5 Divine Pooja Room Designs For Small Homes!

It is unlikely not to find an Indian home WITHOUT a designated space for prayer and related activities! In fact, it is strongly believed that having a pooja (prayer) room at home increases our proximity to the Almighty and helps us have better thoughts and a positive disposition.

However, having a separate pooja room in a space-constrained city like Mumbai can be quite a challenge. Not that it’s impossible though! It is possible to design a pooja room that can fit into a small home too.

Before delving into the designs, consider these points:

  • Space available

  • Number of pooja items that you wish to keep

  • Size of the objects

  • Frequency of rituals

  • Personal beliefs about designs and spaces (such as Vastu)

Let’s look at some divine designs for a pooja room in a small home!

5 Divine Ways To Design A Pooja Room In A Small Home!

Here’s how you can get the pooja room you desire, despite the lack of space.

1. Assign A Special Corner…

Pooja Rooms For Small Homes (1).jpg

A common solution to having a pooja in a small home is to choose a corner of the living area which is suitable for the same and arranging your articles there.

This is also a versatile option since once can choose between different looks for the corner.

Pictures or paintings can be hung high on the walls while idols can be placed on small tables. The floor space can be suitably carpeted and lamps or agarbathis can be lighted here. Minor fixtures such as corner shelves can be installed to place curio-sized objects. Having a small designed panel and a few steps to place objects is a classy, contemporary, corner design.

2. Tucked Away Behind Closed Doors…

Pooja Rooms For Small Homes (2).png

The most widely recommended pooja room design is one which is behind closed doors. If there is a nook or a corner that can be sealed off with doors, this is highly recommended.

It is the best possible pooja room design for a home since an enclosed space is more accommodative of items, more compact for performing rituals and most of all, provides an exclusive space for indulging in religious and spiritual activities. People can stand or sit here. It is ideal for meditation since one can be cut-off from distractions. This style of pooja room is the closest to the conventional pooja room.

Sliding doors can act as a space saver.

3. The Holy Wall…

Pooja Rooms For Small Homes (3).jpg

It is not necessary to have a structure in place in order to have a pooja room. In times where space is a constraint, an innovative solution to housing a pooja room is to get creative with the wall space.

The first step is to choose an appropriate portion of a wall, preferably in the living area. Once this is done, it can be painted in a different colour or adorned with a wallpaper to set it apart from the rest of the house.

You can also try to hang pieces of cloth of different colours in a lengthwise manner and keep them in place using simple pins to distinguish one portion of your wall.

The purpose of this is to mark the space for holiness and to exude the aura of a pooja room using colour contrast. You can also use lighting from above or behind to achieve this effect.

Once this is done, you can place a small table or stack up boards and cover them with a cloth to act as a base for your Puja items. You can also purchase small fixtures. Placing a mat or a small carpet in front of the area can complete the look of a pooja room.

4. Miniature Wooden Temple…  


Miniature wooden temples are extremely popular because of one feature that sets them apart from all the other types - mobility. Moving them is just like moving another small piece of furniture like a desk or a big armchair.

They are usually quite ornate and come in varying designs and sizes. These can be a simple, open temple or can be two-door objects which enclose two to three shelves.

The wall space within can be used to hang pictures while the shelf space can be used to place small idols and pooja items. Wooden temples can be left open during the day or after a ritual and can be closed if the need arises.

They can be placed on a surface, such as a table, or on the floor, depending on their size. They are quite easily available and are a ready-made solution for a design-oriented yet compact space for religious or spiritual purposes.

5. Design It On A Ledge…

Pooja Rooms For Small Homes (5).jpg

If you are really pressed for space, creating a prayer area by setting up your pooja articles on a ledge is a viable solution. Instead of having a display of curios or decorative items, you can arrange pictures or small idols in this space.

This is a very minimalistic design and is therefore not suited for large displays.

One also has to be careful about the placement of objects since ledges inside homes are usually quite narrow. If there are children in the home, it is strongly advised to choose objects such that they do not fall off, and even if they do, are not breakable.

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