Love Metal Furniture? Make Note Of The Pros And Cons Before Taking A Decision!

When it comes to furniture, wood has always been the go-to material. However, homeowners are now willing to experiment with different materials, especially owing to the ‘go green’ trend.

One of the materials that have come into vogue is metal! While it was once considered utilitarian, it is soon gaining popularity for its aesthetic value. If you are keen to join the ‘metal fans’, know the pros and cons before taking the plunge!

Pros And Cons Of Metal Furniture!

Let’s take a look at the ‘Yays!’ and ‘Nays!’ of using metal furniture…


1. Durable:

Metal furniture is made from robust materials which make it long-lasting. Unlike wood, it does not chip away. It does not wear and tear easily and need not be replaced too often. It will stand firm and look great for years to come.

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2. Great For Outdoor Furniture:

Metals can withstand climate changes better than any other material. Thus, they are the best when it comes to your garden or patios. If you are living in an apartment, a metal table and chairs or even a metal shelf can be a practical choice for your balcony. This means, during the monsoons or the summers, you need not bother to get the furniture inside.

3. Stylish:

Today’s metal furniture is not monotonous as it comes in different styles and designs that can be as good-looking as the wooden ones. You can also get combination furniture made from wood and metal, or you can opt for furniture painted in natural colours that may even look like wooden furniture. Thus, no matter what the theme of your décor is, you can get metal furniture that matches.

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4. Safe:

The sturdiness of metals also guards against theft. It is fireproof, and in case of sudden fire breakouts or accidents, your furniture will be unscathed, saving you money and lending relief.

5. Environment-Friendly:

At a time when environmental pollution is posing a huge challenge to our health and life, metal furniture seems to be the right choice. It can be easily recycled and does not involve cutting of trees or using too many chemicals.

6. Low Maintenance:

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There is hardly any other kind of furniture as easy to maintain as metal furniture. All you need is to either wipe it off clean with a piece of cloth or wash using regular soap and water. Rust may be a problem, but that too can be prevented with a fresh coat of paint.

7. Pest-Resistant:

Bed bugs can be an issue in metal furniture as it is in wooden ones but compared to the latter, pest management is easier on metal beds and other furniture. Also, you can even clean the metal furniture with soap after some time to remove all the chemicals whereas with wooden furniture you may have to wait for some days for the chemicals to be worn off.

8. Space-Smart:

Metal Furniture (4).jpg

It does not take much space and can easily fit even in small areas. Metal furniture can be handy for small apartments.

9. Affordable:

Despite being durable and attractive, metal furniture is affordable. It is best for those who do not have a big budget to decorate their homes. Also, since it lasts long, the replacement cycle is also not frequent, which helps save your money.


Metal Furniture (5).jpg

1. Weight:

The main disadvantage of metal furniture is weight. It can be quite heavy, and hence difficult to carry or move it around. If you love to change your furniture placement from time to time, having metal furniture can be a dissuading factor.

2. Absorbs Heat:

If metal furniture is exposed to the sun, it can get quite hot making it impossible for you to use them. Similarly, during winters it can get quite cold to sit on as well. If you are planning to get a suntan on a hot summer afternoon lying on your metal bench in your backyard, don’t, as instead of getting a tan, you may get your skin burned.

Metal Furniture (6).jpg

It is not suitable for all floors: Sometimes, metal furniture could have poor finishing with sharp points at their base. It could scratch the floor or even grate it. You will have to check the furniture before buying.

No matter what kind of furniture you are planning to buy, always look at the pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision. Metal furniture is a great idea provided you can use its strengths to your advantage and can work around its minuses.

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