Set The Mood: How To Choose The Right Colours For Your Bedroom!

“Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of Dreams” – Paul Gauguin

Have you ever observed that colours act as a psychotherapeutic tool and can affect a person’s mood? When planning to paint your bedroom, the choice of colour will have a significant impact on how one feels. For instance, cool hues are known to reduce anxiety and stress in addition to relaxing the mind.

Though certain colours work out best for a bedroom, one need not be bound by hard and fast rules. However, it is best to keep specific guidelines in mind.

First, decide on whether the room should be light and airy or dark and cozy. Next, identify if you want a calm atmosphere or a glam one. Choose among solid colours vs. patterned colour schemes as certain colours and patterns may make the room look big or small. Once these are clear, now go ahead and experiment with colours be it cool neutrals, pretty pastels or bold and bright hues.

Colours To Set The Mood In The Bedroom!

To help you out we are providing a choice of bedroom colour palettes that will de-stress you and set the mood for that perfect unwinding.

1. Calm Grey:


Grey is a dependable neutral shade. One can swing to any extreme from solid grey to softer tones, and still, the colour can retain its tranquil presence. Grey gives a sense of calm and at the same time a touch of sophistication.

How to Heighten the Mood with Grey:

  • To create an inviting feeling, opt for cloud grey with ecru or light yellowish tan tinge.

  • Pair Slate or graphite grey with white for a stylish bedroom.

  • Platinum, Gainsboro or dim grey can be combined well with bright violets for that cheerful look.

  • If you choose to go with the cooler grey options, then a blue-grey neutral combination will evoke a sense of cool, especially during summers.

  • Faded pinks work well with grey.

Pink and grey are a classic combination for a master bedroom. By selecting the proper undertones and gloss you can create a charming colour combination.

2. Beautiful Blue:


Research states that blue color creates soothing feelings, a sense of pureness and clarity, probably because it reflects the color of the sky and sea. Whatever be the shade of blue from deep navy to a light powder blue, the color is indeed ideal for a place of relaxation like the bedroom. Sky or pale blue shades mimic nature’s beauty and also works well for ceilings when paired with white or medium blue walls.

How to Drive away those Blues with Blue:

  • Midnight blue coupled with pale lilac creates a luxurious bedroom while pale blue is the perfect choice for a relaxed bedroom.

  • For those who want to experiment, dusky blue is also not a bad option.

  • Use a classic combo of blue and green to bring a sense of calmness.

  • If bright colors enhance your mood then take the dive and paint the walls in bright Turquoise and wake up bright and happy each time.

  • Teal tones or ocean blue will help you to accentuate those white or creamy tones in the furniture in addition to bringing a sense of peace and harmony.

  • Powder blue is cool and chic and gets a soft hue when mixed a tan or shadow green color.

A combination of sky blue and green spring walls with a tinge of spring green border on a neutral shade ceiling are a perfect color scheme for modern bedrooms.

3. Ravishing Red


Red occupies an alluring spot in our everyday lives starting from Lipsticks to Wine and Roses. Considered to be the color of romance, an interesting shade of red is sure to reflect more intimacy into the room. There are myriad hues from crimson to earthy red. Red is also a very versatile color and can be paired with many other colors.

How to Set in the Right Mood with Red:

  • Choose the correct shade of red as certain dark tones absorb light while bright shades reflect light.

  • Scarlet red considered to be one of the most romantic shades of the red spectrum and thus makes it a perfect choice for the bedroom. A scarlet red wall behind the headboard paired with bashful beige color walls adds energy to the room.  

  • Crimson and blush red tones also popular in décor and make one feel good.

4. Preppy Pink


A  cousin of Red, the myriad shades of pink from lemonade pink to the more vibrant fuchsia makes this a versatile color for the bedroom.

Picking the Proper Pink to Upbeat the Mood:

  • Go for dusky pink to add glamour to your bedroom

  • Bright tones like fuchsia add energy while a restrained blush or lemonade pink soothes the mood.

  • Plaster pink is a shade appropriate with all seasons and binds well with all décor giving a sense of innocence.

  • Pink complements green and orange as well.

Pink often misunderstood as a girly color actually works well as an accent color.  Pair mild pink and plum or purple combination for getting a sophisticated vintage feel.

5. Omnipotent Orange

Orange is associated with energy, liveliness, brightness and sunshine. However, in a bedroom go in for subtle shades for that perfect relaxation mood.

Building the Mood with Orange

  • A peach or apricot shade orange gives a relaxed feel while a darker shade  offers a sense of coziness.

  • A toned terracotta shade offers a feeling of relaxation.

  • Rather than going in for an all orange, complement it with an existing color scheme. Paint one wall orange while keeping the rest in shades of white.

  • Orange can also be combined with yellows and certain shades of pink or red.

A combination of tangerine and hot pink or a blonde or banana yellow ceiling with light orange walls would create that perfect energetic mood.

6. Yellow Yellow, Jolly Fellow


The broad spectrum of yellow color gives ample flexibility in painting bedrooms and a feel-good factor. Yellow brings in optimism and joyful feeling.

How to achieve the mood with Yellow:

  • A coat of yellow paint will make a bedroom lively and vibrant even in a dull climate.

  • A bumblebee or butter yellow wall will create a cozy atmosphere while muted shades bring in the sense of peace and intimacy.

Yellow and white walls above for that sunny side up feel!

7. Go Green


Green is a visually soothing color, and hence it makes sense to paint the bedroom in this shade. However, choosing the proper shade is essential to get the right mood.

Getting the Mood with Green:

  • Go for lighter shades like pastel green or apple green to bring in the bright and happiest mood.

  • Soft green shades go well with traditional bedrooms.

  • Opt for emerald green to mimic that exotic beach holiday feel.

  • Forest green and earthy brown is a universal nature inspired combo that works well in a well-ventilated bedroom. It gives a sense of liveliness.

It is definitely exciting to experiment with colors like Purple, Mauve, etc. Two-toned neutrals or metallic colors that add sheen are more options one can try.


And finally not to miss the various shades of the simple White that is perfect for any bedroom. White tends to make the bedroom airy and fresh as it bounces light better thereby brightening even the dark corners.

So go ahead pick the right colors for your tranquil retreat and paint your dreams in colors never seen before!

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