Simple Interior Décor Hacks to Make Your Home Diwali Ready

Schools shut for at least a couple of weeks, teens and young working professionals booking tickets to head home, markets and roads filled with colourful lights and vendors selling festive items like earthern lamps, rangolis everywhere and sweet shops flooded by people stocking their favourite sweets, yes, it’s that time of the year again!

Diwali is just around the corner!

Now, as is the tradition, Diwali is a time to clean up every nook and corner of the house to welcome the Gods and some good vibes.

It can be pretty daunting to get our homes all prepped up for the very draining cleanliness drive, but what is pretty easy and convenient is the little touches of décor that can make our homes Diwali ready pretty quickly. Don’t believe us? We will show you how!

Interior Décor Hacks to Make Your Home Diwali Ready

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The entrance of your home is the first thing anybody will notice walking in, so floor them with a grand entrance that gives a very clear message that this home is completely Diwali ready! Welcome your guests with the cheery diyas and colourful flowers decorated beautifully. Alternatively, you can also opt for an elegant piece of décor, such as a movable water fountain or a statue of Buddha, adding small festive elements like rangoli or wall hangings etc. Your guests should feel ready to celebrate as soon as they enter your home, so ensure your main doorway looks inviting and festive.


Light it Up:

Literally summed up as the festival of lights, Diwali is a great excuse to replace your old bulb fittings with some swanky new designer lighting. Want a bit of luxury inside your home? Think of Chandeliers looming over the ceiling and dominating the room with their grandeur. They come in with numerous lights which can illuminate the entire room and beautifully complement the glow from the diyas. You can also go for some lovely recessed lights which lend a warm glow to the space yet look resplendent.

Play with Curtains:

If you are on a budget this Diwali and want to change the look of your home, curtains are your best bet! Curtains have the amazing capability to transform spaces brilliantly, so play with different options and see what suits your décor best. Depending upon the structure and the size of your home, pick single or multiple shades, patterns and different varieties of curtains. Sheer curtains with silk or shimmer fabric will also up the glamour quotient of your home. Use this simple hack to get your home Diwali ready!

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Floral Décor:

It cannot get simpler than this! Flowers have the natural tendency to uplift everyone’s spirits and when its time to have guests over for Diwali, you cannot afford to not include this easy hack as part of Diwali preps. As far as possible opt for fresh flowers instead of the plastic garlands often used by people year after year, as they offer more convenience, but takes away the whole concept of bringing freshness on a festive day. Think of floral decorations in different nooks and corners of the house. Floating candles in a large bowl along with flowers and petals can turn out to be an exotic and low-budget option. Worried about your floor getting dirty with rangoli colours? Fret not as the floral rangoli comes out looking even more beautiful than the traditional rangoli. Also, the fragrance of flowers wafting through the entire house is sure to make your Diwali out of this world.

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Floor Seating:

Apartments in Mumbai can feel little cramped with the scarce space. If you are worried about accommodating all your guests under your roof and getting them seated on your small sofa-set generally meant for two, you may want to opt for a floor seating arrangement. You might have to move the furniture around a bit, just to bring everything in sync and you will be good to house double or even more than the usual number of people. Throw in some cushions with rich silk fabric which will look festive. Floor seating not only feels traditional but also makes your room seem spacious.

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If there is one thing which your guests would love at your Diwali party, it will be the bonding, fun and laughter shared over food! Therefore, its important to not only serve them a delectable fare, but also ensure that it is being served in clean and elegant crockery. Bring out the shiny metal and glassware that you have been saving up for special occasions and arrange them gracefully in the dining area. Stick to a theme and avoid multiple colours, which can seem cluttered. If you have kids visiting, make sure you have unbreakable utensils too as the last thing you want is your crockery set getting spoiled.


Most people repaint their homes during Diwali to usher in the new year. If that is not your calling and you want to refurbish your walls, opt for wallpapers. They come in a huge variety of prints, designs, colours etc to suit your needs. 3D or metallic wallpapers are also a good option and in trend. Choose wisely keeping in mind your furniture, flooring and curtains. Everything should come together and blend in easily for a chic and neat look.

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So what are you waiting for? Get your home Diwali ready with these simple interior décor hacks and celebrate together with your loved ones!