6 'Ombre'licious Ways To Use 'This' New Trend In Your Home!

If the same old home décor has got you stifling a yawn of gargantuan dimensions, we’ve got three words for you — Ombrer in French, Ombrare in Italian, and Ombre in English. Three different languages yet one common trend — universally loved.

It started on runways with models wearing clothes that had gradual shading. Today, the transition of hues from dark to light is used to bring pop and colour to interior decoration. More an art than a technique, degradation enamours any room.

How to Use Ombre?

As long as you stick to the precise meaning of the term, i.e. to shade, it’s easy for exciting patterns and designs to emerge. From furniture to accessories, we take a look at six different methods to transform the interior of any residence with ombre.

How To Imbue Ombre In Your Home Interiors!

Here’s how you can get ‘ombre’licious interiors for your home!

1. The (Very Obvious) Walls:


When you enter a new home or apartment, the eye first lands on a wall, automatically. It is the reason why ombre on the walls is so eye-catching! If you are picturing a small pocket of wonder in ombre, then DIY is possible. But for a humongous wall that dominates a room, a careful and masterful transition from one shade to the other is required. The best way to implement it is to hire an expert who has relevant experience.

The good news:

Select any room. And we mean absolutely any. The very beauty of ombre lies in the fact that the final outcome looks like an art-form everywhere.

The effort:

You can’t pick a shade in a cavalier fashion. The correct colour and the precise tones of it are mandatory to bring an arresting intrigue to the wall.

2. Artsy Tie-Dye Curtains:


Most often, ombre in fabrics is a play on tie-dye. It means finding the right material that suits the tonality of your home. Without too much effort on your part, curtains in gradient colours offer a Bohemian and chic feel to décor.

The good news:

Light draperies made of cotton, linen, organza or silk are perfect accompaniments to windows, and they make for striking ombre canvases. Look for drapes that have watercolour brushstrokes to create a vision of jouissance.

The effort:

A good rule of thumb when applying ombre curtains to a cozy room is to keep the darkest shade at the bottom. It gives a perception of taller ceilings and broader rooms.

3. The Imperfect Stairs:


Shade painting the walls is visually appealing, but it doesn’t leave the wallet unscathed. So how do you find an alternative that offers a similar effect but doesn’t punch a hole through the pocket? If you have a duplex, the answer lies in shading the stairway.

The good news:

As long as the final result is gradual toning of the same colour, there is no singular correct way to doing ombre. In simpler words, let your imagination flow. Paint the risers, handrail or balusters of the stairway in gradually lighter hues.

The effort:

Staircase risers are only visible from a certain angle in the room. So, if you wish to dress up the entire area for a sophisticated impression, pick one of the other ideas.

4. Elegant Bedding:


It is a folly of human nature to be fickle. What we love and adore today, gets tedious the day after. While painting walls every few days is not feasible, bedspreads that use picturesque strokes to fashion shading can be easily switched out.

The good news:

You get to deck up the home in a novel style using a trendy accessory. With the right bedding, a harmonious effect can be produced that seamlessly complements the overall design of the place.

The effort:

Searching for superior quality linen with the exact shade transition you desire is a hard task. The market is chock-full of ombre fabrics, but finding a suitable one is akin to looking for a needle in a haystack.

5. Expressive, Bold Furniture


Bold, subtle, dramatic or understated — ombre has taken the world of design by storm. Using furniture to bring the ombre element to a house is one of the more expressive strategies.

The good news:

The tools of the trade are just 3 — a paintbrush, a can of white paint and a can of the colour you love. Mix in an appropriate ratio to concoct varying shades and get to painting.

The effort:

It's only possible to employ it in furniture that has frame structures like cabinets with drawers or doors.

6. Break Out the Accessories:


The last ingenious way of bringing ombre to your homestead is to use small, inconsequential accessories like pillows, blankets, floor rugs or even spoons. Whatever takes your fancy, pick an item and start slowly saturating it with colour.

There is no boundary or limit to administer ombre in a dwelling. It is utterly contingent on your tastes and wishes. Be loud and theatrical with an ombre wall hanging in daring hues or be minimalist with greige-toned cushions.

If you are planning to get your home done up by an expert, get in touch with Hipcouch!

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