How To Pick The Right Flooring For Your Interiors? 5 Things To Keep In Mind!

When it comes to thinking about interiors, there is one thing that is generally taken for granted - The flooring. Most of us just opt for marble flooring, tiles or wooden flooring but don't pay much attention to it. The main focus is usually the walls, furniture, decor etc. However, what if we tell you that there’s more to flooring than just the fancy tiles, wood or marble?

Read further to know what all needs to be kept in mind while picking the flooring for your home.

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Types of Flooring Explained

Choose Right!

When it comes to flooring, the first and foremost step is to know what the different types of flooring are and what will look good in your home. Although there are a lot of options, we will discuss the ones that are most suitable for Indian homes. There's also a pretty neat visual guide awaiting you at the end.


Everybody loves some shiny tiles! And why shouldn’t they? Tiles look good, are super easy to clean and come in a number of patterns that are aesthetically pleasing. There are a number of textures and colours to choose from as well. Moreover, they are generally among the affordable type of flooring options, even though premium and high-end variants are available as well.

Here are a few commonly found tiles in Indian homes:

  1. Ceramic Tiles

  2. Porcelain Tiles

  3. Vitrified Tiles

  4. Terrazzo Tiles

  5. Cement Tiles

  6. Stone Tiles

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Each type of tile has its own charm and you can always choose your desired pattern or colour from the options given to you.

Marble flooring

Even though this option is expensive when compared to vitrified tiles, it is still chosen by many due to its regal look. As you might have even noticed at times, marble flooring has an inherent pattern of its own. This pattern is because of the way the material occurs in nature. Even though low quality stones are cheap, they are not a very good choice since they tend to become dull in the long run. Marble will never lose its charm and will give your house that royal look you’ve been longing for. Since the material is natural, it is bound to be expensive!

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Granite flooring

Yes, you read that right! Granite is a fantastic material to be used as flooring. People generally associate granite with kitchen countertops, but believe us, Granite makes a great flooring option in India. This is because of the fact that it is much easier to clean and can be easily maintained. It is true that it is expensive when compared with tiles, since this too is a naturally occurring material. However, all that extra cost can be overlooked, given how easy to maintain it is!

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Vinyl Flooring

If you need a flooring option that is not expensive, and is also easy to maintain, you must opt for Vinyl Flooring. The vinyl flooring is akin to a very large carpet which has patterns and textures mimicking those of a wooden or marble floor. This type of flooring is best suited for those who have a limited budget, but still want a good looking floor. However, one thing that needs to be kept in mind while using this type of flooring is that this material is prone to scratches caused by sharp or heavy furniture. Hence, ensure that the furniture doesn’t move a lot and you should be just fine.

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Also, remember that since it is easier to scrape, this type of flooring isn’t suited for the area of the house which remains busy throughout the day. For example, this might not be a good choice for the lobby area which is constantly in use. However, you can use this flooring in areas such as the study or drawing room which you only enter occasionally.

Hardwood flooring

This flooring option is high–maintenance as well as expensive. However, it is extremely pleasing when it comes to the aesthetic value. If you are looking for something that is visually appealing, different, not very glossy, then this is just the thing for you! But do remember that wood tends to swell up in humid conditions. So use this flooring in dry areas.

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Bamboo flooring

It is easier to maintain compared to hardwood flooring, owing mainly to the water-resistant nature of bamboo. It is also less expensive than hardwood flooring. Like any wooden flooring, bamboo floors also tend to expand in humid conditions, so use it only in dry areas.

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Concrete flooring

Often opted for as a combination with vinyl flooring, the base is usually leveled with concrete while vinyl is used for embellishment. At times coloured and textured concrete flooring are also used in Indian homes.

There is one thing that you must remember though - concrete is a strong flooring option, but even that tends to crack over time. Hence, you must use this option wisely.

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Things to Remember before you choose a flooring type for your home :

1. Your Lifestyle :

If you have pets, children or elderly people at home, you might want to cut off those glossy tiles from your list. This is because pets aren’t usually comfortable walking on these tiles and children, well, we all know how much they run around and are capable of slipping and hurting themselves. The same applies to aged people, who could lose their balance on these slippery tiles.

Also, busy areas such as the living room, kitchen etc. must never have tiles as such areas must have durable flooring. Vitrified tiles, vinyl or wooden flooring are good options for these areas. For other places, you can opt for basic tiles with some good carpet/rugs to cover the floor up!

2. Cleaning :

When it comes to India, you know you’ll need to clean your house every day. Hence, vitrified tiles and marbles are favourable options as they are much easier to clean when compared to textured flooring. If you are a person who likes to do stuff yourself, then cleaning textured flooring with vinyl of wooden flooring could be a task, since the textures are prone to dust and grime.

3. Location in your home :

Everyone would want the flooring of the entrance to be awe-inspiring and impeccable. After all, anyone who enters your house will first notice the entrance! Here is when that ‘first impression’ of the house is created. If you are on a limited budget, make sure that you prioritize the entrance space.

Also, if you have kids, then their room should have the kind of flooring that is not slippery and is comfortable to walk on even barefoot. We know how much children hate wearing slippers at home! So, for such requirements, prefer anti-skid tiles which are also excellent for bathrooms and kitchens.

4. Budget :

This is of course one of the most important factors that needs to be kept in mind. You need to choose the type of flooring that fits your budget. It is important to know that flooring is priced per sq. ft. 

Marble flooring is expensive when compared to tiles. Also, having a flat floor laid out with vinyl carpet with a wooden texture is cheaper than actual wooden flooring. Speak to your designer and understand the costs of different tiles, wooden flooring or carpet options. You can mix and match the flooring for different rooms.

5. Most importantly, choose a flooring you can live with for a long time?

And finally we come to the last but most important factor while choosing the type of flooring for your home - durability. Remember that catalogues are temporary, but what you have installed in your home will stay with you for a very long time. Hence, be sure about the kind of flooring you want and do ask the designer about its durability.

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Well, all we can say is changing the flooring time and again isn’t easy, and can cost you a fortune.... so choose wisely! We suggest you get an expert who can take care of it all for you!

And, here's the quick visual guide on the different types of flooring you can pick for your interiors!