Your Comprehensive Guide To Multifunctional Furniture For Small Homes!

From studio apartments to dorm rooms and single bedroom apartments, small living spaces should not restrict you from furnishing your home. It’s time to don the creative hat with modern furniture arrangements. The solution to make the best use of limited space is furniture that can serve multiple purposes.

A bedroom that morphs into a home office, coffee tables that transform into a dining table, seating space that doubles up as storage place – multifunctional furniture is picking up momentum. Ultimately, It is not the size of the space that counts, but how you choose to design it!

Instead of filling up every squarefoot of your home with distinct furniture, multifunctional furniture comes to your rescue so that you can avail more utility from your space.

Different Kinds Of Multipurpose Furniture You Can Use In Your Home!

From space-saving solutions to high-utility multifunctional furniture, we have rounded up the best multipurpose furniture pieces that you can try for your home!

1. Workspaces With Loft Beds!

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Think about the biggest furniture pieces that tends to occupy most of the space in your bedroom. Yes, it is your beds and work desks or study table. How about combining both to save plenty of room?

For people who don’t mind climbing a little to get to bed, loft beds along with a cozy desk-sized nook for working or stuying in the lower tier can be the perfect solution. The loft bed will free up room for other essential furniture as well.

2. Space-Saving Futons!

Futons conveniently switch between a sofa and a bed in seconds. Another plus, you can convert it to a quick daybed if you want to comfortably seat more guests. This sofa cum bed solution doubles up as a roomy bed with ease.

Mutlifunctional Furniture (2).jpg

From basic metal frame futons to more stylish options like wooden frame futons, they are the most versatile multifunctional furniture pieces out there.

3. Modular Sofas

If you don’t want a bed, you can also opt for modular sofas that come with extra sections These can then be extended to make room for extra seating arrangement for your guests. Or if you don’t want them tuck it in and turn it into a cozy space.

Mutlifunctional Furniture (3).jpg

4. Lift Top Coffee Table!

Folding furniture is one of the most functional and practical design that exists today. Make use of it when you need it the most or simply tuck it away. One type of fold down table that has caught all the attention is that of the clever lift top coffee table. These tables have lids that raise up to do double duty as worktable or dining area and then lower back to coffee table when not in use.

Mutlifunctional Furniture (4).jpg

Merge all your dining, entertaining, lounging, working and studying needs with one convenient piece of furniture.

5. The Closet Bed!

The gap under the bed can be put to smart use. Why not use it as storage systems for stashing your blankets, quilts, bedding or even clothes. Some beds are equipped with built-in shelves in the sides or exterior and at the same time can have storage drawers, compartments or shelves beneath the mattress. Now, this is what we call maximum use of space, isn’t it?

Mutlifunctional Furniture (6).jpg

This type of multifunctional furniture will help you to eliminate clutter. It will be perfect for kids and teens especially. Let’s face it, they are the ones with the most mess!

6. Ottomans!

When it comes to storage, ottomans are perfect. They can double up for storing various items when not in use. A plush ottoman can be used for extra seating when you need seating space for guests or can also act as a coffee table.

Mutlifunctional Furniture (7).jpg

Keep it in the centre of your living room or at the foot of your bed, an ottoman will blend in with your space with ample functionality.

7. Window Seat!

In a small home, making effective use of every inch is essential. Window seats beside the window of any of your rooms with storage system beneath can help you do just that. After all, wouldn’t you like staring at the horizon from a seat like this? It is the perfect way to pass time!

Mutlifunctional Furniture (8).jpg

In addition, you will not need an extra chair to fill up the space and can make room for storage at the same time. This design is sure to be novel and offer a practical solution to make use of those windows. Make a beautiful window seat in your bedroom or as the dining parlour in your living room.

8. Space Saving Table!

Don’t have enough room for a big dining table! How about a foldable table that can seat your guests and store extra foldable chairs when not in use? A butterfly or a drop leaf table is becoming more commonplace as the idea of a separate dining space is becoming obsolete in a small home.

Mutlifunctional Furniture (5).jpg

You can place these tables within your living room or kitchen. Invest in a good sturdy drop leaf table that can effortlessly become the perfect dining space for groups or within family.

You can find magical ways of decorating your home with these condensed all-in-one multifunctional pieces of furniture. Keep in mind that space is not a constraint when your furniture is designed to work twice as hard.

To design your homes and make the best use of space, get in touch with our team of designers at Hipcouch. Find out how you can make the most of your precious space.

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