The Exhaustive Resource Of Luxury Interiors For Your Home In Mumbai

When we talk about luxury interiors, it’s always the homes of the rich and famous that come to mind! What exactly is luxury, though? It is hard to pinpoint any one definition of luxury because it is a subjective term. What is ordinary to you might mean luxury to someone else and vice versa.

True luxury is rarely about expensive furniture and accessories, but comfort and elegance. A home that looks rich and feels homely is what you should be aiming for!

Let’s take a look at some of the elements that make up luxury interiors.

Elements Of Luxury Interiors You Should Pay Attention To

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1. Customised design:

Customised designs, furniture, and artistic accessories lend uniqueness and when they are combined with your personal taste, there is nothing more luxurious. Bring out your likes, the things you love and treasure, and flaunt your personality. A luxurious home is one that you feel one with it because it narrates a personal story.

2. The ‘little things’ matter:

Luxury is about enhancing every nook and corner from tiles and lights to even the handles of your wardrobe.  A good design is which gives attention to even minute details so that every element shines.

3. Consistency is key:

An essential part of luxury interiors is a smooth-flowing design with unifying elements. The design may vary only slightly as per the function of each room, and would not look drastically different from each other.

4. Appealing fabrics:

The materials you use in a room contribute much to the look and feel of the space. Rich colours, lavish textures, and mix of patterns can lend an inviting look and character to your living room.

5. Sophistication at every step:

You needn’t clutter your space with expensive elements for a luxury look, but each item that you choose should have a reason and place. Let the elements feel a sense of belonging.  

8 Simple Ways To Create Luxury Interiors In Your Mumbai Home

Luxury design isn’t just for palatial buildings and it also needn’t be too expensive. You can invite luxury into your Mumbai home. Here is how:

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1. Bye to clutter, hello to organization

Cluttered rooms can spoil even the best designs. Ensure that there are no messy corners or heaps of clothes, books or papers in the rooms. In Mumbai or rather any city home where space itself is a luxury, it is a common sight to see piles and messiness. Keep things organized by dedicating a place to every single item in your house. Instead of stuffing your rooms with unnecessary things, keep what is required and discard or donate what you don’t use. Less is more in luxury design.

2. Show off window drapes

Elegant window dressings lend the feel of luxury in design. Choose quality fabrics and rich texture for an instant lift and for transforming the look and feel of the room. Go for textiles such as silk, Ikat and so on but get lighter shades. Try unique styles in curtain rods and railings as well. Customized curtains are more effective than readymade ones.

3. Let there be light

A dingy and darkroom is the antithesis to luxury. Create windows in such a way that they allow maximum natural light. You can also use mirrors to reflect light. A sizable ornate mirror will make a statement and bounce off the existing light in your home. Choose mirrors with unique frames and some shimmer.

4. Choose colours wisely

The right colours are capable of lending opulence to any rooms, big or small.  It is not just the colours but even the quality of paints matter. You can opt for light or dark colours but neutral tones lend sophistication and richness, for example, beige, midnight blue, grey, etc.

5. Use fixtures generously

Attractive fixtures are integral to luxury designs. Feature lights are one of the easiest ways to add opulence to your home. Of course, a chandelier is royalty in every way, provided you can afford it and it suits your room. Soft lights bring in a luxurious ambiance. While aesthetics is preferred, the functionality of lights is also important.

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6. Buy ravishing rugs

If you look at any luxurious design be it of a hotel or a plush villa, you will always find gorgeous rugs an integral part of the décor. A lovely rug adds character to a room and instant opulence.  

7. Don’t opt for ‘plain’ pillows

Throw pillows look lovely and have great functions as well. Go for glamorous throw pillows with unique design and beautiful covers that are eye-catching but at the same time, matches with the colour theme of the room.

8. Add a touch of green

Natural décor elements lend instant luxury feel and look.  Fresh flowers would be nice but if that’s not possible, get indoor plants or succulents.

The above tips can be used to enhance the look of any of your rooms. All you have to note is the function of the room and design accordingly.

Features that lend luxury to your living room

1. Stylish furniture

The first thing one notices when they enter a home is the living room and the first thing they notice in the living room is the furniture. Your living room can look shabby or luxurious depending on the furniture. Even if you have to get an expensive sofa and other furniture, it is worth the investment. Stunning statement furniture not only lends a luxurious look to the room, but they also last longer.

2. Fascinating floors

Lavish-looking flooring is a key factor for luxury interiors. You can choose tiles, real wood or slate flooring and more. Carpets can add to the beauty of the flooring and they are an essential part of any luxurious décor. The only point to take care is that the carpets should always be clean.

3. Attractive colours

For luxurious décor, it is important to choose elegant wall colours for your home. Even if you want to go with your favourite colour, ensure that you opt for the right shades. Luxury is always about understatement and playing down bright colours. If you like green colour, instead of going dark green, opt for the soothing mint green.

 A tip to remember is to keep painting for the last so as to be able to choose colours that match with your theme and elements of the rooms.

4. Additional décor

Items such as an alluring sculpture, an artwork, beautiful textiles, and personalised elements help create the opulent look.

