Here's How Labour Costs For Your Interiors Are Calculated And Charged!

Looking to hire an interior designer for your home? It is important to know that the cost of doing up your home includes the interior designer’s fee and the actual cost of the interiors.

But did you also know about the labour charges? Did anyone explain how they are charged?

At Hipcouch we always believe in being transparent, when it comes to helping you understand the costs of your interior designing and furniture. While our calculators help you get an estimate for your interiors; here we are sharing the one aspect which often is overlooked but contributes 40% to the overall costs

Labour Costs!

Let’s look at how labour charges for your furniture are calculated! And, don't forget to download the visual guide at the end, with the detailed breakup of the charges of the various components of your interiors.

Ways In Which Labour Charges Are Calculated!

There are two ways in which labour charges are calculated.

1. Lumpsum

Generally, the labour costs of smaller units and single pieces of furniture, and movable elements are calculated lump sum. Some examples are the bedside table, dressing table, study table, dining table, centre table, doors, door frames, etc.

2. Per Sq. Ft.

Labour costs for larger furniture components (immovable) are calculated per sq. ft. Some examples are the bed (with/without storage), wardrobes, bookshelf, TV unit, kitchen under counter shutters and doors, overhead storage, etc.

Each component has three dimensions, namely Length, Depth/Width and Height. For the purpose of calculations by sq. ft., two of the larger dimensions are considered.

So, for a Bed, Length & Width are considered, while for most other components Length & Height are considered.

For some components, like a TV unit,  only Running Feet* is calculated.

*A running foot is equivalent to a standard foot (12 inches). It is used for measuring the length of timber or wood, but can also be used for other areas such as the length of a wall for painting, for instance.

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Here’s how you arrive at the Total Labour Cost!

Let us consider calculating the labour charges for a bed.

Step 1: Length x Height = Total Sq. Ft.

Step 2: Total Sq. Ft. x Per Sq. Ft. Cost = Total Labour Cost

Make sure you request a BOQ (Bill Of Quantities) from your interior designer which lists all the components along with estimates, calculated either lump sum or by sq, ft.

And here’s the breakup of all the labour costs for each of the components: