A Nature Lover’s Guide To The Serene Interiors Of A Concrete Jungle!

Can you imagine a world without mountains or rivers? Or birds and animals? The long spiralling trails of trees and all the colourful flowers nature has to offer? No, right? Sadly, most of us hardly get to be in touch with our love for nature thanks to our perennially crammed schedules. Our trysts with nature are restricted to measly weekends or an annual getaway, subject to our abilities to save up for them.

All we have around us are concrete jungles. The only blessing we have is the sanctity of our homes. Why not make the most of it, and bring nature into our abodes?

There are plenty of Interior design ideas that you can incorporate to lend a touch of nature to your homes. Read on to find out!

Here's How You Can Add A Touch Of Nature To Your Interiors!

Here are a few ways you can incorporate elements of nature into your home.... and don't miss the visual guide in the end which you can download and refer to anytime, anywhere!

1. Liven up your Living Room:

Your living room is a place where you spend the maximum amount of time with your friends or family simply relaxing, gossiping or watching a film together. The interiors need to be warm, inviting, and aesthetically appealing.

Depending on your taste, you can choose materials that reflect your personality. A brick wall works wonders against the backdrop of a living room. Paint over it to get a uniform look with the rest of the walls or leave it raw for an accent wall and see your space transform magically!


If you have a good space in your living room, you can work with shades of subtle green for any of the walls. Throw in a stone vase with indoor plants and give your space a beautiful airy feel.

2. Getting the lush Greenery to your Bedroom:

‘Rise and Shine!’

The bedroom is one place in your entire house that should make you want to rise and shine bright! It is probably your space in the truest sense because you can personalise it the way you want. For someone who loves to rise in the lap of nature, here are a few ideas that can be of help.

If you want to keep it simple yet attractive, you can opt for neutral shades like warm beige and grey. Think of bed linen that reflects natural patterns and gives an inviting feel. Keep minimum decoratives to avoid clutter. A standalone painting against the wall with hues of nature does the trick. Add in an indoor plant to complete the look.


Or let nature come to you ! Adorn your walls with wallpapers covered with good old trees all around to give you a feeling of waking up in a jungle, but in the comfort of your cosy bed.

Here is another tasteful design for a bedroom space. Nothing can replace some good old dreamy sunshine. Bank upon freely available natural lighting and make your bedroom come alive. Choose shades of white for all your furnishings and feel inspired with bright hues all around. Aesthetically pleasing and a calm, breezy look, this one is our personal favourite!


3. How to convert your Kitchen into a Mini Garden:

It is said that ‘cooking is love made visible’. The kitchen has to be visually creative and healthy-looking so that it beautifully transcends in our everyday meals.

Experiment with various cuisines each day in your kitchen gaining inspiration from natural lights pouring in from wide framed windows. Line them with fresh miniature plants or flowers kept in colourful little pots. Warm wooden flooring and a table chair set will invite every nature lover to simply spend some time here and enjoy a palette that equally satisfies hunger and soul.


Subtle green walls paired with classy long vases make this kitchen a nature lover’s favourite. The image below is one of the best designs to utilise all that space in the kitchen. Double counters work wonders when you want to display natural elements like fruits, veggies and everyday essentials in a smart way.

4. Ideas to upgrade your Bathroom into a Mini Spa Rendezvous:

The room where you feel relaxed and rejuvenated to face the day must exude calmness and serenity. What better way to introduce nature to your daily routine than in your bathroom! Incorporate 'the woods' into your bathroom and feel relaxed like never before.

If you have the option to play with space, rectangular natural looking bathtubs and washbasins look spectacular. Bathe in the view of nature with door sized transparent glass and finish the look with accessories like a small wooden table to rest on. Notice the minimal bathing essentials displayed neatly adding to the aesthetics.

Nature Lover's Guide To Serene Interiors (3).jpg

5. Spend Your Leisure Time With Nature:

Make sure to reserve a space within your home for a fun outdoor swing. You can just unwind here reading a book or spending a lazy Sunday afternoon. Try putting this up in a place overlooking natural surroundings to treat the nature lover in you.

However, if you are short on big outdoor space, find a cosy corner within your home maybe next to the window overlooking greenery. Fill it with a comfortable swing for one and cuddle up in your zone.


Few Décor Ideas To Brighten Up Spaces In Your Home:

Lastly, adorn the empty spaces with beautiful décor. Remember not to go overboard and keep it clutter free yet classy. The choice of your decor depicts your connection and how deeply you resonate with nature.

Here are a few ideas:

Fill up your home with these beautiful décor ideas to let tranquillity surround you.  Stock up on tiny plants that help transform a dull space into something beautiful. Make sure you feel positive inside with all the work you have put in to make your home a natural abode.

Remember, Home is where the Heart is.

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And, as mentioned here's a quick visual summary of how you can incorporate 'nature' in your interiors...