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A luxurious bedroom should be relaxing

A cosy bedroom is a luxury bedroom. Do not clutter the room but incorporate elements that will lend a serene feel. Here are a few ideas:

1. Muted colours

Neutral colour palette creates a soothing vibe in the bedroom, but it does not mean you have to stick with white only. Soft tones of bright colours, when used creatively, can enhance the look of any room. Let the same colour scheme extend to upholstery and drapes as well. These elements, combined together, lend a peaceful atmosphere to your bedroom to offer you the relaxation and rest you need.

2. Statement lighting

Glamorous lighting features are essential for luxury interior design. Yet, for the bedroom, the essential feature about lights is that they should lend a relaxing vibe to the room. A simple tip would be to include a statement lighting such as a chandelier light if possible or any fixture that would stand out. A good idea would be to have lights that you can dim as and when necessary for a cosy ambiance.

Look for glamorous lighting as they can up the luxury factor. Lights or lamp with golden or glass finish lends an opulent feel.

3. Trendy seating

Even if your bedroom isn’t very spacious, try to accommodate a small but cosy seating in the corner near the window. An accent chair, a cosy small lounge sofa or even a bench would be great depending on the available space. Such a corner has functional as well as aesthetic advantage.

4. Neat nightstand

An essential part of a bedroom, the nightstand can be quite messy most of the time. Either keep things hidden in a drawer or arrange them aesthetically. Get a modern lamp or one with some unique design that alone will light up your bedroom. Look for a nightstand with some bling for the luxurious look.

5. Mirror, mirror on the wall

The trend of placing mirrors on the wall above the bed, one each above the nightstands is one of the simplest and best ways to make your bedroom look luxurious. Such placing of mirrors is a global trend these days. Opt for mirrors with innovative shapes or ones with unique frames with a gilded finish.

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6. ‘Piled up’ pillows

Piling up pillows on the bed is a common feature of European bedrooms. You too can utilise the same trick in your bedroom because they give an ultra luxurious look to the room. Get different types of pillows in addition to sleeping pills such as a couple of larger pillows and some throw pillows. The rule here is there should be enough pillows to give a sumptuous look but not so many that they take up more than a quarter of the bed space.

Make your kitchen an opulent space 

1. Glammed up cabinets

Spacious and quality cabinets lend a rich look as well help in keeping the kitchen organised. A well-organised space, that is, one where every little thing has its own place makes a luxurious kitchen. Make sure that the interiors of the cabinets look as gorgeous as the outer side. Include LED lighting to illuminate the interiors.

2. Hidden appliances

No more appliances out in the open. The trend now is of hidden appliances or integrated appliances. Either they are all hidden inside cabinets or they are cleverly integrated with the cabinetry. It lends a sleeker design to the kitchen and provides a seamless look.

3. Multiple materials

Modern kitchen design trend is all about mixing materials. You no longer need to have the shelves, cabinets, tables, and chairs in the kitchen all made from the same material. Use a mixture including steel, wood, different metals and so on. It lends the luxury you are looking for.

4. Little things matter

In luxurious kitchens, the devil is in the details. Tasteful hardware such as innovative knobs, designer pulls, trendy faucets, artistic handles, etc., adds to the luxurious look and feel.

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5. Focus on lighting

Depending upon the space and the utilities in your kitchen choose lighting that will help bring out the beauty of the space, but at the same time ensure they are functional. Look for creative lighting features that are available in different styles. Either opt for a single statement light or go for different small lights.

6. Attractive backsplash

It is no longer just to protect kitchen walls from dirt or oil splash but today backsplash or the area between the kitchen platform and the upper shelves has become the focal point of kitchens thanks to the variety of designs they come in. From different materials such as wood, glass, stone, and metals to stylish designs and patterns, a gorgeous backsplash can lift your kitchen’s look in more ways than one.

7. Clear counters

A luxury kitchen is one with clear counters. When not needed, keep everything in their place including tools and utensils.

Convert your simple bathroom into a royal one

In most of Mumbai homes, bathrooms are small but that should not come in the way of designing it opulently. Here is how:

1. Captivating walls

There are different ways in which you can incorporate luxury design in your bathroom. Walls are where you can try to be the most creative. Tiles are commonly used because of its functionality. They are easier to clean and are available in a variety of designs. Another material that common in luxurious bathrooms is marble walls. You can even opt for water-proof paints or even textured wallpapers if you wish to add more colour to the bathroom walls.

2. The right hardware

Stylish faucets, unique water tub design, trendy shower, posh cabinets or shelves can also add to the luxury factor.

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3. Lighting

As in any other room, stylish lighting can enhance the décor of your bathroom. Accent lighting or a couple of unique lights placed creatively can lend a luxurious effect.

4. Other decorative elements

Ornate mirror, curtains, sculptures or art pieces, etc., can make your bathroom opulent and inviting. Of course, you can decide on what to include and what not depending on the space available.

 Getting luxury interiors need not be an overwhelming task. If you are looking for an expert to help you with designing your abode, get in touch with Hipcouch!

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