Is Your Home Not Getting Natural Light? Here Are Some 'Let There Be Light!' Secrets!

Lighting is often the last thing most homeowners pay attention to, but usually ends up making the biggest difference!

And while we might spend a fortune on chandeliers, pendant lights, lamps and other sources of artificial light… The fact is that there’s nothing better than natural, uninterrupted light! The question is - how do you manage this?

We have an easy-to-do list to make it possible for you to have a naturally well-lit home!

Some ‘Let There Be Light’ Secrets To Have A Naturally Bright Home!

Here’s how you can ensure that your home is always well-lit… naturally!

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1. Use Lighter Colours!

While you might want to experiment with dark shades, light pastel shades or shades of white and cream are ideal for a bright home. These shades give a feeling of space and add to the shine, as they bounce natural light around.

It would be a good idea to pick a glossy finish versus a matt, as reflective surfaces throw off more light.

2. Keep The Décor Light Too!

Lighter décor makes for pleasant interiors and also helps in brightening your house. Darker shades overpower a room and make it look smaller than it is. Not to mention the feeling of claustrophobia they sometimes induce!

Neutral décor such as porcelain and glass make for some really good choices!

Choose your carpets and rugs carefully to blend in with the general colour scheme. Ensure they do not clash too much in colour and stick to basic pastel shades.

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3. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall!

A clever use of mirrors on walls helps spread sunlight all across a room. Natural light follows a linear path. But, a clever placement of mirrors helps bend the light so that an entire house can be sunlit.

You can use this technique even for relatively darker corners of your house. Look for them, place mirrors strategically in the path and see the corners shine!

Keep one more thing in mind. Place more of these mirrors in the East and West directions, as they get more sunlight than other directions.

The sense of largesse that the mirrors give to any space is incomparable. On the lighter side, you can see how you look from any part of the house! How easy to get ready for a do!!

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4. Curtained Glory!

Make sure you keep your curtains and drapes translucent. They allow light to seep in more readily and also give a feeling of space. Also, It is an aesthetic sight to see curtains moving with the breeze!

You can also use blinds. These drapes and blinds will filter the harsh sunlight and give a natural soft hue to your house. Works wonders in all weathers!

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5. Add A Bit Of Shine!

Shining surfaces, polished metals, bright chandeliers, lamps, clocks, photo frames, all of these and more, add to the brightness and light.

Reflective surfaces bounce off light better and are the things to look for when you want a naturally lit and bright home.

6. Windows Make All The Difference!

Large windows with light shade borders do wonders for letting light into your house. But they impose a condition. You have to keep them clean! Once or twice a month clean your windows from the inside and then see the light filtering through them.

Large, clean windows with drapes of light fabric and shades, will allow maximum sunlight into your house.

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7. Glass All the Way!

Instead of opaque doors, try fixing as many glass doors and partitions as possible. They allow light, give a feeling of more space between rooms, and add to the length and breadth of the house by this simple physics. Ensure you use strong unbreakable glass.

Frost the glass if need be. You can ensure privacy as well as light. Quite a winner idea!

Make strategic use of glass doors and windows in the rooms, in those dark corners and especially in your kitchen and living room.

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Ensuring that your home gets enough natural light, gives you a feeling of being one with nature right in the confines of your comfortable home. And, it is definitely economical on your pocket as well as environment-friendly.

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