10 Winning Material Combinations For A Stylish Abode!

“A room should never allow the eye to settle at one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.” – Juan Montoyo

Memorable and breathtaking interiors aren’t accomplished with paints and laminates alone. Impressive interiors require designers to integrate various elements such as colour palettes, materials with varying textures and patterns, and décor items that all blend in together to create a stunning visual for a living space. Let’s walk you through some winning material combinations that you can choose from for your home or office space.

10 Material Combinations To Up The Style Quotient Of Your Home!

Here are some awesome material combinations you can use for your abode…

And just in case you are in a rush... there's a quick visual guide at the end, you can refer to.

1. Rustic Beauty: Wood & Brick

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Bricks have been around for the longest time, but ‘exposed’ brick is the trending décor material even today. Homeowners love the look of rustic bricks as they add much character and life to a living area. Blended with wood, the overall look created is simply timeless. Make the best use of this material combination in areas such as libraries, reading rooms and family rooms.

A small area of the larger living space can be covered in ‘exposed’ brick while using woodwork for utility purposes.

2. Close to Nature: Wood & Stone

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This is a favourite combination of homeowners and more so if they’re a bit old-fashioned. Every single time this combination has worked like magic. Both wood and stone give a natural feel to the interiors making it a warm and cosy living space. Ideal for a well-ventilated living room/family room or entertainment room.

Natural looking, rough cut stones give an authentic feel.

3. Clean Look: Metal and Glass

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Another traditional material combination, the fairly simplistic metal, and glass work wonders for spaces which don’t need too much attention but still need to look good nevertheless. This fusion famously used for windows and church architectures can be brought in easily to everyday living spaces. Consider using them in bathrooms and storage areas. They would blend in superbly with the surroundings and still give a great look to your room. This can work well in kitchens and staircases too.

Frosted glass is another trending interior décor material being used extensively these days.

Considering its translucent appearance, the cupboards don’t reveal too much and neither do they hide everything. They are helpful in storing kitchen wares as well as clothing elegantly.

4. Contemporary Elegance: Wood and Marble

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Borrowing again from nature’s bounty, a combination of marble especially in flooring, and wood in the accompanying furniture or panelling is a great combination to showcase. Marble effortlessly provides a glowing royal touch while wood soothes the look to provide a perfect finish. Recommended for hallways, living rooms/family rooms, and kitchen areas.

Marble tiles and wooden planks can be combined to make beautiful flooring designs.

Select the perfect colour tones to blend with the rest of your furniture and colour palettes to create a vibrant living space.

5. Style & Grace: Brick and Steel


If you’re a café or home office wanting to give your visitors an immediate WOW feeling without having to spend big bucks, this combination is a great choice. A brick wall embedded with steel pipes or steel artefacts can add a brilliant industrial touch to the room. This combination works well in kitchens, indoor and outdoor dining areas.

Steel is a great material to use in kitchens given their durability and resistance to heat, water, stains and pretty much everything!

It is also hygienic to use steel countertops, no wonder restaurants all over prefer to use this material in their kitchens.

6. Simply Classy: Steel and Marble

Winning Material Combinations (5).jpg

A clean and classy look can be accomplished easily using the combination of marble and steel. These can be best used in internal staircases making the otherwise cumbersome areas look neat and appealing to the eye, blending well with the overall aesthetics of the décor. Additionally, you could experiment with this combination in other spaces like the kitchen.

7. Explore this: Wood on Wood


You would never think this could be a combination, right? But there’s enough proof to show that different tones and textures of wood combinations can give a great highlight to an otherwise humdrum room. Explore this option for your bedrooms and dining areas.

Wood easily blends with other materials such as fabrics and provides an inviting interior finish.

Show your creative side by picking your favourite fabric colours to go with the wood textures and let your room highlight your personality.

8. Glassy Affair: Granite & Glass

Winning Material Combinations (7).jpg

Granite, a traditional favourite looks tough and brings grandeur to floors and countertops. Glass, on the other hand, is delicate and stylish. The two combined can give your bathroom a much needed upscale.

Glass blocks can be an appealing feature of your bathroom along with granite tiles used for the finishing.

9. Fun Workspace: Tiles & Wood

Winning Material Combinations (8).jpg

The kitchen backsplash is the best way to show off your creativity and to spruce up the kitchen space. The tiles between the kitchen counter-top and wall cabinets should suit the overall theme and colour scheme of the kitchen. Remember, the backsplash will be the focus of your kitchen and should showcase your personality well.

There’s no limit to how you can use the backsplash area.

If you like a monotone look choose similar shades of the wood and backsplash whereas if you want to give the kitchen a funky look, chose bright colours and make your kitchen dazzle.

Go bold!

10. Go Minimalistic: Cinder Blocks & Wood

Winning Material Combinations (9).jpg

If it’s that minimalistic yet rustic look you’ve been looking for, cinder blocks could just be the answer. These blocks look good unpainted and that’s a secret we’ve just shared with you! So, use them along with wood and voila! you’ve created one awesome looking space. Recommended for outdoor play areas, outdoor dining areas, garden décors, porticos and the like.

Cinder blocks can be easily used to design outdoor seating spaces as well as garden areas.

They are very easy to use especially if you are taking up a Do-It-Yourself project!

Every living space in your home or office needs to speak volumes about YOU and that’s why you’re probably spending so much time on finding the right material combinations to achieve that perfect look.

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Visual Guide To The Best Material Design Combinations