Can You Really 'Handle' A Handle-less Kitchen? Here's What You Should Know!

One of the happening trends in kitchen design that many homeowners are going gaga about is the handle-less kitchen!

For the uninitiated, a handle-less kitchen is one where the kitchen cabinets or drawers don’t have handles. Skeptical about how efficient such cabinets would be? There couldn’t be a more versatile and beautiful addition to your kitchen!

 You get a variety of options from different finishes to a spectrum of colours, and you can easily adapt the design to your taste, style, and home décor.

 There are mainly two types of options in handle-less options - the touch-open shelves with a spring mechanism that helps open the cabinet with just a light touch and the channel option wherein either a gap or channel is provided on the top, bottom or between the drawers to give a grip to fingers to open the cabinet.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of opting for a handle-less kitchen!

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Want A Handle-less Kitchen? Here Are Some Things You Need To Consider…

Before you opt for a handle-less kitchen, make note of these pros and cons!


1. Timeless

 Handles can give away your kitchen’s age, but the handle-less kitchen has a timeless look. It maintains the elegance and style of your kitchen for a long time and prevents it from being outdated. No more dated look for your kitchen.

2. Smooth and slick design

Your kitchen will look streamlined, and it will also let other elements and accessories stand out, giving your kitchen a great appeal.

3. Safe

The design of the handle-less kitchen is more of a grown-up design which makes it safer for children. There is no more need to worry about your little ones accidentally banging their heads on the handle or opening cabinets on their own and accessing harmful things in the shelf. Adults too can work around the kitchen conveniently as there is no longer the fear of getting clothes getting stuck on the handles or knees getting rubbing against protruding handles.

4. Hygienic

 Handles get stained easily due to finger marks. They also attract dust and dirt. The handle-less kitchen does not have this issue, and thus, it tends to stay cleaner.  

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5. Opens up space

 The conventional kitchen may make the place closed-in, and small kitchens can look claustrophobic. Handle-less kitchens lend a fluid movement through the kitchen as well as through the house. It also allows smoother and seamless transition between rooms. If you are a fan of the open kitchen, handle-less is the way to go!

6. Suits all layouts

There are a few designs that work with both large and small kitchens, and the handle-less design is one of them. In spacious kitchens, the design gives an elegant as well as sophisticated look enhancing the look of the space. Smaller kitchens can appear larger as handle-less style makes the kitchen look less cluttered.


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1. Cleaning could be an issue

Though a regular kitchen requires more regular cleaning than the handle-less kitchen, the latter, too requires extra attention to cleaning as the channels or the gaps may accumulate dust. It could also be a space for crumbs and other waste from the platform.

2. Expensive

Creating a handle-less kitchen requires more work than a regular kitchen as it involves extra labour as well as the use of additional elements such as electric device, finger pull, etc.  

3. Works better with integrated appliances

 If you do not have integrated appliances, then this could be a con, but those with integrated appliances will find the design more convenient.

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 Should you handle or not is the question

The trend of handle-less kitchens is only going to be more popular, and in the future, you may even see more innovative kitchens. If you like clean space, less clutter, a modern look, and easy navigation through your kitchen, then handle-less is the way to go.

At the same time, you need to work with your designer on the design as well as the kind of cabinets you need. You should go for a design that allows practicality along with the sophisticated look. Once you get the right design, you will love the freedom, convenience, and seamlessness of your kitchen.

If you need help with designing a kitchen that’s stylish and functional, get in touch with Hipcouch today!

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