7 Awesome Ways To Maximise Under-Bed Storage!

These days homes are often space-crunched, and there is always a requirement for extra storage space. Whether it’s your master bedroom, or guest room, or your kids’ room; a bed usually covers most of the space. And thus, we all have used this strategy to dump all the clutter under our beds.

However, it is important to make sure that the clutter doesn’t end up making your bedroom look like a garbage dump!

Here is our list of options to help you maximize under bed storage space.

Use These Options To Make The Best Use Of The Space Under Your Bed!

Let’s look at some of the ways to keep your under-bed storage neat and awesome!

1. Wheeled Boxes:

Wheeled Boxes.jpg

Buy an under-bed wheeled box.

It is easy to roll out and use things when you need them, and the lid provided with it keeps things protected from pets and dust. You may use these wheeled boxes for storage of clothes, books, and other such items that are not required to be used on daily basis.

2. Drawers:


Drawers are best for easy access storage purpose. You may buy wheeled drawers or add casters to the bottoms of old dresser drawers and reuse them. Fill these boxes with pillows and spare blankets in the guest room, or use them to hold your kids’ toys and clothes.

3. Archival Garment Boxes:

Invest in archival garment storage boxes to stock treasured clothing, comprising veils, delicate quilts, or gowns. And, keep your garments under the bed to prevent them from deterioration or any other damage.

4. Storage Bags:

Storage Bags.jpg

Have to store spare blankets, pillows, linens, or holiday decoration items? Then, go for large zippered bags to stock items not to be used frequently.     

5. Photo Storage Cases:

Photographs hold a lot of memories that you want to preserve forever. As photographs are not used frequently, go for an acid-free container to be used as an under-bed storage that is perfect for storing old photos and memorabilia.

6. Shoe Organizer:

Shoe Organizer.jpg

Use your under-bed storage space to store your large shoe collection, and keep your room tidy. You may opt for a simple divided box or wheeled racks.

7. Suitcases:


Try to use your luggage to store valuables beneath the bed. You may use suitcases to store items to be used during trips only or to store blankets, clothing and linen. Add wheels to your old suitcase and make it look a little creative.

So, opt for the best under-bed storage idea, and store your valuables to keep them safe, every season.

Simple and effective, aren’t they?

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