Stuck With A Boring, Neutral Kitchen? Here's How You Can Jazz It Up!

Neutral kitchens are popular all over the world for their elegance and effortless beauty. They also serve other functions such as letting in more natural light and also lending a feel of serenity and neatness to the cooking space.

Though there are many benefits, a kitchen with neutral colours can also be boring and dull. Well, with just a few design tweaks and some clever ideas, you can transform your neutral kitchen into an exciting and cheerful space.

Tips To Add A Touch Of Jazz To Your Neutral Kitchen

Here are a few ideas that you can use to jazz up your plain kitchen:

1. Add some colour

Neutral Kitchen (1).jpg

Adding some colour to your white kitchen does not mean repainting the entire space. All you need is a little splash of colour, here and there and you will be able to do away with the dullness. Even mixing neutrals or adding a few shades of grey to your white kitchen can make a difference.

Also, opt for subtle hints of colour like repainting small details. Paint the handle of the cabinets or the handle of the sink faucet.  

Get a couple of bright coloured chairs or repaint the existing one. Colouring cabinets is also a good idea. The current trend is to have cabinets in different colours or eclectic mixing.

There isn’t any rule to follow while adding colours. You can go with the colour that excites you, say your favourite colour. Though you needn’t adhere to the same colour palette as the rest of the house, ensure there is continuity as far as the choice of colours is concerned. A pop of colour can be exciting in whimsical ways.

2. Incorporate fun tiles

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Adding eye-catching tiles, be it on the flooring, walls or backsplash can liven up your kitchen. Go for patterned tiles because they not only add colour but also lend a personality to your kitchen.

3. Bring in some light

Neutral Kitchen (3).jpg

The right type of lighting is crucial for your kitchen because you need good lights to be able to cook at night. At the same time, functional lights needn’t be drab. Get creative and enhance the style of your kitchen with some dazzling lights.

Statement lighting or small fixtures that come in nice designs and shapes can amp up your neutral kitchen several fold.

You can also consider getting coordinating pieces that go with your light. For example, a golden chandelier can be coordinated with stylish bar stools with golden legs.

There is also a plethora of options to choose from such as wooden lighting, pendant lights, wall sconces, rope lighting, chandeliers, or even dimmer lights.

Accent lighting is a useful feature that helps in highlight as well as illuminating focus areas of your kitchen. Wall sconces too are a great choice as they come in different styles and designs.

Such lights are functional as well as enhance the décor of the place. Another advantage of good lights in your kitchen is that they also improve the colour scheme of the place.

4. Use wood for a cosier appeal

Neutral Kitchen (4).jpg

A neutral or white kitchen is classy no doubt, but at the same time, it can also appear to be too formal and uninviting. Your kitchen has to give out a warm vibe and not be too stiff. The best way to achieve it is by incorporating wood in different ways. Even getting small items in wood such as a wooden serving tray, knife, bowls, spoons or a cutting board can lend warmth to your kitchen.

Try the warmer tones of wood because they go well with the neutral shade to lend a cosier look to the place but midtones and brighter tones are also as good. Wooden flooring, wooden doors, chairs, bar stools and cabinets are other ways to include wooden elements into the space.

Wooden elements are also helpful in adding drama to a boring kitchen and providing beautiful colour variations to a neutral kitchen. Wood lends an organic colour as well as a timeless appeal to any kitchen.

5. Bring in some shimmer

Neutral Kitchen (5).jpg

A little bling in a neutral kitchen can elevate the look and feel of the space. Gold or brass can do the job well. Add gold pedants for a touch of glamour to your neutral kitchen. Gold accents in the form of knobs or cabinet pulls can also lend a luxurious look to any dull kitchen.

Brass elements too can help break the plain look of the space. You can incorporate them in kitchen hardware, vent hood or light fixtures to lend an unmistakable style to your kitchen. Brass utensils too will be a good way to add a little shine to a white kitchen.

6. Light up with plants

Neutral Kitchen (6).jpg

Even a slight touch of nature can energise a place. A vase of fresh flowers isn’t just ideal for the living room but it will work its magic in your kitchen as well. You can also place some potted herbs in the window sill which will not only add a lush of green to the neutral space but the herbs will come handy in your cooking as well. Fresh plants also purify the surrounding air, which is another plus.

7. Flaunt the windows

Neutral Kitchen (7).jpg

Why hide your kitchen windows when you can display them in their glorious best? Think of attractive window treatments for a pop of colour or to bring in a cheer to a neutral kitchen. You can also bring in accessories that match the shade for an added appeal.

8. Make your white kitchen your gallery

Not many would think of a kitchen as the right place to display a work of art. You spend a lot of time in your kitchen, and thus it is the ideal place to hang in art forms that you adore. You can also think of creating a gallery wall to lend a personalised style to a white kitchen. Not just artwork, but even funky and colourful kitchen accessories or colourful mugs, bowls and pots in unique designs, decorative glass containers, etc., too can lend a splash of energy to a plain décor.

9. Find a contrast

Neutral Kitchen (8).jpg

What better than black to bring a contrast to a neutral or white kitchen? An added benefit is a kitchen with a classic style. You could induce black contrast in many ways such as a window trim, black and white backsplash or dark-hued wallpaper.

You and your family spend quite a lot of time in your kitchen. Why make it plain and boring when you can ensure warmth, class and delight through simple design ideas? Get creative to give a hue and dazzle to your neutral kitchen.

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