10 Reasons Why You Should Opt For Sliding Doors!

Gone are the days when inner doors served only one purpose - to separate spaces.

Let's have a glance at various types of doors that add a pinch of royalty and please your urge to jazz up the living space.

  • Hinged Doors: Is the most common door style. One end of the door is installed on the hinges, while the other swings back and forth.

  • Dutch doors: Are easily recognisable due to their unique style. These doors are divided horizontally and have different panels for top and bottom

  • French doors: This style comprises of 2 doors hinged on both the sides and swing to each other in the centre to form a full door.

  • Pivot doors: These doors rotate on a pivot box, instead of the traditional side hinges.

  • Pocket doors: The in and out moving doors in the area provisioned inside a wall.

  • Sliding doors: Generally known as bypass doors. These doors have to move on the track and slide across space.

  • Roller doors: Also known as sectional overhead doors. These doors are generally utilised for garages or storages.

  • Bifold doors: These are a set of doors hinged together and fold into each other.

Among these many options, one increasingly popular, extremely stylish, space saving option for your home is the sliding door.

What Makes Sliding Doors More Attractive Than The Rest?

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Sliding doors not only bring the modern touch to your house but also present you with wonderful features and advantages that will make this style your first preference. Let's learn what sliding doors have to offer:

1. Operation Made Simple!

Doors serve a primary function of allowing fresh air through the home. Sliding doors are known for their easy operation. Usually, one side slides on the roller while other remain immobilised. It does not ask for much of your energy for opening or closing. It can be done with the push of a hand. They work great for hard-to-reach places.

2. Provides Energy Efficiency!

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Sliding doors close firmly. Thanks to its zero complexity build, it blocks air infiltration from outside. The multi-chambered sections come with unique double seal mechanisms that perfectly insulate your home against heat. It also results in up to 30% savings on electricity bills due to its insulation capability.

Owing to this unique characteristic, your home stays completely warm in winter and cooler in summer. Composite gaskets on sliding doors can even ensure the doors offer optimal thermal insulation that can keep out dust and rain. If the door is designed outside of the unit, it ensures better sealing, and better energy efficiency too.

3. Clear View!

Since sliding doors conceal the entrance to the patio, they are naturally huge in size. This build makes them provide supreme views and allows to soak up the natural beauty. Sliding doors allow sunlight to penetrate inside the house making it bright and beautiful with continuous ventilation.

4. Low On Maintenance!

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Sliding doors have fewer moving parts making it ideal for low maintenance. Correct installation ensures the sliders work for quite a few years without giving any trouble. They will not rot, warp or corrode. Cleaning is no big of a deal when it comes to sliding doors.

5. It’s Practical And Secure!

The sliding doors and windows come fitted with multi-point high-security locks that are screwed into the steel core of the frames. Introduction of shatterproof glass ensures added security. The new sliding doors now incorporate gaskets and aluminium seals that are high performance. They also come inclusive of locking mechanism design to prevent the sliding leaves from being lifted out from the frame.

6. Space Saviour!

Sliding doors operate without hinges and glides on a track instead of swinging wide open. No extra space is wasted owing to the traditional door arc.

7. Maximum Visibility With Indoor - Outdoor Flow:

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Sliding doors offer better visibility than other doors allowing you to explore the backyard view or check onto the front porch from within the house. The added visibility meaning, one can easily assess all outside. Sliding doors bring outdoors inside, in turn, delivers a beautiful flow of all the spaces.

8. Importance Of A Screen!

Adding a screen to the sliding door serves many purposes. These days screens are installed on them by default. These doors can be added to the kitchen or patio so that light is allowed with the outside breeze while restricting the insects from coming inside. The air flow can keep the home cool naturally. They also allow the heat to dissipate.

9. It’s Versatile!

The most important thing about sliding doors is that they are extremely versatile. They can be used almost anywhere in the house. You can use them as closet doors, bathroom doors or even your front door or a backyard gate. It has an extended purpose in bedrooms, sunrooms, banquet rooms and other such places.

They can be used to create partitions, to separate storage, to separate the dining area from the kitchen, in the study to create a library section. They make the interiors look modern and stylish. Apparently, they can handle a lot of traffic because of which they are even used at airports.

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10. Offers Variety!

There is a countless number of styles, colours and concepts available in sliding doors. So much so that every desiring homeowner would be able to find a different sliding door. They are available in all the sizes you wish for. This factor enables you to have a sliding door anywhere you want.

This multipurpose, modern-day styled door type is gathering popularity everywhere. They are attractive and eye catchy with not only the exclusive set of benefits that make your house shine but also allow the interiors to become more space-efficient and architecturally pleasing.

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