Why People Prefer 'Jodi Flats' Over 3/4 BHK Apartments!

It has been observed that given the choice, home buyers prefer ‘jodi flats’ over pre-built 3/4 BHKs. Let’s try to understand why this is so!

Breaking Down The Walls To Understand Jodi Flats

Essentially, jodi flats are two flats on the same floor, that a person purchases and combines. The two individual apartments can be of any size – 1BHK, 2BHK or 3BHK.

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Why Do People Prefer Jodi Flats?

Broadly, there are two motives for potential property buyers to choose two flats and merge them rather than purchase one big 3 or 4 BHK:

  • Purchasing two small units, even when they are in an elite locality, can sometimes turn out to be a cost-effective investment. For example, the money you will make by selling a duplex will be substantially more than what you invested in buying the jodi flats.

  • Ofttimes, no matter how much you search, finding a bigger unit than your current home can be impossible due to budgetary constraints or personal preferences. In such instances, snapping up a flat next to you presents an elegant solution. By quietly knocking down a wall, you end up owning a sizeable abode.

If you find the right location and area, buying two adjacent flats weighs slightly less on the pocket than nabbing a bigger apartment. Yet, the task of merging two side-by-side dwellings is not as easy as it seems.  There are a plethora of factors that need to be accounted for when breaking down walls to join two units.  Here is a look at the advantages and disadvantages of investing in jodi flats.

The Merits

1. A Bigger Kitchen…

Two separate flats mean two kitchens, which suggests that the extra kitchen can be torn down to open up the living room. Alternatively, the kitchen can be expanded to the living area to create a place that has a pantry, an island which seats six comfortably and gigantic cooking section. The opportunities for design are endless.

2. More Master-Bedrooms

If you’ve invested in 2BHK units, then bedrooms can be expanded by combining two rooms into 1, i.e. the 4 bedrooms transform into 2 master bedrooms.

3. Home-Like Design

In case the jodi flats are joined vertically, instead of side by side, then you can add in a traditional staircase. There’s something extraordinary in owning an apartment with stairs in a city that is starved for space. It makes the flat feel like an independent home.

4. Peace Of Mind

The decision of expanding your current flat by linking it with an adjacent one means there is no need to uproot the entire family. You can continue to live in a neighbourhood you love and know.

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5. Tax Savings

While enhanced space and the possibilities of the décor and design are the obvious paybacks of jodi flats, the most significant is the tax benefit. As per the Income-Tax Appellate Tribunal, when a taxpayer invests “in multiple flats that are joined together and used as one single residential unit” they can claim “investment-linked tax benefits.”

One final merit of jodi flats is the double investment in property. If the area is upcoming, the apartments will appreciate in value with time. On selling them, you get twice the profits.

The Demerits

1. Linear Design

If the layout of the two units is not that great, then the final jodi flat ends up with a linear design. Over and above, one unit may seem wholly disconnected to the other, making the entire area lack cohesiveness.

2. Design Constraints

Apartment buildings often put a limit to where bathrooms, kitchen, and entry-ways can be built, which implies when you connect two units, ingenuity is a must. If the design is shoddy, you can end up with a jodi flat that is full of dead spaces.

Bear These In Mind When Purchasing Jodi Flats

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Before you plunge into buying two small (and rather cheaply-priced) units to make a jodi flat, keep these factors in mind:

  • Is it feasible and practical to break the walls to link the two apartments?

  • Since buildings require bathrooms to be stacked one over the other, to prevent leaks and maintain plumbing, check if the jodi flat design you have envisioned aligns with the specified conditions. Most often, an issue will arise if the two units were updated at different times because it means their fixtures and inner workings might be unlike.

  • Permits are needed to merge two adjacent flats, and not all states and localities allow it. Therefore, obtain the perquisite permission from the local municipal authority and the colony’s residents’ welfare association.

Jodi Flats – A Better Way To Making A Home

Are you tired of beginning each weekend with hope in heart to find the perfect three-bedroom apartment? Are you invariably disappointed by either the location or the price tag? Are you saddened by the fact that no new society gives the same amenities as your present one? There can be a surfeit of reasons for the quest of quintessential homes to go unrequited.

When such is the case, jodi flats make for a better and smarter way to build a home-base. The simplest tactic would be to find an empty apartment around your current one, but when that isn’t possible, it is time to broaden the horizon. Look for smaller units that you can link as one.

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Believe us when we say that the best thing anyone can do to ease buying a home is joining 2 abutting flats. The only restriction is to think with a cool head and rope in professional architects who can plan a structurally sound design.

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