Simple Ways To Make Low Ceilings of Your Home…Awesome!

Some people have a passion for heights and can stare at a tall skyscraper for minutes together in awe! When it comes to our homes, high ceilings lend a sense of grandeur on a smaller scale. But what if your ceilings aren’t that high and you are starting to feel caged in?

There are ways with the help of which you can create the perception of height without making your ceilings any higher. In fact, low ceilings can feel awesome too! Let’s find out how!

Ways To Make Low Ceilings of Your Home Awesome!

Here’s how you can ensure that low ceiling don’t become the bane of your home interiors! And just so can refer this guide anytime, anywhere... we've got a cool, handy downloadable visual version of it all!

1. Use Recessed Lighting:

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Recessed lights take up space within the ceiling itself, which will save you the inconvenience of hanging lights or big lamps.

Anything that sticks out from an already low ceiling will make the entire ceiling feel lower and, consequently, the room smaller.

2. Paint It Vertical:

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Anything that draws the eye upward, which is what vertical stripes do inherently, will make a ceiling feel taller and an entire space feel bigger.

The bigger the contrast between the stripes, the more dramatic this effect will be.

3. Raise The Height Of Window Treatments:

Awesome Lower Ceilings (3).jpg

When we see curtains, our eyes automatically equate their size and position with the window itself. By hanging your window treatments just below the ceiling, you draw the eye upward and fool the brain into thinking the window is bigger than it actually is. This is a great way to heighten and brighten.

4. Use Low Furniture:

Awesome Lower Ceilings (4).jpg

Usually, when we choose furniture for our home, we tend to make decisions based on appearance, without considering functionality.

Low furniture is designed for low ceiling houses, because it increases the space between the ceiling and the floor, making the room feel spacious and airy.

5. Use Glass:

Awesome Lower Ceilings (5).jpg

Just like a mirror, glass reflects light and makes the space feel roomy.

Using glass on your walls gives you an illusion of more area and provides natural daylight, which is a boon. Brighter is always better, especially in terms of interior design.

6. Doors And Passageways:

Awesome Lower Ceilings (6).jpg

One of the most effective ways to make your space feel more open and taller is by using full-height doors and taller passageways.

Having lower passageways can give a very boxed feeling. It is always great to take your doors right up to the ceiling.

7. Make It A Feature!

Awesome Lower Ceilings (7).jpg

Think of your low ceiling as a design feature and don’t shy away from panelled or beadboard ceilings.

The pattern draws attention to the area, but in a good way, turning a negative into a positive.

8. Don’t Be Afraid Of Colour:

Awesome Lower Ceilings (8).jpg

It is tempting to go for a bright white paint to create a feeling of space in a room with a low ceiling.

However, it is often a good idea to opt for a dark shade on the walls and the ceiling in order to make the most of your room’s cosy proportions.

9. Highlight The Other Factors:

Awesome Lower Ceilings (9).jpg

To draw the eye away from a low ceiling, highlight another area of the room.

10. Take Storage Full Height:

Awesome Lower Ceilings (10).jpg

When you are working with less vertical space, you need all the storage space you can get.

Consider having open shelving all the way up to the walls. This also takes care of your storage needs for the extra knick-knacks and makes your ceiling feel higher.

11. Use A High-Gloss Finish For The Ceiling:

Awesome Lower Ceilings (11).jpg

The representation of light, as well as things themselves, will heighten and also lighten up the entire area.

You can also choose mirror-type glossiness for the ceiling. The entire area will seem to never end, mirroring the whole room in addition to itself.

12. Use A Matte Finish On The Ceiling:

Awesome Lower Ceilings (12).jpg

Another idea is that a matte finish is best for making a ceiling vanish, concealing imperfections and mistakes of the ceiling while simultaneously putting the focus on the area itself.

13. Hang Picture Frames A Bit Closer To The Ceiling:

Awesome Lower Ceilings (13).jpg

Use vertical framed pictures or paintings. The walls will look taller, so the distance between the ceiling and the floor will also look higher.

14. Highlight The Floor:

Awesome Lower Ceilings (14).jpg

If you want to draw attention away from your low ceiling, bring focus towards the floor with the help of a bold floor rug.

You can avoid the rug altogether and opt for a permanent patterned floor that will hold anyone’s interest.

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