Things To Watch Out For When Refurbishing An Old Property!

Given the mounting property prices in Mumbai, having a home of your own is a luxury not many can afford!

Even if your apartment is old! Old homes have their own charm - there are certain architectural elements that you won’t find in newer homes!

However, renovations can pose a bit of a challenge. It’s not just about getting your walls painted, or your flooring changed or adding some new furniture - there may be a lot of hidden costs!

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If you are planning to refurbish an old apartment, you might need to get an estimate of how much the whole project will cost you… and especially, if you have a limited budget!

Let’s take a look at some of the things you will need to consider when opting to refurbish your old apartment.

Refurbishing Your Old Apartment? Here Are Some Things You Need To Heed!

Here are some of the potential factors you’ll need to consider once you start planning to refurbish your old home!

1. Check For Structural Damages

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If you go for a complete renovation, it would be ideal to test your home for structural damages. Some of the ways to do this are:

  • Cracks and bulges on the walls.

  • Doors and windows that bind can indicate structural movement.

  • Tapered cracks running diagonally from the corner of windows or doors.

  • Cracked render or plaster around the top of a window.

  • Sloping floors could indicate structural problems.

There could be hidden costs here! Inspecting them upfront will help prepare a realistic budget.

2. Replace Plumbing And Electrical Work

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You will need to upgrade your plumbing using the latest material like PVC or copper.

Additionally, replacing old electrical wiring is essential - it can prove to be a safety hazard!

Depending on your needs and the appliances you own, you will need to upgrade your wiring, and replace the electric panel, to support them.

3. Changes In Layouts

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You might want to change the layout of the apartment, to modernise it a bit. It’s ideal to get an estimate of the costs involved.

This might include tearing down walls, especially if you want an open layout. It is best to take help from an expert to make sure you won’t be harming the load bearing walls, or the beams.

4. Repair Walls And Flooring

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The walls might need to be replastered, and treated for cracks and bulges.

If the house still has flooring from decades ago, you might want to replace it! This can be an expensive affair if the area covered is huge.

However, if you have marble, vinyl or granite flooring, it can be re-polished and made to look as good as new.

5. Replace/Repurpose Furniture

Given the weather in Mumbai, it is possible that a lot of the furniture might not be reusable. The ply is prone is to moisture-related damages, as well as the age-old problem of termites.

Do away with damaged furniture, or units that are old-fashioned and don’t fit with the modern sensibilities of interior design. You could also repurpose them!

You might have certain built-in furniture or heavier units like a bed and wardrobes. Try and keep them as is (based on their condition) and remodel them by replacing the doors or handles.

Windows and doors could be repurposed, or simply polished to look as good as new!

If you choose to give your old home a makeover and a whole new look, make sure you take these points into consideration!

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