enough privacy. Let there be light!  

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4. Focus On Wall Décor:

No home looks complete without some sort of wall decor, something to adorn the walls which tell a beautiful story about the personality of its inhabitants. If you have opted for a white interior along with an accent colour, try to have matching paintings and artwork. For those who prefer to see the world through a black and white lens, go for a wall decorated with graphic images with a black and white swirl! Of course, black and white theme is really attractive, which you can achieve with incorporating a variety of options in wall decor like paintings, posters, wall hangings etc.

Another superb way to embrace Scandinavian style which is also a part of wall decor and looks very chic is to include typography, which Europeans love for obvious reasons. Go and get your favourite quotes framed and hang them on the wall for some classy Scandinavian vibes!

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5. Be Inspired By The Environment:

It is not always possible to have a balcony which overlooks a garden, especially in the crowded metro cities. But if you are someone who enjoys being close to the nature, go Scandinavian and bring greenery indoors. Having greens around you anyway has a calming effect on your nerves, much needed in our hectic lifestyles. You can add natural touches to any part of the house by having small potted plants around. In fact, you can go as far as making the plants as the focal point in your space.

6. Experiment With Mixed Textures:

None of the design styles mix and match textures together as well as Scandinavian design does. Wooden ceiling, braided fabric rug and some fur, throw it all in and you have a lovely Scandinavian living area! Warming textiles like sheepskins, wool throws and soft cotton can all coexist harmoniously in such a home.

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7. The Keyword Is ‘Minimalism’:

You want to stay minimalistic with the décor, yet feel complete in form and function. Keep it simple and clutter-free when you want to aim for the perfect Scandinavian designed home. The only way to do that is to keep things organized. Avoid hiding things or tucking them away behind drawers or in the closet, use baskets and bins to keep it all tidy.

8. Be Wood Wise:

Warm wood tones are also an important element in a Scandinavian home due to its innate simplicity. Sparse décor coupled with the warmth of natural wood lends a welcoming charm to the space. Avoid wall to wall carpets and go for wooden flooring in all the rooms, other than the bathrooms. Leave them as it as in their natural colour, to give the place a rustic look.

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9. A Touch Of Modernity Works Just Fine:

If you are looking for something modern, go for the obvious white as a choice for sticking to the Scandinavian style, but don’t hesitate to introduce pop art to add a contemporary look. Scandinavian designs are anything but boring, and contemporaries are introducing more and more modernism to this old yet evergreen style. You can achieve this look by choosing an accent colour and throwing in colourful cushions, wall art and lampshades in the same colour.

Scandinavian Interior Design (8).jpg

10. Fashion A Fireplace:

Scandinavians rely on natural elements a lot, owing to the cold temperatures there. Clearly, a fireplace will be of no use in the tropical climate of India, but is a must in almost every Scandinavian home. So if you don’t want to miss out on one, you can have one as a welcoming piece of decor. Hang a monochromatic floral painting on the wall just above, which dominates the space and makes the room look inviting.

11. Get The Kitchen Right:

An authentic Scandinavian kitchen will have open shelving, white cabinetry and wooden elements such as wooden countertops. Cutlery is also mostly white in colour, as it creates a perfect flow with the rest of the kitchen. Arrange everything with an intention of creating a perfect semblance with the rest of the house. You can play with other neutral colours such as slate grey as part of cabinets or other hardware appliances.

Scandinavian Interior Design (7).jpg

12. Downsize On Accessories:

A Scandinavian home will be simple and has the very basic purpose because of their minimalistic outlook – to live! Implement storage wisely in the form of cabinets and shelving. Keep accessories to a minimum, have more open spaces and include include colours that relax and soothe, to have a Scandinavian inspired abode. Follow the ‘less is more’ mantra and you will find yourself living in a clean space that looks visually relaxing.

The Scandinavian design style is effortless yet chic and should be your thing, if you adore modern living with a dash of traditional simple designs.

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