Layout Ideas For An Inspiring Startup Office!

There’s more to startup offices than a cool breakout and colourful bean bags!

Choosing the right layout for your office is not just about what’s trending - it needs to be flexible and match your ever-evolving needs!

Not just that - it needs to be suitable for client interactions and to all kinds of working styles!

Let’s look at some interesting layout ideas for your startup office that leaves people feeling inspired!

Choose An Inspiring Layout For Your Startup Office!

Here are some layouts you can consider for your startup office!

Layout #1: Light All Around!

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The importance of natural lighting in an office space is well documented. Taking inspiration from that, you can design your office layout in a way that maximises the penetration of daylight.

Such offices are always flooded with synthetic light and happy workers. To be able to achieve a workplace with natural lighting, consider adding more mirrors and glass walls.

Take down blinds as they are a direct hindrance to daylight. Switch off those light bulbs and tap into the warm glow abundantly available for a productive workforce!

Layout #2: The Library

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A suitable office layout for work that demands uninterrupted focus.

Not all work requires a constant flow of conversations and informal meetings. If your employees need quiet time to work constructively, do not deny them of the same by simply following the trend of open floor plans.

Instead, respect their needs and give them exactly what they need by opting for a layout that easily lets them slip into their work, without the unwanted distractions.

You can think of lots of sheltered cubes, privacy screens plus lots of nooks and crannies for this layout.

Layout #3: Get Motivated!

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Someone rightly said that motivation doesn't last long, that’s why it is recommended daily!

You can bet that a company is on the right path when its office layout gives enough reasons for employees to feel motivated by coming across great words written on office walls! It is one of the pocket-friendly ways to inspire your employees.

Search for a vendor who can help you design this layout. You can use custom wall decals or spray paints to write random quotes that define your office culture.

Layout #4: Recharge Yourself!

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Spending 8 to 10 hours at work, day after day can get tedious for anyone. This layout is perfect for offices where work is demanding and employees have reported feeling stressed.

There are separate places where employees can have some truly quiet time to relax. You can convert any of the areas into a recreation zone dominated by cool pieces of furniture such as bean bags and a soft music playing in the background.

Layout #5: Designed With Pride

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One of the best ways to decide on an office layout is to go back to your company values and what your brand stands for. Take inspiration from there and reinforce the same into your office layout.

You can chart out your journey as a brand since its inception by creating a logo wall. Frame and hang printouts of your mission statement or company values.

In fact, something as simple as painting an accent wall with one of your brand’s colours should do the trick. This layout takes pride in representing your company through your office.

Layout #6: Write And Learn!

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Imagine an office where you do not have to waste a single second in searching for a notepad or sticky notes or your laptop for a brilliant idea that just crossed your mind.

You can just simply turn to one of the walls or your desks and scribble away! An office layout inspired by lots of writing spaces and flexible seating options is a great option for creative startups.

You might want to paint walls with dry erase paint so employees can easily explain their ideas and generate concepts. Lots of whiteboards scattered around for different departments should also be arranged, allowing impromptu presentations to take place.

Layout #7: A Social Office

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An office boasting of a great social culture is a deep reflection of a great work culture too! This type of office layout is perfect for employees who want to co-exist harmoniously.

People want workplace friendships and forming such relationships enhances performance.

In a bid to help your employees get social, arrange desks in a way that people are facing each other, and bring everyone to the same eye level. This will help encourage spontaneous conversations. Have in place certain common areas that feel cosy and there are smooth interactions taking place.

Layout #8: Fit And Fine!

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People are increasingly turning health conscious and your employees have every right to stay healthy too! Help them out by designing a layout that keeps them on their feet and they are able to stay fit.

There have to be lots of small private and open spaces for people to move and stretch.

Clear out a few office corners to make open, crossfit style gym spaces, fill the walls with fitness related posters to encourage people, add privacy screens leaving just the right amount of space for employees to practice few yoga asanas in between breaks.

You can also install standing workstations where people can stand and work, instead of being stationary in their office chairs for hours together.

Layout #9: What The Team Wants!

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How cool would it be if your office layout design is contributed directly by the people who have to work there!

A study published recently that researchers found that employees displayed better attention to detail, information processing and information management when they had input in office design ideas.

This idea is perfect for small knit teams with fewer people. You can ask suggestions through an open dialogue from each employee and give them the liberty to decorate their desks as they want. Convey a spending limit and provide them with few design catalogues to help them decide better.

We hope these ideas will help you decide a suitable layout for your startup’s office layout! Get in touch with an expert who can guide you in picking out one for you! Contact Hipcouch today!

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